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  1. Yes it took him about 5 minutes to figure it out and we are forever grateful!! We have one happy boy.. I took a video of his sequence and I will post it soon!
  2. Thank you so much, you made this boy sooo happy!!
  3. Thank you! I'm working now and am on the West Coast, when would work for you?? I really appreciate your help!
  4. Yes we have the control lights on and we have an AC controller
  5. I actually found the NP and the settings you suggest were set up correctly already so I’m not sure what to do next.
  6. Thank you JR, where is this NP tab? In what program? Is there a LOR network app? I don’t see this in any of our programs.
  7. No but I can definitely download it if you can help us!!
  8. So we have programmed a sequence, added a preview and we run it and it works and you can see it working on the preview. How do we get that to talk to the controller? We know the controller talks to the computer because we’ve tested it on the hardware utility. There must be some sort of setting we are missing??
  9. yes, we have created a working sequence, and a preview and made sure all the channels match. We play the sequence and yes, we have used the hardware too and when we test the lights in the hardware utility everything works fine. I just opened a ticket with the help desk so hopefully they can help us. Thank you for your feedback on the version, we will definitely look into S4. Thank you for your help!
  10. We have the status window open and it’s showing enabled and but there’s nothing in the sequence window. We are way over our heads with this program!
  11. It’s a CTB16PCg3 and we made sure the drivers were installed, the control panel was enabled and the control lights was on. When we tested the light in the hardware panel they lighted up fine so we are at a loss! When we try to play it back in the sequence editor, we are just playing it via the playback function, is there something else we need to do??
  12. Hello! My 14 year old son with autism found the demo version of the sequencer and became obsessed with creating sequences. So.. he wanted the controller for his birthday which we got him last week. The problem is that we are trying to learn the entire software program and how it talks to the controller. We had no idea what we were getting into by purchasing this controller! We were able to build a preview and a sequence but can't figure out how to play it on the controller. We checked and everything is connected and talking to each other but the lights won't come on when we play the sequence
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