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  1. Ponddude wrote: Come on... I want find out if the concept will work!
  2. Max, Can you bring one of your boxes to the St Louis gathering coming up? http://itsmebob.com/SLAM/
  3. Great! I see five boards, wow. Assembly line! My only question is about the in/out Cat5 being attached to the backing board.
  4. This will light up a large area. http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/03/07/us.russia/
  5. Best band for the buck is great for me too! I really do appreciate your post of a connection with a good price. Many hours are spent looking at site after site trying to find the right product at a good value. I have considered or purchased from similar posts. Thanks so much. My choices are due to prior purchases which only last one or two seasons. Mostly halloween stuff. If it has a circuit board in it, and you plan to leave it outside for over a month, I think it has to be well protected. Agreed...they are alot more expensive. I have taken the plunge on strobes from Darryl.
  6. Could not risk buying anything not stated as outdoor / weather resistant. http://productionoutlet.com/product_info.php?products_id=5173
  7. Prior years I had the controllers all on the front porch and ran extension cords. This year I located them all on trees close to the displays. One was right at the street and 2 feet off the ground, accessible to walkers but out of site of drivers. My approach was to scare vandals with signs, Danger high voltage, of course. But also, [glow=red]Alarm will sound if opened[/glow]And [glow=red]Security cameras in use[/glow]Claims of a high tech security system are plausible next to all those wires. The controllers were screwed to the tree from inside. I had to drill holes in the case for this. So the padlocked cover had to be removed to remove the four inch deck screws. This took an extra long bit to reach the screw head. Three phony cameras were mounted in the yard. $5 at Harbor freight. They are positionable and have a motion activated red led. Every morning the first thing I did was look outside to see if anything was missing but never had a problem. My Halloween display lost a few items once but not Christmas so far.
  8. LightORamaDan wrote: No wonder I didn't hear about it! I was not on this forum until June but I was on the mailing list. Now I guess I am in insider? FYI This forum is a lot more fun than some Halloween ones I have been on.
  9. Scrubs63 wrote: Happy Anniversary Scrubs63! One year on board. Which moniker comes between Newbie and Old Pro on this forum?
  10. The trash truck driver complimented the yard and said he really wanted to come by at night but never had the chance. So I turned it on for him and co-worker at 7am and he went on and on for several minutes about how great it was, shaking my hand and saying he wished his daughter was here. ( I was thanking him for letting me get the diaper pale emptied!) He said, Man! You should put this on You Tube! Proud of himself for an original idea. I rolled with it and agreed. It was a very nice end to a display I really did not want to take down.
  11. Scrubs63 wrote: Hazing date is on my calendar.
  12. Very good job on the sequencing. Great sense of timing and playing the lights as instruments. You did a lot with 32 channels! You know what this means?...You are too good to be a newbie after this year!
  13. Robin wrote: Four 50's around 2 inch pvc. About 15 inches tall. There are 7 of these in the yard using a total of 16 channels. 6 are paired with its opposite side and the center is alone. This is the most commented on part of the display. There was supposed to be 16 of them...and also arches. But I had to scale back to maintain domestic tranquility.
  14. Is there a time limit or song limit on the contest entries? http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=901274128343068827&hl=en WiW http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2909222639232247613&hl=en
  15. ItsMeBobO

    8 Foot VU Meter

    Way cool! Did you use the VU wizard for any sequences? The best I could do was slide the bar gradually up (right) and select the next channel in order to simulate a light meter. A cool new lor feature would be a VU EQ wizard which has frequency range options. It would be a neat way to assign particular notes to channels.
  16. Thanks so much Kevin. This is exactly the info I needed. The literature which says optional remote is misleading. I even found a site which bragged how cool it was to be able to set the address via remote, not mentioning it could not be done any other way. I found TriNorthLighting sells the remote for $19 instead of $39 but then wants a $7.50 small order fee! Once again thanks. After the remote arrives I will post a wrap up.
  17. No, I don't have the WDM remote. It was $39 on top of. I did see that blurb. But I was kinda looking for the word only in that sentence. Or a sentence which says remote is required to set address to control via dmx. The sales pitch on the selling pages says it this way, which does not imply required to me. * Control via optional IR remote or any regular 512- DMX-controller * Accepts I/R signal or DMX controllable I did write the manufacturer yesterday for clarification but no response yet. Sorry to clog this forum with an equipment question. But this is my only dmx device so I am not altogether sure its not a problem using the iDmx.
  18. Finally plugged in all the stuff I bought this summer. The iDMX was found by HW utility and is solid on the front led status. The back is slow blink which means not communicating with the dmx device. The problem may be the led rgb light I have hooked to it. Its still in demo mode and has absolutely no visible switches on it. Its WDM wallwasher ColorWasher which is weather resistant model. The documentation for it is very thin. Anyone else have one of these? I did not buy the remote control but I think this may be the only way to set the address and 3 vs 5 channel mode. I have tried every address the console has on it. Nothing so far.
  19. Panel Envy ! Wow Lou you went all out! I asked my electrician about doing this and he could not comprehend the need or even picture what I wanted. So this year I am running cords to existing circuits all around the house. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Flexing the 3/4" PVC arch today and it snapped at the joint! Only had some test wraps done so I only lost time and plans. Forced into switching to 1'' Sched40. I had ruled this out earlier since it didnt appear flexable enough to bend into an arch. Figuring it will take 3.5 more sets of 100 minis to cover the 14 foot arch. Going with 7 sections each 2 feet as that is the max my summer storage can hold. Joined sections will be 2-10-2 to reduce the joint strain.
  21. Can I tag on to this arch question on the length of each segment ? Is 24 inches for each of 7 segments too big? My test tells me this will be 5 strings of 50 minis on 3/4 in PVC. I bought minis which are 4 inches apart so the wire is shorter. Oops! I thought I was doing a good thing. How common is it for people to cut and splice 100s down to single wire 50s versus just using the minis as they come with three wires?
  22. I got the FM100B from here at a good price. I have met the owner Jeff and he is a stand up guy http://thefrighteners.com/FMStereoTransmitters.htm Took me three tries to get something which worked. First I tried a whole house retransmitter (not any brand discussed in this thread) which was limited to two frequencies. Both had nearby stations here in St Louis so it had a range of about 10 feet. Next I tried the Ramsey fm10 which reached the street but the tuning was difficult and drifted. Finally have something rock solid with the FM100. It was a challenge to build and test however.
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