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  1. Two different types of these splitters were tried and neither of them worked for me. By far the easier solution. I may order one just to have on hand for the next unexpected jack break.
  2. Last season I broke network jacks on three controllers. Which meant I could not daisy chain them and it was brutal figuring out how to split my controllers across networks with the broken ones on the end. LOR provided replacement jacks to get me started. This completely unprofessional video is my learn as you go repair adventure.
  3. You should be using the high speed RED adaptor and I suggest it be on a network by itself. The old one can continue to be used for the other controllers.
  4. Which song are you looking for? The original Grinch was sung by Thurl Ravenscroft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuhpkJprfhU
  5. The little popup showing what others purchased is seen on other websites like this one. https://getkeysmart.io/offer-01/?guu=13224c6d-ab25-450c-95bb-04a01df686f6&gucurrency=usd&gucountry=us&gulanguage=en&lpid=614&utm_source=3658&utm_medium=10012&utm_term=28186&utm_content=1101&utm_campaign=GU&aff_id=3658&camp_id=28186&sub_id=10012&req_id=337536559&contract_id=729&oid=496&guvertical=42
  6. Darryl filled two strobe orders for me in the last three weeks.
  7. It snowed today in St Louis So I decided it was not too early to set up the Pixie II ribbon. Desktop support gave me a semi-damaged monitor and its using the lenovo to run SE in a loop.
  8. Thanks Jim and Phil for checking it out. Both of you are continuing from prior years. My intent was to inform the new people who wish to get started with miip. Send me an email itsmebobo at yahoo dot com with your desired four letter/number site code.
  9. This could have been a private message.
  10. I cant use your mouth sequences JR. I have a 10 position pixel mouth setup. If you have .pgo I could use that.
  11. Bad news. My 10 year old daughter is telling me her friends are asking for .... Baby Shark to be in the light show. I am speechless and depressed.
  12. These pixels are known as Square and Bullet (CCP). They need a mounting strip so they can be pointed towards the viewing area. If they twist and point away they wont be seen. Used more for tree shaped multi strand props or matrix. 5V is up to 50 on a strand 6" apart. Two stands on Pixie II is 50 feet. 12v can be up to 100 and two stands is 100 feet. This is a C9 pixel Bulb (CCB) pixel which has a reflector cover. It can be seen from any viewing angle. For outlining a roofline or window without a mounting strip this is easiest. This is a Ribbon or Strip. (CCR). Has a wide viewing angle but it is one sided. Needs mounting and is not meant to be handled a lot. Often used for Arches or windowss. Has very dense (close together) leds and is very bright. 5 meters long 16 feet 4 inches. Can be cut to size every 4 inches.
  13. Foreground. Right in front by the sidewalk. All white LED M5 wrapped around wireframes to about 5x5 inch square. 4 rows and 24 columns. 96 channels on 6 controllers. All SPT wiring harnesses. https://vimeo.com/194307106/8c57b3e1f6 https://vimeo.com/249270040/8fb1398e5b https://vimeo.com/148192966/b246f1aeba
  14. Another vote for Jim who said "You may need to look at a larger number of smaller controllers, as opposed to one large one." For a house outline.. The C9 style look very good from any viewing angle. The square will need a mounting which points them the right direction. I used the 16x50 5v last year and this year the 16x100 12v for my mega tree. All the strand ends are close together with no extensions. I also have four pixie 2 outlining my house and Its not an issue for me to run power and network cable to it. The pixie 2 have a non-grounded plug so you can use SPT if you want.
  15. I got bit by the RGB bug a long time ago. You mentioned flexibility but dont seem to be giving it much weight in your decision. Pixels will let you choose any color and simultaneous multi color. You can chase bulbs around the window and other effects which should be considered in this comparison. Years ago I spent a lot of time building the super strings and all the Blue strings started failing which meant I had to rebuild the strings. That had me mad for a few years while I accumulated pixels. But then I decided my show needed some old style lights and I went back to purchase LED strings and AC controllers for them. I call this my 'retro' matrix and it turns out to be the most expensive prop I have. The per channel cost is higher and it is quite limited in what it can do in comparison but I still love it. Still, my recommendation would be to go with pixels which will up your show wow factor a LOT compared to super strings.
  16. Static to me means not connected to any controller. I am guessing you mean the lights are connected to a controller which is playing a sequence which does not blink very much. They have to be connected to a controller if you will be using the same lights for a musical song later. In MIIP you set up your show to play the 'static'/no-blink sequence in a loop. MIIP always plays each sequence to the end so if you want a fast response the loop song should be short.. maybe 15 or 20 seconds. When a guest using their phone 'votes' or requests a song, miip adds it to the showfile. When the no-blink song completes the LOR player will play the requested song. Miip then removes that song from the show and the no-blink song resumes looping.
  17. Send me an email with your desired four letter/number site code if you want to explore miip. Itsmebobo yahoo.com Old video to explain that each site can be skinned the way you want.
  18. I always use the task bar panel icon. However I did an uninstall and install so the control panel did not open on its own the first time. Start had a pinned program I did not put there and I stupidly clicked it and got errors because the version wires got crossed. Its not just you.
  19. I am very happy to report I have 4.4.0 working now. First I reinstalled. 4.3.34 and rebooted immediately. I did first get another error popup This has now gone away. I believe this error was from windows being 'helpful' and putting links of recently used programs in my pinned list when I click Start. When I navigate to LOR folder from "All Programs" it all works fine. Once I got control panel loaded everything worked as expected. This time LORPost came up.
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