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  1. I'm using RDS on my EDM transmitter, which is using the command line in LOR. Will there be a conflict between LOR and MIIP? I don't want to give up the broadcast of RDS song titles. UPDATE: Seems I have found my own answer by reading the new user docs.
  2. I'd like a copy please.... I'll send you a message with my email. Thanks!
  3. Hi James, Can I get a copy please? Thank you! 140jeff@gmail.com Jeff
  4. Thank you both for your prompt responses and answers! Bob, thank you for your detailed explanation of the CMDMAP.LCM file and the inner workings of the "Command". It really helped me to further understand the file. I'll have a look later tonight, but since I already created the commands I'm not going to spend too much time trying to figure out what went wrong with it. Again, appreciate all the help from the forums! Merry Christmas! Jeff
  5. I upgraded to 4.2.12 from earlier version of 4..x.x and I'm on a Pro License. I completed the upgrade as I was having some issues that were covered in the release notes of 4.2.12. After doing so I tested the show and noticed that the RDS message was not being sent. Went to the sequence and discovered the command line was now blank. Checked a couple of others and discovered the same and every one the same...gone. While entering the command again I noticed another issue that I had not seen before. After I enter the command and close the command window, I noticed that the save button was not active. I had to click into a cell with the "off" command and then "save" button now became active. I was then able to save the file. The "pain" was entering the commands again for me but I'm troubled as to why the commands would be "lost" in just an upgrade of the software, along with the "save" button behavior. Ideas?
  6. Well this Microsoft bug got me sometime! Went to use LOR today and the same problem hit me. I'm running Window 8. I'm glad I came to the forums for the solution! Here is a link for the wipe tool. Good ol Google found it on the forums. http://www.lightorama.com/downloads/3.0.0/LORRegistryWipe.exe Took less than ten minutes to complete the task and verify the program.
  7. Kissfan4. Your so close to this reference material from Holiday Coro when you linked to them for the controller in your post. Follow this link and nose around that site. They have lots of videos etc for doing this. http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=67
  8. So I'm new in adding DMX to my existing LOR Network. Is this picture a good representation of the setup? I know I need the "cable" for the correct output from the usb485 to the rgb controllers and I have S3 Advanced. I know the pic is basic but just need the reasuance that this is correct? Thanks in advance!
  9. What is the size of the Peace sign frame? Looks Good!
  10. We started ours last week. Runs from six thirty to ten pm Sunday thru Thursday and till eleven pm on Friday and Saturday.
  11. Mouth Movements Instructional I have followed several threads regarding mouth movements over the past year and had put together a reference from the forums that I use. I just updated it and thought I'd share the new reference. I am not the author of any of the content and give all credit to those that have posted and recommended websites with useful information as listed in the intructional. Attached files Mouth Movements Instructional.pdf
  12. Jeff140

    Donation Box

    huskernut wrote: There are several threads on the subject. Try searching "donation" without the quotes in the search box. Some good examples with photos under the theads. Good Luck!
  13. And this is from the outside. Attached files
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