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  1. My take down depends on the weather forecast. Traffic drops off a lot after the 27th or so. If the weather is good, I might start tear down on the 28th. I don't always like to have it up on New Years Eve in case someone get's drunk and decides to vandalize it. Most people are tired of Christmas Music very soon after Christmas anyway.
  2. I have had it happen a couple of times that I have observed. I am on the latest LOR but still Windows 8. I was watching on my security camera display (right next to the PC my show uses) and noticed the lights were "stuck". I then looked over at my LOR boxes and they were flashing red lights like they had lost the connection to the PC. After about 20 seconds, they went steady on and then I looked at the monitor and the lights were moving again. I didn't have to reboot or restart. I don't know how many times it could be happening....I have just seen it twice in the last 2 weeks.
  3. Where did you find a prop creator?
  4. http://www.lonestarholidays.com/ - look under display links and map on the left for displays in various areas.
  5. Vimeo just removed Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you video from my channel.
  6. I don't have that particular sequence in my Superstar/sequences/samples. How do we get it. Thanks
  7. rmturner54 wrote: Just to make sure I understand...you opened up the XLR connector and soldered the wires directly? thanks again.
  8. rmturner54 wrote: Thanks for the drawing. I have wanted to use these waterproof connectors, too, but wasn't sure how to hook them up. How did you connect the 4 core wire to the XLR connector on the EntecPro? Thanks again.
  9. Great job Earle. I want to do a spiral tree soon.
  10. I have not had very good luck with the CCR's either. I only had 2 attached to PVC running horizontal. After 3 days of running the show, the first one had 2/3 of the lights stayed on all the time. Worked with Tech Support and decided it was the ribbon and they are sending a replacement. Last night I noticed the one ribbon that was working had about 1/4 of its lights still on after the show was done. I haven't added that to the LOR Help Desk yet, but am considering just taking them down and leaving them out this year. I thought all the bugs would be worked out by this time.
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