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  1. Seems i have this problem every year but forget how to fix it. I have the clipboards made but when saving i get an error "can not save clipboard without file name". Ive renamed them but cant seem to save....
  2. If it is still available, I'll take a copy in trade... PineRidgeLights@comcast.net
  3. Not that I am aware of. You might want to contact LOR tech. They are really good about repairs tho....
  4. Yea, was on 2.0.0. upgraded to 2.3.2 and it was there. I usually check s/w at beginning of seas to see if any updates are avail. Missed that one!
  5. Great info all. I am using LOR straight from the PC. I do use Audacity, I dont see that stereo/joint stereo setting. Thanks!!!!
  6. I cant remember from one year to the next and things do change. The question is what format; wav, mp3, etc. Yea, I know a can of worms is being opened....
  7. Val didnt have any. Any other suggestions?
  8. Thanks folks. I just couldn't remember where I got cuts a few years ago. The years tend to run into each other.. Yea, Val is a great girl, very customer friendly.
  9. Hey all, I know there is a vendor (or one of you) that sells rope light by the foot or has remnants. I'm looking for 3/8" white incan and about 20' of 3/8" blue LED rope. Both are to repair a prop. Thanks!
  10. Here's my cut-out additions for this season.
  11. Ran across 10 strings of red, white, blue incan minis. 100-ct 23.5' lighted. Some of them are brand new and some were used only indoors a couple times. Looking for $2/string. The are packed in a large USPS flat-rate box ($20 shipping). Any takers?
  12. I am glad that my previous post explained well enough not to cause too much damage. I guess that it was too much to ask for from the sender that I did not want to step on any IP issues. Thanks DevMike for your understanding.
  13. When I first requested the VO I was looking for one of his free ones as I know that there are a few that he allows us to trade (like the show starters). When I listened to it I discovered that it was tailored to a specific user and didnt use it. I then contacted DE to get permission to use it, that was when DE said it wasnt a gratuitous VO and requested him to do one for me, not knowing this was his last season. It is truly sad news to hear him retire. I still hope to get a season ender from him when he gets to it.
  14. Beige siding. I generally put 3 floods about 16' from house. You can see the spot placement the yard.
  15. I have a standard 44' long split level home. Eave height is about 16'.
  16. With the sale rapidly approaching, whats the consensus of opinion on the 10W RGB flood 8-pack. I want to replace my 90w incan Red-Green-White floods with them. Will I get a better presentation (wash). Was thinking of the Plug N play show pack. Its a pretty good savings.
  17. I bought my last batch for shooting starts from http://www.birddogdistributing.com Great folks to deal with. They stand 100% behind their products.
  18. any possibilities of grabbing this sequence? PineRidgeLights@comcast.net
  19. I have a Ramsey that has been flawless for 10 seasons. I also have a smaller backup. https://sourcefmtransmitter.com/shop/ramsey-fm30b-fm-transmitter/ https://www.amazon.com/0-5-Fail-Safe-Long-Range-Transmitter/dp/B003FO4UHW/ref=sr_1_121?ie=UTF8&qid=1488747324&sr=8-121&keywords=fm+broadcast+transmitter
  20. No prob. If you are handle with excel you can do quite a bit with it. I also use it for my light count.
  21. Yes. I use excel all the time to validate my config against my drawing layout. Just ope excel and then open the lcc file. Just answer all the prompts and the excel file will be open. you can manipulate the file any way you want. i also use it to see what unused chnls i have or dupes. then save as an excel file. Dont know about the visualizer, dont use it.
  22. Very nice. Never thought of using pex for that. I have a couple of old incan spiral trees that I am contemplating on changing out to green LEDs this summer. I have 2 incan green 4'-ers that that I will change out to LEDs this year.
  23. I guess I am a little anal about my data, being in the IT world for several years. I work up my sequences on one machine, back them up to a USB drive each night (wrote a short batch file to accomplish this) and then transfer them to my show PC downstairs in the shop for the seasons shows. That gives me three copies. After the season I back up everything to an external HD and also my server.
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