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  1. Ralph Priest wrote: There are a couple of variables here, but lets keep in mind that a string of C9 draws 1.5 amps, you have 2 strings of C9's per channel, so that is 3 amps per channel and you have 4 channels of these, so if they are all on at the same time that would be 12 amps, then what ever else is hanging on the other channels that would be even a higher current. Bottom line, you need to know how much current is being drawn on each channel and each controller. Bill
  2. I think it's the triac, If it were me I would take my oscilloscope and look at the output voltage, I bet there is only half of the sinewave.
  3. Richard Hamilton wrote: That is to cool, would sure like to see it lit up. I may have to sell all my equipment and try that next year. I know it looks like alot of effort, but I'm up to it.
  4. cenote wrote: Nope, that's 236 years from now and by then we will all be worm food. I hear your pain, - actually I feel your pain, in my newly aquired carpal tunnel.
  5. I compare what we are doing here to building an XT Personal Computer back in the mid 80's. Back then one really needed to know what one was doing, everything had jumpers and heaven help you if shared a interrupt. MSdos commands was a way of life, boy was I happy when I got my first menu. It wasn't like today where everything is plug-n-play. Anyway the way I see it in a very short time Christmas displays like ours will change just like the PC did. I am talking Light and Sound's of Christmas on steroids, real music, couple hundred of channels and all plug-n-play. Load a song, select fast medium or slow and the sequencing is done. One day in the future a husband will say to the wife "Dear Im going to go buy a Christmas display, can I have $100.00 and another 25 for the FM transmitter module? 500 channels later , and an afternoon hanging lights and walla. Oh, I forgot to mention that the FCC will change CFR47 Part 15 to allow 250 milliwatt FM Transmitters 10 years from now someone on here will write a post, "Remember when we spent a couple year's sequencing, yea that sucked". Just my humble opinion Bill
  6. I have most likely about 25,000 lights. Jame's down the street has about 1,500,000 LED's. But it not the size, but how you use it.
  7. At the botom of the Device Manager click on the + sign, that will expand and show all of the UBS devices. when you plug in your USB device it will appear, and when you unplug your USB device it will disappear. that one will be the one and the comm port will be listed. Clear as mud. Bill
  8. I'm confussed, does it have the problem when playing a show, or when playing from the sequence editor.
  9. What kind of laptop are you using, how old, and what Operating System are you using?
  10. Also try putting the data cable connector in the other socket.
  11. yep, have to desolder and then resolder. if it is a bad connector and if possible you can just put that controller at the end of the line. Also you may just take a flashlight and look inside at the center to contacts, make sure they are sprung up and not corroded.
  12. Joe D wrote: Thats what mine looked like when it was broke, talked to LOR and they sent me a new connector. Mine broke when a kid tripped on the Cat5 wire laying on the ground. Now I have the cables secured to the controllers with plenty of strain relief. Bill
  13. Sounds like a bad connection, try pluging your cable into a different controller.
  14. Are you sure you set the unit ID's?
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