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  1. I am using a F16v2 or a E682 and trying to set up the channel outputs in X-lights. I have several LOR controllers I want to use through DMX. I understand that each controller is using 16 DMX channels. It is my understanding that the 50W floods only use 5 DMX channels. So in my example my first controller would be using DMX channels 1-16 and then the flood would use channels 17-21. Can somebody please confirm I have this right. Thanks, Chris
  2. I plan on doing something similar. Thanks for the how to's.
  3. I had some Aluminum drilled and simply sits on my rain gutters. It's built in 5' sections.
  4. I am looking to do this as well. What E1.31 controller are you using and where did you get the proper crossover cable? Thanks, Chris
  5. Jim was a tremendous help with me when I had a similar problem last year.
  6. I have 2 separate controllers that seem to be working in unison. When my sequence calls for controller 1 channel 4 that comes on, as well as controller 9 channel 7. Looking at the sequence the channel config is ok, channel 9-7 is not supposed to be on and the verifier is not showing any conflicts. This has not happened in the past. I'm stumped.
  7. I have a few of these I'm not going to use. I have retrofitted them with cool white Led's. Some have been hot glued in and some have electrical tape wrapped around the lights then fitted in the holes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofrnpcw82laas1v/IMG_1409.JPG?dl=0
  8. I have sequenced my normal channels in SE and my pixels in PE in S4. I was able to see my lights working through the normal LOR network and my pixels working through E1.31 and my E682.
  9. This may already be possible and I don't see it, but I would like the timing marks to be visible when hovering over a cell. This was possible with the sequence editor. Thanks
  10. 8837 is showing as the COMM listener Port. Control panel status looks normal to me. Show player starting schedule loaded initializing LOR Networks LOR network initialized Show player initialized
  11. I have no doubt that I could have set up my network config incorrect, however I am using the exact same network config as last year with no issues. The software is registered with a pro license. Is there any reason why the comm listener would not come on with the control panel?
  12. Yes the Control panel was on, but I don't see the comm listener anywhere. On my regular computer when I start the control panel the comm listener automatically comes on. Since I installed S4 to my show computer I am not seeing the comm listener come on. When I run the my test show or the sequence ditor and control lights, i'm getting all the regular lights to come on but not any DMX.
  13. I created a test sequence with led's sequenced in SE and pixels sequenced in PE. I saved the intensity file and everything looks great in PE preview. I created a test show with the file and the led's worked fine but the pixels did not light up. I am using E1.31 for the pixels. My question is did I not configure something correctly, although the same set-up worked last year or will E1.31 not read a intensity file?
  14. Yes Matt, after reading Mike's post it appeared to me that I had to take the CCR's out of the intensity file to get them to work with my set up.
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