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  1. I have updated to LOR 3.11.2 software and ordered the new faster USB485-hs. But have not checked to see if the controllers are feeling more manly from the software upgrade yet??
  2. So you are saying when I receive the new usb485-hs place that on the new CCR's network, BUT the software should be upgrade to 3.9 or newer so they can take advantage of the faster processing speed? All of my 35 plus controller are more than 3 years old and most likely not G3 will they run faster then in the past with the new software upgrade? In the past I have had issues with strange anomalies happening when many effects where taking place in a short span of time, I hope this fixes that problem?
  3. Thank you for the upgrade software number information, now just wondering how much the upgrade cost? Will the firmware in the controllers need to be upgraded to get the faster speed?
  4. It looks Great could you send it to me also: ppinc@tds.net Thank you.
  5. George, Good to hear from you again as I have been out with health issues the last 1 1/2 years. On my version 3.8.2 of LOR there is only 3 options for network speed they are: Average (Recommended), Long Range (Slower) , & Short range (faster) Which setting is best for the12 - CR150D DMX Cosmic Color Ribbons? I will be purchasing the usb485-hs today. I do have 3 of the USB485B Booster so could I try 3 networks? Would upgrading LOR help the speed issue?
  6. When you setup another network do you need to use different address on each of the controllers on the new network, so not to cross talk as the first network has some of the same address on the controllers? I have the older Red status light on those controllers with 500+ channels using the USB485B Booster Black color. Then how will the choreography now which network to use per controller? This year I have added 12 Cosmic Color Ribbon what USB booster do I use or can I use the second outlet form the above Booster or do I need to purchase a new faster one? Then I read the New faster booster does not work with the older controllers??
  7. Last year when running over 500 channels on songs with many cues, color change, & effects the system seamed to slow down and loose control. I was using a USB485B converter Booster but only ONE out let of the 2 on the back. We had out about 1000ft of CAD5 wire hooked up to the one outlet with a few WHY's in the system. Now for this year I have made a 12 String Light O Rama CR150D DMX Cosmic Color Ribbons, should I hook that to the second outlet on the back of the USB485B Booster so not to interfere with the other 500 plus channels? Running on a Dell D600 Latitude Pentium 1700MHZ, 1 GB RAM, XP operating system, laptop computer, using Light O Rama version 3.8.2. Garry
  8. The current software. I was trying to upgrade from 3.8 to 3.8.2 but seen 3.9 so I upgrade to that. What happened I upgraded to 3.9 today but my software upgrade is only good for up 3.8.. I can not go backward to 3.8 as the software will not load, so I am in demo mood in 3.9. The only way I can think of to slove is is to either delete 3.9 software which will remove all of my work and reload back to 3.8.2 software and start over.
  9. When upgrading when does the annual start date start? By calendar year or actual date of the upgrade posting date. Garry
  10. Is there any technical data available on the Cosmic Color Floods yet? Such as Voltage, amperage, Lumens output/candle power, angle of flooding vertically & horizontal, heat generated & etc?
  11. Lenny, You can still sign up to be a member of the PGII and then sign up to attend the PGII convention in Appleton WI this year. Here is their web site with all of the information: http://www.pgi.org/ I am a PGII member an plan on attending the PGI convention this year. There are a lot of PGI members and fireworks people that belong to LOR or use it, me included. I was the one that had the Minnesota Mini a few weeks ago. No, I did not do fireworks that day of the Mini, but the week before we did a 1 hour long fireworks show and open house. This is our busiest time of the year for fireworks so I have to get back to work. Hope to see you all at the PGII convention! Garry Hanson Note: We use special made firing systems to fire fireworks as the LOR system was NEVER setup to do that!!
  12. Tim Herberger That was some nice pictures, great ideas, and nice work!! Garry
  13. I missed out on the CCR sale this year. Has anyone here tried this software? SuperStar Sequence Editor (Demo version) Mini-Tutorial] ] Overview of the SuperStar Sequence Editor] ] The SuperStar Sequence Editor uses concepts such as scenes, morphs, and image actions to create a series of effects that are stored in .SUP files (SUP stands for superstar). Once an .SUP file is loaded, it can be exported as a standard Light-O-Rama .LMS file which then can be played by the standard Light-O-Rama sequence editor.] Note: In the demo version export to an .LMS file has been disabled.] For my own personal setup, a star is at the top of 12 Cosmic Color Ribbons. Eventually the number of ribbons and layout of the ribbons will be configurable.] The parameters for the effects are entered in three ways:] 1 – Time scale] 2 – Pixel grid (3 input modes: Monochrome, Morph and Draw)] 3 – Manual entry of values in text fields of dialog boxes] ] For further information got to: ]www.superstarlights.com For comments and questions please email: ]superstarlights1@aol.com ] ]
  14. Here is a link in Plant Christmas as to how I wind my Mini Trees: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=35534
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