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  1. hey thats what imtalking about please let us know you findings thanks art:shock:
  2. if your looking for pumps this site has the best prices ive found. http://www.oceanmistmaker.com/pumpwholesales.html hope this helps art:P
  3. what i was asking about is lor page for s2 says (tired of complicated programming or sending controllers for your animated electric signs use the sequence editor to design and test your animation and then download it into one of our etl safety aproved lighting controllers) whats this art:shock:
  4. thanks for the info art:shock:
  5. i read some where that s2 could be used to program and led sign is that correct. also is their any way too use the beat wizzard with a mp3 or any other type of music type other then midi . is there a manuel on s2 :shock: thanks buynow42
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