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  1. I've been using LightORama controllers for about 4 years now, starting with the "TSO ShowTime Central Starter Package" (which includes a mini-director w/ SD card, FM transmitter, and CTB16PC controller) plus 3 more LOR1602Wg3 30 amp, 16 channel controllers daisy chained together via easy light linkers to create a 64 channel LOR network that just uses standard LED light strands. Up until about 10 days ago, I have never used the sequencing software. I am currently running 5.4.2 Pro version of S5. For this upcoming season, I have purchased a new Black Pixel Tree (16 strips of 25 smart pixels) to add to my existing LOR network. This is my first integration of RGB strands of any kind, smart or dumb. On my current 64 channel LOR network, 4 controller setup, i have about ~15 pre-made sequences that cannot be edited. Some questions, as I embark on my RGB journey: Will any of my previous pre-made "locked" sequences do anything with my RGB pixel tree, or will it just stay "off" once I daisy chain it to the other controllers? I've seen some pretty awesome "pixel matrix" structures / pixel boards, whatever you call them, in people's windows. Are these all DIY hardware items, or are there pre-made setups for this anywhere that can be purchased and just plugged into an existing show (with all the appropriate sequence programming in the software)?? If pre-made hardware setups exist, please provide some links What should my UID be for my Pixie8D controller, given the other 4 controllers that I already have? Is it simply 5, or is it more complicated than that? I heard I should use 40, but don't understand the math behind that recommendation. I've got 450 linear feet of roof line that currently has traditional icicle lights on it, that I can daisy chain in one big plug to plug setup of 54 light strands. What's the best way to do this with Cosmic Color bulbs or ribbons? Do I need multiple controller setups of X strands a piece, or some other setup? Thoughts on the pros/cons of the 10w RGB floods vs. the 50w RGB floods? If i'm spacing out a setup of 8, 10w RGB floods, each with 16 foot power cords, can I add extensions to these? I'd want to space these floods out along the 75' side width of my house. Photos of the house are attached. Thanks in advance for your thoughts / comments! Christmas house outline 2020_v4.pdf
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