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  1. Hmm, OK Dennis, I'll take a look. Gonna fly a 3 day trip and get away from this for a while. Then I'll come back with a refreshed outlook. Thanks, David
  2. Hi Dennis. No I am using starting channel 33 when sequencing my RGB floods. 33,34,35,36,37,38,39 and 40 Best, David
  3. Hi Dennis. Yes, as mentioned in original post. ID set to 03 on the 24D. Thanks, David
  4. Hi Dennis, using the test tab...No I haven't been able to test any of my lights. Creating an animation seq. I can see the light output just fine with effects. IE solid color ON to test RGB. Not sure why the TEST mode doesn't work for me, everything else does though. Best, David
  5. Running all my controllers in UNicast mode. Verified all my IP's are correct in the setups. Best, David
  6. Hi Dennis. Yes, I painstakingly created a brand new channel config this year. All my LOR stuff is set to DMX. The channel numbering is sequential to follow the DMX universe layout. My CMB24D is in universe 1 along with 2 LOR 16ch controllers Gen 3. My CCR's are daisychained in Universe 2. CCR 1 ID 01 CCR2 ID 0B CCR3 ID 15 Im using Xlights/nutcracker this year. I have all my LOR stuff before my e1.31 stuff in setup. Tried all 4 DMX output ports on the PL16. Each time, the CMB24D had a solid read network light, but the damn LOR 10W RGB flash randomly diff. colors! I have another PL 16 controller I was planning on running my CCB's in separate universes on those DMX ports. Due to these issues, I havn't even been able to test those. Really looking hard for a Plan B, but I have spen hours troubleshooting this and other issues. As I said, been a setup from hell this year...almost nothing is working correctly! Thanks for your time. Best, David
  7. Yes, the floods are fine using the dongle, I may have to revert to that, since the PL16 seems incapable of controlling them. Arghhh!! Best, David
  8. Hi, when I moved the jumpers, to the DMX side; nothing worked. CCR's are acting screwy too. Can't wait to try my CCB's, no telling what they may do in DMX mode. Seems I remember reading a post somewhere that said leave the jumpers alone. As you are going from a LOR(CMB24D) to crossover cable to e1.31 device(PixLite 16) in my case. You know, everyone makes this sound like it's going to work right out of the box.....not so in my case. I may have to rethink this through on running the LOR stuff in DMX, it's not working for me at all! Of course, I set up my show to do so. Very Frustrated right now! Thank You for taking time out of your busy setup schedule to try and help. Sucks this time of year trying to get help. Oh well, it is what it is. This is the only medium we have to try and resolve issues. Most folks set their stuff up on the weekends, which is when tech support is closed! Go figure. Love this hobby...Not! At least not right now. Thanks anyway, David
  9. This is a repeat of the info I supplied on a Help desk ticket. Posting it here as well. Hoping someone may have a solution. Or at least troubleshooting ideas. Thanks. You know, I would just like to get a show running. Really tired of all these issues. OK vented, here we go: Running CMB24D in DMX mode Unit ID 03. Dip Sw's 8,9 ON. All others OFF. HWU verifies correct address. 24D powered by your 350w power supply, per your recommendations. 1. Have the 24D hooked into a PIxlite 16 DMX/e1.31 controller, using a crossover cable, purchased from seasonal entertainment. Have the PixLite 16 RS485 jacks set properly in the Advatek utility. the 24D is running off UIniverse 1 on the PL16 RS485 jack. 2. I have the crossover connected to the RS485 jack on the PL16, from there, I connected a cat5 to the crossover female end, then then runs to the 24D RJ45 input jack. 3. I get a steady light on the 24D, so the PL16 is talking to it on the network. However, all of my RGB floods are flashing randomly with random colors. 4. I reset the 24D to defaults. The controller tested fine using the LOR 485 USB dongle. 5. When I play a seq. that has the floods sequenced, they don't do anything while the seq. is playing. When seq. stopped, they go back to random flashing again. I have tried the crossover cables in all of the RS485 jacks on the PL16 controller, same result. Do I have my crossover cables connected correctly? Damn things didn't come with any info. I have 2 PL16 controllers, tried the RS485 jacks on both, same result. This has been a setup from hell. Hope you can possibly shed some light. Best, David
