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  1. Started show up last night all kinds of phantom lights on any ideas?
  2. I tried doing the second method...same result...may drag the laptop out, unhook the cat5s and hook directly into it and check with the hardware utility. The first method...what is the header you are talking about?
  3. First of all upgraded to S3. The problem we are having is that some of the lights are coming on when they are not sequenced to do so . I have checked my programing and the light are not on in the sequence but when played with the control light is on they come on and stay on it happens with more than one controller. Anyone else experienceing this problem know how to fix it please share. This is driving me nuts.
  4. I went to pull up Light O Rama Sequence Web site and got a site called Ulta Show??? Went through the sign up ect and when I tried to download I got an erro and was unable to download anything free. What's up with this ???????
  5. George I was just looking for some new inspiration for this years christmas light show when I came across your video . First of all they are wonderful and secondly you must have to much time on your hands. You have inspired me to go out side the box LOL . Great Job.
  6. lisanewbie

    New Video

    Chris I thought it might be better for hubby to tell you how he made the Giant Light Bright as we call it . We had the same problem with Holiday Light Designer so I came up with this bright (no pun intented) idea. We had 2 controllers last year and went to 5 this year and more lights .
  7. lisanewbie

    New Video

    This is Lisa's hubby..being honest, it was her idea...my job was to make it! Yes..used pegboard painted flat black. The idea of using a projector to trace out a picture of your house/property is an excellent idea! Okay..contstruction of the "Light bright from H***"I used 2x4's ripped in half to make the frame BUT I think using regular 2x4s is better..it will give you more room in the back to work with by mounting the pegboard against the 2 inch side. I used furring strips on the back side spaced about 6 to 8 inches apart with screws used to hang the excess wires to. About the lights..the lights are smaller than the holes. To keep them in place I made rubber grommets using vaccuum hose I bought at Advance Auto Parts I think I used a total of 8 feet of it and made a little jig to cut the hose in 1/8 inch thickness using a single edged razor blade. Take a bulb with you to get the right size tubing. These grommets will hold the bulbs nicely in place. As I placed the strings in place, I marked each one with the correct controller and channel (we use 5 controllers) . I also used zip ties bought at Family Dollar. I also used black duct tape to cover unused holes. I tried electrical tape but it didn't hold. Also..I made a platform on the frame to set the controllers...used some plastic egg crates to raise them up higher. I used full strings of lights (yeah, got a bunch of it behind the pegboard) but while at Dollar General today, I saw they had their lights out and had 50 light strings ( 2 bucks) and 20 light strings ( 1.50 each) that we will be replacing the full strings with. May have to replace the bulbs as needed for the right colors, but we have a full tubs of lights we salvaged from bad strings. Hope this helps you!
  8. lisanewbie

    New Video

    People ask me why my husband and I take the time to hang over 20,000 light spend hours programing christmas music in July well here a video of my 14 month old grandson this is the reason http://www.youtube.com/user/lisalightjunkie#play/all/uploads-all/0/t3UzNU0p6ow Hope you enjoy it as much as I did
  9. Thanks so much Sally it will be a part of my display next year. I got alot of my songs from the pepsi caps LOL Lisanewbie
  10. Great Job Sally. Where did you get the decoration song I loved it . Lisanewbie
  11. I had the same problem and I found that if any updates that may come thought the Internet caused the problem I just shut down my Internet connection while the LOR is playing and also I learned to keep my cat away from the computer he likes to design his own show. I am also running Vista. Hope this will help Lisanewbie
  12. These are our new video's that I just posted on you tube Lisanewbie
  13. These are our new video's that I just posted on you tube Lisanewbie
  14. I had the same problem and my cat 5 cable had become disconnected. I haven't had anymore problems. Lisanewbie
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