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  1. James, Could I check your sequence out also - in2cad@yahoo.com Thank you in advance! Tom L.
  2. Earle, that was just wonderful!!!!! Any chance I could get a sample also? in2cad@yahoo.com Looking forward to seeing your 2012 display video. Again, kudos for your work on your display.
  3. I recently upgraded to a Sony HDR-CX560 12.3 MP Video Camera (I love it). For the software I was using the Adobe Premier Elements and upgraded to Adobe Premier CS5.
  4. Regarding #1: Have a tripod and use it! Set your camera to manual focus, then video your show. (blinking lights will tend to make the camera go in and out of focus) #2. Continue to use your "ride" speakers. after the taping you will replace the sound on the video with the original mp3 file in post production. #3. Check the internet for any free programs. I like Adobe Premier Elements which can be purchased $69 to $99. If I forget how to operate any program Photoshop, premier Elements, etc. I go to Lynda.com for training.
  5. I would like to have a show starting on the 13th. But if I did, on the 14th I would have an empty yard, practically everything would be missing due to two legged vermin. Oddly enough I've had no problems with our Christmas display which starts December 1st. Lots of fun.
  6. Thanks to all your inputs,I'll try all tomorrow.
  7. If I want to answer a thread or create a new POST and insert a photo, How do I do that? If I press the My Media or Image button it askes for a URL. My photo is on my hard drive. How do I accomplish this?
  8. I would like to place a photo/image in the signature area that is well under 600x200 pix. When I hit the "My Media" or the "Image Box" It askes for a URL location. The image is on my hard drive. What can I do?
  9. Here is my Talking Tree (8) channel Tree-talking.lee
  10. Attached is a Nativity Tom L. Nativity-01.lee
  11. Well I've been using everyone else's. Here is mine: Tom L. Bubble Light.lpf
  12. Thank you - That really helps out!!!!!!! Tom L.
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