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  1. Would anyone have any extra 100 count strings green wire red lights and 100 count green mini's looking for 30 sets of each or what ever you can spare thank you Blair
  2. Gentlemen thank you for your reply Blair
  3. i have 4 arches 7 channels to each arch using 28 channels with 4 left over number 9 channel is dead can i delete channel number 9 and take channel number 13 and put it in the place of number 9 will it work ok in the sequence thank you Blair
  4. this channel is in the middle of my 4 th arch i tried the lights in another socket and they lite up fine even made up a new plug for the board same thing dead now the question is i have 4 channels left over each arch has 7 channels x 4 = 28 can i delete channel 9 and change it to channel 13 will the sequence for the arches run all right nice and smooth can anyone tell me if this will work thank you Blair
  5. -klb- thank you for your reply i just found it odd that it would find all six and not the other 2 as long as they work ok that's fine with me Blair
  6. Chuck i never tried dasiy chaining them before and your right i did not say i was doing one at a time sorry for that and i thank you for your reply and your patience Blair
  7. Chuck i'm doing one at a time they are not daisy chained i'm assuming that this is the right way please reply thank you Blair
  8. Went to hard ware utility selected box number 1 hit auto configure found everything ok to this point and the numbrt of units on the right side is set for 14 and i have nine boxes went and hit refresh found box number 1 and did the same for the next 5 every thing ok recgonized all six and numbered right WENT back selected box number 7 hit auto configure every thing ok now hit refresh it said found only one box did not give a number like the others one through six Pluged the lights into box number 7 it works did the same for box number 8 same as box 7 no number showing Pluged in the lights to box 8 they work fine just wondering when i connect all these together will box number 7 and 8 be recgonized what do you think Blair
  9. JBullard wrote: When you make your configuration the way you want it, then follow Williams instructions Williams and JBullard thank you both for your help got it working Blair
  10. Mountainwxman wrote: William that is what i 'm talking about master channel configuration but how do i make one up where do i start thank you Blair
  11. I'm only using LOR1 Can anyone tell me how to make a master animation sequence tired of typing every thing in thank you Blair
  12. Chuck did what you said and the show started again thank you for your reply Blair
  13. Here is my problem last night the show woked fine tonight nothing went to hardware utility 0 units found i have 7 lor 1 boards it tells me to check power connection did that every thing ok change cat5 cables no difference number 1 box the light is blinking so i pulled the power cord on board number 1 when i pluged it back in the lights on the house which are pluged in to box number came on so i pulled the cord again same thing lights came on for second went and got an extenston cord ran it to the other end of the house pluged in and then i pluged in box number 1 same thing again any ideas also can i take box number 3 which has 16 mini tree on it unplug the mini trees and use it for box number 1 would i have to change all the ID'S COULD I USE A LONG CAT 5 CABLE AND RECONFIGURE EACH BOX WITH ALL THE 16 CHANNELS PLUGED IN OR CAN I DO THIS RUN THE CAT5 FROM BOX ONE TO BOX 2 FROM BOX 2 TO BOX 4 TO BOX 5 AND FROM BOX5 TO BOX 6 FROM BOX 6 TO BOX 7 WOULD THIS WORK Dan if you read this would you please respond thank you Blair Melanson
  14. Chuck and Richard i changed the number of units form 19 to 12 no difference last night i took in the 3 boxes by the way these are all CTB- 16D NO DIALS TO SET UNITS BOUGHT IN APRIL SALE any way i re configured them set 5- 6- 7 one at a time put them back out side using only 5and 6 at this time i did not have anything pluged into box 3 or 4 i'm using 5 and 6 for my arches it was late so i just pluged in 2 strings for each arch worked fine, Tonight i hooked up all the lights to the plugs for boxes 3 and 4 nothing coming on for those boxes and box 5 is working all 16 channels 2 arches. Came in went to hardware utility and this is what came up O1--- CTB 16 - VER 2.0 02--- CTB 16-- VER 2.0 03 --- CTB 16 -- VER 4.0 04 -- UNKNOWN--- DEVICE ?? 02 05 -- UNKNOWN -- DEVICE ?? 02 I'M only using lor 1 Box number 1 AND 2 are woking fine box 3 and 4 nothing box number 5 working and box number 6 nothing ?????????? any ideas Blair
  15. LAST year i was using 64 channels the hardware utility found all 4 boxes and they are working fine all lights blinking ect, not a problem bought 3 more boards[these are not kits ] this year using 112 channels the problem is the hard ware utility can not find the other 3 boxes what can i be doing wrong . I change cat 5 cables and no luck at all hit refresh and all that comes up is the original 4 boxes any ideas need lots of help thank you Blair
  16. Dan or anyone can you tell me if the flood lights sold by mininosweb are compatiable with all lor units 1and 2 according to there site they claim that they are. Thinking of buying some but would like to hear Dan's opinion some where sent to lor for testing thank you Blair
  17. Brad go to planet christmas forums---- christmas music/ videos ect Voice overs if you want someone to do them for you and from what i've read he comes highly recommended read the postings his site is http://www.thedementedelf.com Blair
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