  10. hey guys, couple of years ago I uploaded some icycle props. I used the LOR object creator and HLD icycles to make them. Youll have to resize them for your roof line, but the lights looked at least to me pretty good on an angled roofline Hope it helps Best, David
  11. Hi jim. Thank You so much for the input. really appreciated. However, I actually found a little easier way. Thank You BobO and Vegomatic! Here is what I did. 1 created a 48 channel DMX Universe for the LOR contoller stuff. I then added the CMB 24D as RGB below the first 48 channels. Little PIA, as I had to manually change the channel number to the correct DMX channels. Saved and exported that config. I then utilized vegomatic to create my 4 CCB's. Everything is setup for my new Halloween 2015 config. Since I'm using some of the same setup on the pixlite16 for Christmas, that is already to go. I' ll import my Halloween cfg into my Christmas setup, use vegomatic for the CCR's, Megatree, and mini trees....I'm good to go on DMX addresses. Thank You again for the input. Always another way to accomplish things, when we put our mind to it. Best, David
  12. You know it seems the more I learn on setting up my shows; the more I'm ready to give it up at times. Didn't know a darn thing about terminators, till a few moments ago. great! another thing to try and figure out for my DMx/e1.31 setup. Which brings me to this question: In order to get things squared away with my Halloween and Christmas show layouts; I decided it would be best to start over on the configurations. I'll be running my LOR controllers via DMX this year. I understand the addressing etc. However, I thought we had things set up now, that when you added a device(DMX Universe) you could tell the starting channels of the addresses. I was wrong! I have to ask how I set this up now, because I'm not sure what to do now. Halloween setup. I'll be running 4 universes. Universe 1: I'll have 3 LOR 16ch CTB16 controllers(DMX mode), CMB2D/8RGB floods(DMX mode), 1CCB set/100strings/300ch(DMX mode) Universe 2: 1 set of CCB (DMX mode) Universe 3: 1 set of CCB (DMX Mode) Universe 4: 1 set of CCB (DMX Mode) These will be hooked up to a Pixlite 16 controller using the RJ45 plugs with crossover cables as a DMX bridge. How in the heck do I now set up my LOR controllers to DMX and be able to assign different starting channels I know my Unit 01 equates into DMX 1 I know that Unit 02 equates into DMX 17 and so forth. IS this now going to be a royal PIA to number my DMX channels! I thought I added my device, then selected that it was DMX and the starting DMX address, again I was wrong! How do I keep the controllers separate but retain the DMX addresses? Do I just have 1 DMX Universe of 512 channels? Up to my 4 required universes? If so, then how am I going to add RGB stuff within those channels? ie my RGB floods and CCB's The whole ideal of starting over was so I wouldn't have to go in the config editor, and renumber a bunch of frikken channels! Am I missing something here? In my channel layout it would be: My 3 LOR controllers CMB 24d(RGB floods) 4 CCB sets All in DMX mode. Running 4.0.38 Pro. Haven't had a chance to update to the 4.1 yet. Somebody please tell I'm missing something here, and there is hope. Best, David
  13. Thank You Matt. Defenitly helps take some mystery out of PE Best, David
  14. Matt, enjoyed meeting you at Expo. The PPT you used for the PE . Very easy to understand. Any plans to release the PPT? I think it would help many foljs to get up to speedvwith PE. Video would be very helpful aswell. However, it may take a little time for the video, the PP presentation is already to go. Also looking forward to yor PP and or video on converting our LED stuff to RGB utilizing the PE, as we discussed at Expo. Best, David
  15. Well crud, I did a renewal instead of upgrade. sigh OK, I'll go purchase the upgrade, then send a help ticketr with both to possibly get a refund on the renewal. OOPS Best, David EDIT: OK, ordered upgrade, Help ticket created. DOHHH!!
