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  1. PP, that's what I'm thinking. I usually like my display to be one solid color. I was thinking that I would use white, blue, red, and green LEDs and fade in and out and my the display colors all change in synch. Maybe add some twinkle or shimmer every now and then.
  2. Sorry, did a search and found nothing. I have used my LOR in the past during Halloween only. I do a pumpkin choir and light show that night only. Just 16 channel, but it does the job. I was thinking of using LOR this Christmas, but don't want to mess with fm transmitters, etc. Just would like to make some neat effects on my light display. I have a new house so the landscaping makes it difficult to hang enough lights to really make a great display, but I thought I could play with change the light color, etc. Has anyone done this in the past? Would it just be choatic without music? Look silly? Thanks in adance for your advice!
  3. I'm getting rave reviews about my Halloween LEDs. The purple ones are beautiful, I just needed to see them in the dark. Does anyone know if Travis does another sale before Christmas? I'm thinking about buying more Christmas lights to fill in my display.
  4. That's fantastic! This is my first year with LOR so I'm just doing some lightning effects and a ten pumpkin choir this year, but I want to do some animatronics for next year. I wish they had Boris available. I haven't seen him anywhere this Halloween.
  5. Sounds great. I started to put up my display a couple of days ago. Now the wind is so bad that I brought everything back in this morning. I was in the hospital all last week, so I'm off to a very slow start.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking. People don't usually hang around. My theme is pirates this year. I may just stick to the pirate songs. This is my first year. I've had so much fun with the LOR. Guess I should move on to Christmas.
  7. Is less, more? I could have 20 Halloween songs. How many songs do you sequence?
  8. Walgreens and Big Lots have tons of very nice tombstones, most with RIP in the front.
  9. These floodlights are usually seasonal items at the big box stores. You can usually find them in the Christmas aisles. You may have to wait until it gets closer to October. I know that some Walgreens carry staked floodlights.
  10. Still waiting for mine. I know it was a pre-order. It states shipping in August, so I thought I had plenty of time to get ready for my set-up October 1. Now Travis tells me that it will be after Labor Day, then shipped to me. I now doubt I will see my order until mid Sept. Not much time to get ready. Especially for a rookie like me.
  11. I placed my order! I can't wait to start decorating this Halloween!
  12. My entire haunt is pirate themed this year. I'm doing pirate song sequences, mixed in with POC quotes and traditional Halloween classics. I see now how LOR is so addicting! I'm having a blast creating my show.
  13. Please share your ideas. I'm thinking about expanding my LOR past my pumpkins to include my spotlights, etc.
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