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  1. If it is still available, I'll take a copy in trade... PineRidgeLights@comcast.net
  2. Not that I am aware of. You might want to contact LOR tech. They are really good about repairs tho....
  3. Yea, was on 2.0.0. upgraded to 2.3.2 and it was there. I usually check s/w at beginning of seas to see if any updates are avail. Missed that one!
  4. Great info all. I am using LOR straight from the PC. I do use Audacity, I dont see that stereo/joint stereo setting. Thanks!!!!
  5. I cant remember from one year to the next and things do change. The question is what format; wav, mp3, etc. Yea, I know a can of worms is being opened....
  6. Val didnt have any. Any other suggestions?
  7. Thanks folks. I just couldn't remember where I got cuts a few years ago. The years tend to run into each other.. Yea, Val is a great girl, very customer friendly.
  8. Hey all, I know there is a vendor (or one of you) that sells rope light by the foot or has remnants. I'm looking for 3/8" white incan and about 20' of 3/8" blue LED rope. Both are to repair a prop. Thanks!
  9. Here's my cut-out additions for this season.
  10. Ran across 10 strings of red, white, blue incan minis. 100-ct 23.5' lighted. Some of them are brand new and some were used only indoors a couple times. Looking for $2/string. The are packed in a large USPS flat-rate box ($20 shipping). Any takers?
  11. I am glad that my previous post explained well enough not to cause too much damage. I guess that it was too much to ask for from the sender that I did not want to step on any IP issues. Thanks DevMike for your understanding.
  12. When I first requested the VO I was looking for one of his free ones as I know that there are a few that he allows us to trade (like the show starters). When I listened to it I discovered that it was tailored to a specific user and didnt use it. I then contacted DE to get permission to use it, that was when DE said it wasnt a gratuitous VO and requested him to do one for me, not knowing this was his last season. It is truly sad news to hear him retire. I still hope to get a season ender from him when he gets to it.
  13. Beige siding. I generally put 3 floods about 16' from house. You can see the spot placement the yard.
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