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  1. I don't follow your question well either. But I may know the problem. In the Superstar Sequence editor go to Tools/Layout/Location of Ribbon Controllers. You can pick top or bottom. When set wrong, everything is upside down. Also, you have to export the superstar sequence in to a LOR sequence, and then import that subsequence in to the real sequence. My point, be careful to get all the filenames correct, or changes you think you've made may not really be there in your sequence.
  2. I have a 12 CCR tree and I attach the CCRs to a rope using 4" cable ties. Lots of them so none are too tight. I use steel wire for horizontal stabilizing. This is my second year and I have not any problems. I'm sure the aluminum tracks work well, but for me, they seem like unnecessary additional setup work.
  3. Ahh, that's what I was looking for, the Color Fade Tool. The RGB channel + color fade tool is a very useful combination. Thanks for the help.
  4. I now know how to set up an RGB channel. Cute. But I'm still left with the manual task of setting 3 channels. The "RGB channel" displays the resulting color. But to select the color I still have to choose the relative intensity of R, G and B on a scale of 0 - 100. I don't see a way to select a color for the RGB channel directly and have LOR figure out what that means for the related R, G and B intensities. That's still up to me.
  5. I don't know what it means to "set up an RGB channel for the flood." When I set up channels, I have 7 device types to choose from: Sequence, X10, DMX Universe, Digital IO Card, Dasher Controller, BSOFT Digital IO Card, Light-O-Rama Controller Are you referring to something else?
  6. I'm still learning how to get control of these devices. Unit.1 is Red, Unit.2 is Green and Unit.3 is Blue. How do I vary the amount of each? Should I be varying the intensity? This seems to be logical. But my bigger question is, I can vary the intensity from 0 to 100. The manual says the strobe values can be 0 to 255. No direct info is given for the color channels. How do I map one to the other? I can think of more than one way, but it's not in the documentation. 0 = 0 and 100 = 255 with a linear interpolation? How about 0 = 0 and 100 = 100 and 101 - 255 are ignored, etc. As I said, I don't these under control yet. Comments welcomed.
  7. This all worked for me today. My "Unknown Device" is now at the unit id of my choosing. It sure is bright! I looked straight at it when the color was white. That was a mistake. It actually hurt. Too bad I can't just swap them with my incandescent floods. These have 5 channels per fixture instead of just the one before. So there's sequence changes required. Also, they don't have intensity control. So I'll have to be careful about that too. You could get them to work with just one channel of control, but you'd be limited to either Red, Green or Blue. I like these a lot.
  8. Thanks for the input. The show is about to start for tonight, so I'll try changing the unit id tomorrow. These come with a default id of 01. Sorry, that one's committed elsewhere. I went to the LOR site and there is no firmware for the CF50D available to download. I'm guessing I'm going to have to like "Unknown Device."
  9. I searched the forum for CF50D and got zero hits. I must be an early adopter! I got my first CF50D RGB Cosmic Color Floods today and am trying to set one up in the hardware utility (Version 3.11.2 Advanced). I have this connected to a working LOR network but for the moment, all other controllers are powered off. I have not removed the back cover or done much other than attempt to use the hardware utility. When I do a refresh in the hardware utility, I get "Found 1 Unit" and "01-Unknown Device ???" I was expecting "01-CCF Ver. 1.01" I wonder if I should update the firmware? When I pushed the firmware button there was no firmware for a CCF. I know I can download firmware but before I make a mess I thought I'd solicit input. Advice welcomed.
  10. My workaround was to limit scenes to 15 seconds. Then no matter what I was doing it stayed up. I suspect this may be a firmware issue in the controllers. In Jan. I will experiment with firmware upgrades and report back if that's the real fix.
  11. I have been trying to resolve very similar problems reported above. I had a sequence of the entire length of the song. Something goes awry during longer sequences, the exact duration being very dependent on what I have asked the CCR to do during that sequence. My CCR sequences then go dark. I am using 12 CCRs at firmware 1.07. I see that 1.17 is available. Comments on the levels? I think a foolproof workaround is to limit oneself to 10 second sequences. I've never had a failure in as little as 10 seconds but I have had them in 20 seconds.
  12. I had this problem with one pixel (3 LEDs) refusing to display green. Of course, you could have any combination of red and blue. I have not personally tried this, but I believe the following is true. You could cut out the offending section. Then splice it back together. This would leave you with a short CCR but the magic is that the section that will not display is the 50th section, the one at the bottom. I'd bet you don't care as much about that one as you do about one in the middle. For me, my CCRs are so laboriously installed in my display that all fixes are labor intensive. So I just replaced the CCR with a spare.
  13. I have a 12 CCR tree and it works fine. I'm trying to add some simple CCR tree "background" to songs that are programmed using traditional LOR controllers. I create a sequence in Superstar with a single scene that runs the length of the audio file. Say, all 12 CCRs in blue twinkling. When I play LOR sequences that have this sequence as a subsequence, at some point in the song (scene?) the CCRs just stop working. Should I need to break up a song in to multiple scenes? Is there a limit to scene length?
  14. One thing I recommend is to have plenty of USB ports. In the past my show computer was a laptop that only had 2 USB ports. I wound up having to add a USB hub and I spent more time with USB details than I'll bother you with here. You say you want to create a Pixel tree. You may find yourself using multiple networks (each requiring its own USB port). And there's other things wanting those ports than just the LOR adapters, perhaps you have a USB WiFi adapter, or you charge things, etc. I'd recommend a minimum of 4 and my current PC actually has 8.
  15. The generator was in the engine room. This was a 50' boat. It was nice to have so much power available for the Christmas lighting. On smaller boats that don't have generators, I think I'd be designing around all 12V (controllers, lights, laptop) and relying on additional batteries that were completely independent of the boat's electrical system.
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