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  1. LOL You are very creative and determined Jeff! The City Police have helped me with my Halloween display a few times but I have never talked to the city about Christmas. Strangely the road under construction is part of unincorporated county and on the boundary. My subdivision is in the city which is a different government to call. Just to be clear. The road is not closed. But they are removing the road bed to widen it so you have to drive between the cones, and very soon down a gravel ramp across the construction and back up the other side.
  2. Thanks Jeff for helping consider options. I think my In-Laws would be happy to let me do their house since that is where the Christmas celebration is going to be. Unfortunately my display is 60% up already. All the controllers are mounted and the meteor lights and strobes are hung from cables between the trees. The half Mega (up against and hanging from the house) is up. I was thinking I could post a sign at the corner that the display is on despite construction. That corner has a new owner who I have not met. There is actually another way into the subdivision from the east side. But its a rats maze to find my house with 6 turns.
  3. They have been working on the main drag for months. But yesterday they put up cones dividing the street and brought in the big machines. Today they are diverting traffic to one lane in each direction and you have cross over the construction side to enter our subdivision. Based on how long the last section took up a ways, it will be this way until spring. Its definitely going to discourage the lookers. :X
  4. jimswinder wrote: Wasn't there a slogan like that? No Representation without Taxation ! To let just anyone buy a controller is tyranny!
  5. Hmmmm? Darryl said he didnt see the problem but I did. I also have only one set up in my work room and set all of your three to my one id to test. There are several things I see. The effect should only go from 0-99 (not 100 pg 21) You are setting the color so you need to have the resolution always 1. (0 when using the color effects) I got the full vs 5 problem when the effect was set before the submode. Gone when I set the submode first, then color on & effect ramp at the same time. Good Luck Tyson
  6. CCR is in stock again. Was this posted in the forum? Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days. http://store.lightorama.com/cocori.html
  7. Every year I lose one or two. Front plate of 1602 has two short little hard to find the hole screws. Can I buy a box of these? Maybe bigger and thumb type? Only have two controllers mounted and down one screw in the grass so far.
  8. Don't wake her to tell her you are excited. Cool Jim. I have been setting up for a few days but no tests yet. Can't wait. If your transmitter is on, you can carry a portable radio or put a boom box on the porch to hear it. Also, There is a loop at end option when playing from SE. So you can see what was missed in the beginning after the last notes.
  9. First post is a wise crack so you will fit right in! Welcome, Whoever you are in NY.
  10. Jim wrote: You should start a new thread for unrelated questions. I can show you the way I would do it. Make a backup first. Using windows explorer, navigate to the file 'CCR - Candy Cane.las' and right click. Select open with then select notepad. Highlight 'unit="1"' in the file and copy to clipboard (Cntl-C) then open change panel with Cntl-H. Click into the find text box and paste with Cntl-V then click into replace box and paste again. Now change to the value you need. If have added other channels which are 'unit="1"' be sure to leave them alone by replacing one at a time and checking the name. Close and save and then open in sequence editor and check it with channel property grid.
  11. Jim wrote: Had to Google it! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=TA
  12. Jim wrote: In IE right click the link and select save target as. Save in firmware folder within LOR folder.
  13. You are allowed to be cheap here.
  14. LightORamaJohn wrote: Yes, I see now that 2 & 4 don't need submode since that action can be created by submode on 1 & 3 with lowering effect intensity. So it follows that 8 does not need submode either. On the Beat Chase, I was finally able to get the effect I wanted after reading your post about ramps. The beats inserted by the beat wizard were mostly 21 centiseconds. I manually split 25 beats into a 6 & 15 centisecond. Then the leading small one got a ramp from 1 to 4 and the remainder of the beat is zero. This advanced 4 pixels in the first 6 centiseconds, then waited for the next beat. This looked great and kept time. I liked seeing the sliding intermediate states. I tried a few different sizes for the ramp up timing. A lot of work to create the timings. It would be easier in this macro to use a single cell with intensity 46 to mean advance 4 in 6 centiseconds then stop. What I was hoping for on the beat chase was to be able to use the existing timings that beat the mega. A single set of settings within a beat (single timing).
