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  1. That is fun to watch.. Great Job : ) two words for you.. Duct Tape
  2. You really need an additional 70 songs to have a show. .. Just kidding. I hope to have 3 songs ready. I like the music picks. Favorite things is excellent. I may have to borrow that Idea from you.. David
  3. Very nice show.. Not sure the best way to say this but your show has a lot of depth to it. Looks very big with a theme park quality to it : ) David
  4. I like how you syncronized the drums with the lights on the house. David
  5. Good Job.. I like they way you syncronized it
  6. Nice display.. I live in Acworth so I will have to come and see it. Thanks for sharing. David
  7. I thought that I would share this experience I had a couple of years ago. My show was running fine but then the lights would stop and start up again while the music was playing fine. I had put my wireless receiver in a wooden cabinet along with the controllers and was loosing signal. David
  8. I built and outdoor cabinet which I can roll out .. its about 4 feet high, 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep that has a lid that opens on the top and I can keep a lot of the power cords in it during the year. All the cords run out the back at the bottom.
  9. Good Job on your first show! I did the Manheim Steamroller on my first show as well. Fun song to syncronize the lights to. David
  10. It looks great! I like the light tree that you created. David
  11. Hello everyone, A couple of people asked me how I created the christmas bulbs in the trees and I did not have a picture at the time. Sorry for taking so long to post it. : ) I created a 2 foot diameter Christmas tree bulds using 16 brass welding rods and then a large brass rod that is threaded down the center. I cut out two round disks using hardwood and drilled 16 holes arround the diameter and then painted them the brass color. The nuts and washers are also brass for weather. I used 2 strands of red and two strands of green garland lights and it covered them very well. The lights on the backside of bulb would shine through the front to make it look full. I used zip ties to hold the wires in place. You have to position the wires into place every year but that does not take long since the sphere helps to them to hold their position. You can buy the brass rods at the store but they are over a dollar per rod or go to a welding shop and get them for a fraction of the price. I used brass chain to hold it to the tree branch and rapped once arround the wood end. I found that one of my trees was not big enough to handle the bulb near the top but it has a nice effect during my show. I am going to make the bulbs half the size so I have them at the top of the tree. I used nuts and washers on both sides of the wooden disks and you can adust them to make the perfect sphere. I did not do a show last year due to school and new baby in March but here is what they looked like in 2006 I did create the bulbs bigger than the attick door but I could easily pull a couple rods out of the holes and the bulbs would collaps till I could get it through the door and then reassemble. I just got another 4 controllers from Light - O - Rama and love working with the stuff. Its a great product and great company to work with. I can't wait to use the new software. : ) David Attached files
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