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  1. Exactly what I need. I already add my channel configs. I do have some Halloween music set as audio only sequences as well. I probably will add some twinkle/shimmer, etc. in random spots. I also have a lightning sequence(somewhere :-)…) I want to use.
  2. Awesome thanks! I'll check them out.
  3. Does anyone have a Halloween animation for RGB? Just want to add something to my static orange/purple, etc lighting outside. I am not doing a sequence, per se. I am doing atmosfearx in the windows, and want some activity in the lights.
  4. Good, thanks. Trying to keep within the CFO's(wife's) budget :-) I'll get the pixels next year.
  5. I have been upgrading my lightshow gradually to CCB's. Twelve bushes in the front of the house went from 33 extension cords to 3. I am building a Pixie 16 controller, but probably won't get the Pixels until next year. I do however have 16 strands of rgb bulbs. Will the bulbs work with the superstar/megatree for those type of sequencing? I understand they will look better with pixels, but will they still work with the bulbs? Thanks in advance...
  6. I am in the IT field. Maximum for Cat 5/6 is around 300 ft., industry standard. How far can I use cat 5/6 in distance from the RS485HA red adapter to the controller? The distance would be 160-170 feet. If too far, repeater suggestions? (If possible). Thanks in advance.
  7. Nice, thanks. Where di you get the 750's?
  8. Could you sent me a photo, or show it here of your Pixie 16 set-up, if you have one? Also recommendation of the 350 w power supply? Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. Thanks...to both actually. I have 12 years experience with the older controllers. This is my first dive into RGB.
  10. I bought the Pixie 16 controller and looking for advice on what power supply(s?) to buy to run the board. Also, will the standard controller boxes work to mount? Do I need a mounting kit?
  11. I do something similar. At least on the S-4 side. Noted.
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