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  1. They hold up pretty good! I took a few extra minutes to drill weep holes in any of the cups that would catch rain,melting snow. We made them using Solo cups. Here is a link on the construction of them. By the way, I am Lisa's hubby...I do a lot of the grunt work for her. http://www.born2haunt.com/lightball01.html
  2. Scrubs...where did you get the LOR stuff at the bottom of your post?
  3. From one newbie to another...looks great! Wifey and I spent the day on ours. Got it pretty well done, just a few more things to do and a tidying up before we run a test in the evening. If all goes well we will launch it Thanksgiving evening.
  4. D.T.....the run will not be any longer than say 30 feet from the controller. We will be using standard mini lights, 100 per string, 4 string max per channel. Hope this is what you need....
  5. Okay, wifey and I are newbies to LOR and we are really looking forward to setting it up on the yard this year. My question is this: Rather than running a bunch of extension cords out to the lights, we are playing with the idea of making up our own custom cords to make a nerater setup. I have looked at various gauges of wiring...16/2 looks fairly light weight and I don't know if it will carry the load. If you have done this, what guage did you use? We are using mini lights...
  6. Last year, I purchased a UX-555 from Hobbytron and hooked it up to a Lights and Sounds controller and had pretty darn good results. It did not fade or wander like the one I got from Ramsey. But, it looks like they no longer carry it. The biggest thing is to get one that is PLL..Phased Lock Loop. It won't wander all over the place!
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