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  1. Thanks! I'll post pics when it's done.
  2. I was wondering if you can hardwire lights to LOR. Reason is I am designing a home theater and would like to know if it's possible? (and safe!)
  3. Very cool....might I suggest maybe having her tied somehow to the back of the rocker so it moves more in sync with her?
  4. Walmart.....usually the best price/quality She won't think your nuts once she sees your display this year...oh and tell her it costs less than hanging lights up and turning them on.
  5. TJ...On the 16 channel one, can you draw a rough diagram onhow the lights are strung/connected?...Did this in the past, haven't done a megatree in two years and now I must have lost those brain cells :-(
  6. OUCH is right....1200 bucks for a mask is a bit outrageous..... Yep may get the second one.... I will have to research latexing a bucky skull.....maybe dip it in something like that paraffin wax for your hands.
  7. I found out the makers.....out of stock now, but will be back... http://www.ghostride.com/cat-0002.html
  8. I saw these so far for halloween, may pick the set up next year. https://www.skeleton-factory.com/Bucky-Lids-Pack-of-2-161
  9. Does anyone know of a site where I could buy a mask for a Bucky skull? I am actually looking for a Santa mask so I can turn my creepy skelly into a jolly ole Santa! Ken
  10. http://youtu.be/wwlQ7fmiYEA?hd=1 :-)
  11. Has anyone come across a good way to light up Bucky eyes while using a Servodog board? I had purchased a cowalicious skull, which came with the eyes. I could power that up and have one working, but I have 4 skulls and needc a decent solution. I am sure I will eventually figure out a way by next year, but any help would be useful. I did put a small string of orange lights in the skull, running a cord out back for this year, two each lights in eyes. Thanks Ken
  12. Kids had fun with my Talking Buck's last night. I will be posting more videos next few days...:-) Already planning more for next year! http://youtu.be/ZxndzdSecko
  13. I built the "Ships wheel" out of one 2x4 and one 2x6. Bucky just leans against it (no stand required). I guess the wheel is the stand :-) His partner is in an old trunk on a table stand I made out of 3/4 inch PVC. My Disney pirate on the plaque is in the background. All run off a servodog board very nicely. Attached files
  14. Thought I'd pass this along, love the siege mp3 http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=76868 My "cannons" shoot across the street and "blow up" the neighbors house. I have 2 ea Bucky's yelling across the street at them :-)
  15. With 2 controllers works well, thanks, you just confirmed my suspicions, I just wanted to ensure I wasn't having a controller problem since I have been using the higher end with no issues. I will use my higher end PC until after Halloween and pick up some memory for the lower end for the christmas show. I imagine the servodog controller doesn't help much either! LOL As always much appreciated TJ :-) Ken
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