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  1. If you upgrade the board to 40 amps, then EVERY ELEMENT of the 2 20 amp circuits must be rated for 20 amps. For each circuit, this would be the breaker, the wiring to the outlet, the outlet, the plug, the plug wire, and the fuze inside the LOR. The plug/outlet are the 'T' shaped ones rather than the 'I I' shaped ones which most common.
  2. JBullard wrote: So, as far as I can see, that URL is worthless and if you take what they say as fact. And make a yard sign based on that info. You could be very disappointed in having to rework your "Tune to" sign. Well, I respectfully disagree with the statements that the website is worthless. Any database maintained by VOLUNTEERS and provided for FREE, will always have errors or delays in updating information. Many stations have construction permits pending and are running tests that would not be reflected in this database. It is wonderful that it is volunteer run and free, but as you say, it has errors and delayed information, so RELYING ON IT seems to be a bad choice. All I can say, is that I never would have found either my primary frequency or my backup frequency by using this chart. And if I had selected my primary frequency and backup frequency from the chart, they would not have worked (and I can say this with assurance because that is exactly how I started out; fortunately the very first thing I did after picking the frequencies was to verify that they were really available and found they were not).
  3. Camping World is where I got mine when they were on sale for $100, normally $150. But this was a couple of years back when I was looking, so can't say what they are now.
  4. I found the radio locator site to be next to useless. Many of the channels they claimed were open weren't, and I later found some of the best channels to be claimed to be not open. Really, the 'best' way is to sit in your car and go through every frequency. Look for ones which A) have no signal on them (a requirement) have no signal on the frequency on either side of them (very nice to find) or if none like that, have a very distant station on adjacent frequency(s) and write them down Once you have a list of all the 'possible' frequencies, look for 2 which can be easily 'converted', for instance, 97.1 and 93.1, or 104.1 and 104.7. This will make changing your sign from your 'primary' station to your 'backup' station easiest. With your car radio tuned to your possible 'primary' station, drive around the neighborhood up to 1/2 mile in each direction, listening for any signal. If nothing, repeat the drive with the radio set to your backup frequency, otherwise start with a new 'primary' station.
  5. I prefer the MP3. No need to run a cable from inside the house to the outside of the house (although could probably use the RF link instead of a cable). Also, no need to ensure the computer stays up or comes up at the correct time.
  6. jim6918 wrote: I had my EDM transmitter controlled by a channel of LOR last year with no problems.
  7. Yep, the config file just overwrites the values in the first column; it does NOT change any of the sequencing. Thus if you change the order of 1 sequence, and export it, then import it into another sequence which has NOT been so changed, the channel ids will not match up with the channel programming.
  8. Larry Drum wrote: I believe they will work as you wish (16 channels, each of which controls 3 'outlets'). But why would you want to do this? Unless each of those channels is going to control a LOT of current, wouldn't it be cheaper to plug all the stuff you want to control with 3 separate channels into one channel?
  9. Steven wrote: Many of the inverters (especially the cheaper ones) put out 'dirty' waveforms just like many generators. Whatever you use for power, you want a 'true sine wave'.
  10. Depends on what you want to do. If you don't have the new level of software, you can address each of the 50 segments with 3 channels (one for each color). With the new software, you can specify the color with 1 channel, or 50, total. This allows you to do anything the strip can do, but you have to program it yourself. There are also 7 additional channels which control macros, so you could do a lot of 'preprogrammed' stuff with only 7 channels. So, you can 'completely' control it with 57 (new software) channels. Or 'partially' control it with fewer channels (depending on how many 'chunks' you plan to split the ribbon into (min 1, max 50).
  11. LightORamaDan wrote: To make sure I am understanding you, when the CCR ships, there will be by that time a version of the Software available for download which will allow specifying color with 1 channel (meaning complete control of the CCR with a max of 57 channels) and all 57 channels with the same controller ID, correct? Will it include the ability to add CCR(s) to the Visualizer display without too much tedium, and show a reasonable approximation of the behavior of each CCR as the sequence runs through the Visualizer?
  12. LightORamaDan wrote: Piecing together other information, it appears there are 150 'light sources', each of which has 3 color elements in it. So 3 of these 'light sources' make up a 'pixel', correct? And a 'pixel' would be a 'dash' rather than a 'point'? The macro effects sound very promising, but I notice that it does not appear that there is any specification of which color(s) to use for them in the 7 'macro' channels. It sounds like to add one of these to my display, I would need to allocate 157 channels in the sequencer, correct?
  13. Thanks, that thread seems to be the place for the answers, despite the name. My first question was answered, and many other people are looking for the answer to my second.
  14. Thank you for the hint. However, the additional forum entries do not seem to answer my questions. There was some discussion on programming the FireFly, but hopefully the CR150D will be less tedious, especially considering that it has many more pixels (possible) and 'varying' number of pixels. And how do you program the 'macros'?
  15. Sorry, I've been out for a while due to work and family medical problems. In fact, I even managed to forget there was going to be a Summer Sale. The Sale notification mentions the new CCR, but not a lot of information is provided on the site or in the LOR forum (at least not that I could find with a simple search). I presume this unit can be controlled by existing LOR or PC controllers? Connected via CAT5/phone cable like any other controller? It is not clear how many channels it will take up. The information seems to indicate a 'varying number' (1, 2, ... 50, 150). How exactly would we integrate this into an existing network and the Showtime software (I'm not sure how practical it would be to change the number of channels during a sequence and it would seem obnoxious to define 150 channels for it and mostly only use a few of the channels)? Thanks for this new product. It appears that it might be a significant advance over its competitor.
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