  16. Hey fellow decorators. I can understand why LOR wants to install in the standard C:\Program Files directory etal. However, once you have installed LOR to your preferred directory, in my case D:\Light-O-Rama; every new install defaults to the C:\program files... Does LOR not know the location of our previous installs through the registry? Most of my other programs, after initial install when updating, will show the install directory as present. Example: Xlights wants to initially install in the default C:\programs...directory. I installed it into D:\Xlights. Everytime I update, it will show the D:\Xlights directory for install. Same with my AV and Malware bytes etc. Is this just to keep the code easy for install? This is just an extra check for me to know my registry is OK for the program I'm updating. Thanks for the insight Best, David
  17. dgrant, sorry difficult to talk as I eat crow. LOL Awesome deal. Thank You LOR Purple works great. Working on Orange from a conversion. Got new confuser system up and running with LOR and NC/XL...time to get busy. Going to Expo, you gonna be there? Best, David
  18. dgrant, I hear ya man. So much easier to do everything over, than trying to edit years of existing sequences. This is what LOR SE has always excelled at as an awesome tool. Have Fun! Best, David
  19. dgrant. I hear ya, but based on Bob's response LOR is not hearing us. LOR is awesome for sequences from scratch. If you want to take your hard work from previous sequences convert to RGB; without PIA hassles......then not so much on the upgrade list. I tried to see if I could somehow edit the XML to just adjust the RGB color(intensity level).....above my pay grade. I mean, isn't that what we are basicaly doing when we choose a color(hue) in LOR. Telling what intensity we want? Based on my past experiences with LOR updates vs wishlist that users have submitted; I believe if it's not on the LOR devs "wishlist" we won't see it anytime soon if ever. Best, David
  20. kzaas get's it. That is exactly what I'm looking to do. If you watch Bob O's tutorial on his RGB convertor, you'll see how the conversion works. However, it will retain the effects; but you have to copy the effects into the different RGB channels. Not a big deal, if you want a full on blend of RGB colors. IE I can have the red and blues to make purple. But it's that pinkish looking purple. I want a more black light purple. In order to do this, I have to adjust the intensity of each RGB channel to get my color. With LOR I can select the row, change the intensity to the red/blue mix to get my purple color. However, I loose all of my fades,shimmers etc. LOR just makes it an ON intensity change. I then have to go back through, and redo all the fades shimmers etc. IN other words, there is still and may never be a global intensity change setting, when trying to convert from LED-RGB. Just trying to do it a simple way to save time and headache. even if I changed everything to same intensity, ie to get my purple/orange colors, if I could re-copy the RGB channels from the convert over my new color, that would work too. But, I know that won't work, as LOR would just recopy the same stuff. Based on numerous views to this thread, and 2 answers; I would say others have the same interest I do.......just no solution unfortunately, and most likely never will be one for this issue. I'll probably just end up doing the damn thing over again, royal PIA! Oh well, all ears if someone has a genius idea. I still may try and experiment with editing the LMS, but don't have high hopes. Thanks for your thoughts. Best, David
  21. it doesn't seem to be a high priority for LOR to fix or enhance. I'm reffering to editing of older seq. to incorporate RGB when we were using LED etc. Bob O convertor tool works great for converting stuff if you just want basic RGB. If you need say purple,orange etc; you hve to change the intensities in each RGB channel to make it your color. However, you can't do this with a global change! If I want to use foreground intensity to say 50%, I can select the row and change intensity; but LOR SE won't retain my original effects! IE If I had some fades,shimmers etc...I loose them all, as LOR just makes it an ON event now! They don't seem to want too change anything in this regard. Which would make converting LED RGB so much easier, I ask those in the know, is it possible to accomplish this editing the LMS file in notepad++ If so, what would I need to change, to just affect my intensities,and NOT my effects. I'm not concerned with screwing up the seq., I have backups. What/where do I change in the LMS file. Anthing will be better than redoing everything. thanks, David
  22. Whew! Back in Business. Thanks Mike. 3.12.2 running fine. Note to self: Stay away from betas, for right now. :-) Best, David
  23. Thanks Mike, will give it a go. Does it matter my data folder is: D:\ Light-O-Rama Data Files . I don't have a MyDocuments\Light-O-Rama folder. Thanks again. David
  24. Well crap! System restore didn't work to get rid of my 4.04 install...to revert to 3.12 OK, how did I get into this mess! I had 3.12 installed, working fine. My LOR data files folder was on my D: drive. OK, so I created a folder to install the version 4 beta into as well as a new version 4 data file folder. Or, so I thought! WOW, I've got crossed over files from everywhere now. Non of my LOR works at this time, 4.04 beta or 3.12 As mentioned, System restore didn't do anything to restore to my previous state of just 3.12 when all was well. You see, XL/Nutcracker ver 4.x beta is running too. Well, on that program, you could install v4.x into a different directory from 3.x to NOT screw anything up! Well, silly me. I tried to do the same for LOR 4.04 beta.....oops didn't realize it would wipeout/overwrite my v 3.12 stuff. I thought as I did in XL/Nutcracker, I could keep the 2 separate. Uhhh NO! So, now after trying to get back to the way things were with restore, I guess LOR 4.04 did something to the registry, even on rollback...it's still screwed up! AGGHHH!! I will do a helpdesk thing too. But, just wanted to see if anyone had a simple solution, dead in the water right now! I suspect I'll have to backup the data, uninstall 4.04, re-install 3.12 again, and recopy data. It ticks me off a little that I just couldn't go back with a restore point. WTH did LOR do to my registry!! Any insight appreciated. Helpful to me if done in step by step format. Best, David
  25. Hi lowepg, If you will just be using your RGW colors on that specific sequence. Take a look at BobO's. RGB convertor tool. I used it on a wowlights sequence with arches. I was a little limited on colors, you only have RGB to use. It worked great. This may be just the thing for you. The video he did, was for my wowlights sequence and arches. Hope this helps. Send me a PM if you need further info Best, David
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