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  1. "I would like a copy sent to PineRidgeLights@comcast.net" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Its sad that we have to go this far. I totally agree with the statement, as I request the same from those I share my sequences with. Thank You!
  2. Seems i have this problem every year but forget how to fix it. I have the clipboards made but when saving i get an error "can not save clipboard without file name". Ive renamed them but cant seem to save....
  3. If it is still available, I'll take a copy in trade... PineRidgeLights@comcast.net
  4. Not that I am aware of. You might want to contact LOR tech. They are really good about repairs tho....
  5. Yea, was on 2.0.0. upgraded to 2.3.2 and it was there. I usually check s/w at beginning of seas to see if any updates are avail. Missed that one!
  6. Great info all. I am using LOR straight from the PC. I do use Audacity, I dont see that stereo/joint stereo setting. Thanks!!!!
  7. I cant remember from one year to the next and things do change. The question is what format; wav, mp3, etc. Yea, I know a can of worms is being opened....
  8. Val didnt have any. Any other suggestions?
  9. Thanks folks. I just couldn't remember where I got cuts a few years ago. The years tend to run into each other.. Yea, Val is a great girl, very customer friendly.
  10. Hey all, I know there is a vendor (or one of you) that sells rope light by the foot or has remnants. I'm looking for 3/8" white incan and about 20' of 3/8" blue LED rope. Both are to repair a prop. Thanks!
  11. Here is a smple routine that i use to back up all data for Christmas. robocopy "d:\Christmas\2016" /e "f:\Christmas 2016" I have changed the normal storage area to Christmas\2016 (I name all my sub directories to the year). The target is my usb drive. I run this routine after each night of work. My server backs up all my PCs each night as well.
  12. Yes, new to the RGB world. Been LOR for 9 years. Done some reading on it but havent taken the plunge. I hope to in 2016. I have been looking at the LOR 10w, but I do like to tinker.
  13. Stumbled on this thread. I would like to replace mu incan spots with LEDs.. I am only running red-green-white. Will this hack provide me with that or do I need to run the DMX.
  14. By all means please and THANK YOU. PineRidgeLights@comcast.net
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