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  1. http://www.bergenhealthandlife.com/current.html scroll down to bergen buzz...me ralph and glenn are in this issue (and thats glenns house pictured)
  2. dont seal them...water can still get in but its harder for it to get out and youll have more problems
  3. i used a PVC reducer and heavy duty hooks...9000 lights are held up by i think 15 hooks http://johnnychristmas.com/megap.html
  4. these are mine...i did all 3 colors at once so it evened out http://johnnychristmas.com/mini.html
  5. busheymotorsports wrote: use explorer not firefox...just had the same problem but they played in explorer
  6. each unit has a unique ID you set to it...01 02 03 etc...thats all that matters so you can daisy chain 01 to 04 to 02 to 09 whatever...the signal will go to where its supposed to
  7. Contest 1 - Our Traditional Contest. Cat1 - StaticL. Brown of TX Cat2 - 32 or lessF. Little of CA Cat3 - 33 to 64E. Norris of ?? (we only have email) Cat4 - 65 to 128S. Lelinski of DE Cat5 - over 128F. Gordon of TX Cat6 - 240V CountriesTie (D.Tilson of Australia)&(K. Lund of Denmark) Cat7 - CommercialShadrack of TN Grand Prize WinnerR. Lister of FL Contest 2 - YouTube.com The lucky Mike Johnson of Kansas is the winner!
  8. i have the 2005 and love it has GREAT distance...i went about 4000 feet away (figured that out by looking at a map and getting the distance) turned on my station and it came it...albeit VERY weak and staticy but still got it...just make sure you use a DEAD channel that has NOTHING on it whatsoever so the FCC wont bug you cuz of complaints
  9. and you could add chicken wire around it like i did last year to round it out a lil better 600 lights 200 clear 200 red 200 green http://johnnychristmas.com/mini.html
  10. after the first sip of beer i skipped to the 2nd sip...lights dont work yet...am i missing something? sjmiller wrote: By getting a six pack of Bud, popping the top on one - take a sip. Then removing each and every bulb from the non-functional string and plugging it into a socket on the working string - taking an occasional sip of beer. The bulbs were all good, the controller must be bad. As for the LOR controller, all grounds are tied to a common ground bus for the circuit board - so as long as I don't bridge the lights between two controller boards it shouldn't be an issue (no ground loops). SJ
  11. Driv wrote: thats your best bet...no offense to those living in any BTW
  12. i dont know how anyone would WANT to live in an HOA...i for one will NEVER move into one...not just cuz of the lights but everything has to be the way the officers want it and im not about to have my house and my property governed by anyone other than me
  13. im just waiting for someone here to say that this is theirs lol...doubt thatll hapen
  14. why bother? when the lights are blinky blikny no one sees the orange,,,its only an eyesore during the day if youre looking at the lawn...other than that theyre not seen...ive got almost 2 miles of orange and while the show is going you cant see them at all
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