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  1. Looks great. I would love a copy: panteradon@gmail.com
  2. Thanks Kenny, I sent you a msg with the email. Don
  3. Looking for a sequence of Faith Noel. Just looking for something to get me a solid start. Don
  4. Can you send me the sample sequences. panteradon@gmail.com Don
  5. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I took the box down in the pouring rain last night. I put it in the bathroom were we have heated floors and ran a space heater on it for about 8 hours. This morning I plugged it in and it lives!!!!! Don PS - I will check me boxes from now on to make sure they are latched shut!!!!
  6. Well, I pulled the box even though it is pouring rain. The fuses are NOT blown. This could be bad. We will see in the morning. I have the unit drying out now. I hope they have a box in stock I can get overnighted. Don
  7. OKAY OKAY. I have beaten myself silly. (I am actually blaming my brother in law). I should have checked the box after the first night, but it never dawned on me that it could be open. It is still raining so I will pull the box off of the post in themorning and dry it out. If there is only a blown fuse, I will stop beating my self. Otherwise, the beatings will continue. Bruised in Houston, Don
  8. I have a box that got left open last night. This morning two circuits were on even though no show was running. I unplugged the boxes. At this point I did not know a box was open. I tested a show this afternoon and it all worked. Tonight it rained harder and when the show started, Nothing on the box worked. I went outside to check the circuits and non in the garage were tripped. I went out front to discover the box wide open and SOAKED inside from the rain. The red light is blinking in the box when no show is running. Should I just dry it out with a hair dryer in the morning and hope it works. Is there anything I should look for? Don
  9. Thanks for all the replys. I started setting up Sunday the 15th and it is taking way longer than I thought. We are doing a lot of new stuff and that always takes longer. We will light it up Thanskgiving night.
  10. When do you light up your display for Christmas? When to you start putting it up? I will start this weekend and we will light it up Saturday Nov 28th. (I think)
  11. Thanks Anthony. I do not see any start times on the web site. Can you fill any some details? What will be covered, what time does it start? thanks
  12. I saw somewhere thatthere wasa workshop Nov 7 at Jersey Village (Houston, X) November 7th. Now I can't find anything on it. Can someone point me to a web site that might have information? Don
  13. Panteradon

    Power needs

    Very informative post. I have an electrician coming out next week. We will add a 12 breaker sub panel with a main in the primary panel to the sub panel. We will also add 8 outlets. Each outlet will be on a seperate breaker. Cost = $750 Does that sound resonable?
  14. THis was my first year with Light-O-Rama and I used 16 channels. I knew I could have used 32, but the show looked good and it gave me time to figure out how to work the software. I will be buying 16 or 32 more channels for next year and we purchased another 16000 lights. I am not unhappy with how we started and feel like I would have been overwhelmed with more than 32 channels. Just my 2 cents. Don
  15. I have uploaded two vidoes of my display to Youtube. ONe worked fine. Thother had a notice of a copyright problem and I had to remove it. Have any of you hit this problem? What triggered it? (Tags? Description?) Don
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