  15. ItsMeBobO

    XMAS Flood

    I think this is or is like what they are talking about. Some of the links in this thread are now dead. http://cid-67fad8d7e4bc5d60.skydrive.live.com/play.aspx/LED%20DMX%20Floods/DSC00566.JPG?ref=2
  16. LightORamaJohn wrote: Wow Thanks John! These are just what I was looking for. This is a fantastic. Had no trouble uploading firmware. Tested only in Console so far. 7 Perfect 8 Why is Submode inactive? Works as stated filling all. 9 & 10 Love it! Slides one smooth pixel with each intensity change. I appreciate you allowing effect to be used as a trigger. Tweak? Thanks for your indulgence so far. I understand if you must stop the macro changes for the season. Last one! Could the effect channel also indicate how many pixels to slide before stopping? Toggle between 10 & 11 for 1 pixel, 20 & 21 for 2, 30 & 31 for 3 ? OR Follow Macro Sub mode using , 10-19 = On pixels, 20-29 = Off Pixels, 30-39 = 1 pixel Moving on to sequence tests now and will post later.
  17. JoelSturman wrote: Oh I didn't know it was a flood. I have several of those too. I think Corey will be interested in seeing it. Thanks for the update.
  18. Mine are purchased from LOR. Replacing one should be done after a review to see if there is a short or something drawing too much current. Poor Joel got a double whammy with a non-obvious short and the pressure of THE big night show. I wish I had a spare controller. Joel if you figure out what caused the LED to short it might be helpful for others to avoid this snag. Repeating Brian's question.
  19. Sorry about your Halloween show. Hate to hear stories like that. I hope if you are planning Christmas it works out better. I keep some extra fuses but have never needed any so far.
  20. Using all three remaining channels will give ability to select any background color. But, the twinkle and dazzle don't have this option. They have just a few color options. If you need to save channels for some future feature, I think a single channel with a named color option would work out.
  21. Hey John Thanks for considering a firmware upgrade to help sequence. I have several ideas and questions. First I am confused about the resolution which seems to only work for RGB color. Or am I just not doing it right? On mode 1 (fill from controller end), If I set resolution to 2, I can get pixels 26-50 to be a different color. However, I don't understand why the fill doesn't start with BOTH pixel 1 and 26 advancing on to 25 and 50. Here are my macro requests Beat chase Instead of a speed setting on channel 154, can I set +1 or -1 to move the lit segments by that amount and stop? My songs already have a beat track. So I want the movement to follow the beat, even when the songs tempo slows or misses a beat or is uneven times. The chase speed allows me to get close but doesn't match the beats. Multi fill Use the resolution setting to replicate the fill from the start of each group. 1 for 50, 2 for 25, 10 for 5. This is like from ends (3 & 4) only they go the same direction instead of opposite. Intensity color effect As far as I can tell 157 always controls overall intensity. It would be nice to set 155 to a new value which would lead in the chase with a dimmer pixel. On this effect could 157 be the low end of the curve instead of the high end. Leading, Trailing, or Bell options.
  22. Hey CBlood If I understand you correctly, I think the existing macro modes can do what you need. The fill from controller (1) would start on #1 arch and would not continue on to #2 if you stop at 50%. everything above 50% would work in #2. So this would appear to the viewer as independent operation while handled by a single macro. The from center modes (3 & 4) would work great for a split ribbon too for opposite jumping. But if you want them to jump the same way you can flip one arch around. This would require a longer cable run between the cut ribbon segments.
  23. LightORamaJohn wrote: Despondent and speechless. I think I will hold my thoughts until the morning.
  24. Great job! Love it. However... First line of song says a Button nose..
  25. :D :D Frank A talked me through it! Its working now! The broken appliance works properly for the repairman! I am thinking that any key on the remote will knock the colorwasher out of DMX mode. Since the light went dark after hitting the DMX key, I was pressing R to set a color and the light would come back on. But no longer in DMX mode. Also pressing + or - and 1 2 etc to try and set the 3 5 channel mode. All of those knocked it out of DMX mode. Silly me has major egg face. Tech support did not reply yet but thats ok. Thanks again Frank A from Ohio !
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