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  1. Had my own flub this week too. I noticed my green mini trees were not working. The green is a third color on 32 trees, I mostly use the red and white on them. The green uses just two channels with 16 switched on each. Checking it out I find the two cords just draped over the controller ! They had never been plugged in or tested. Three weeks into the show and these lights had never been on! doh !
  2. wow great for you Doug! I am feeling like I need to place my 2020 order now!
  3. They were blocking nearly the entire street for about three hours. The show guests I did see had to be in the driving lanes and look between cars since the parking areas were filled. While I am tempted by your advice Orville, I could never complain to this neighbor who is very tolerant of the traffic the other days of my show. His house is very high up a long hill driveway. It would be very inconvenient to walk down it and back up to move a car. Its just too much to ask on a week night. I just had to suck it up and try not to be mad. My viewing area is actually very good on my dead end street. Even with parked cars I am sure my viewing area is ok compared to other streets with moving traffic. The funny part to me is tonight I also had a party. About 20 people from my office were coming over together. I explained to them all to park 2 houses down the street if they were going to get out of their cars and it all worked out fine for the 90 minutes of their visit.
  4. My neighbor across the street used to tell me how my station was tuned in her laundry room so she could watch from there. No complaints from her, just concurring that sometimes a person may leave the radio on all the time. She has moved away now and the new people have never said anything negative about the show.
  5. but all of them are empty! Argh I hate that! My neighbor is having a party and didnt mention to his guests to not park on my side directly in front of my house. I dont even let cars with watching guests park there which blocks the view of the other cars. Someone tell me to chill !
  6. This one was a great challenge to sequence with many different beats and tempo changes. Sorry camera keeps showing glare.
  7. This week I had THREE geniuses in two days who somehow guessed there is a computer involved in running the show! I must try very hard to act like they are wise while secretly thinking other thoughts!
  8. This year I have already had two nights with my LED array out. 😞 Resetting trips off again the very moment I push it. I was short on time and did not use stakes to hold the plugs off the ground. Lessons learned with pain.
  9. No idea what you are talking about here.
  10. But JR... if you register from my link, then I get a second entry. If you really dont want the prize I will take it off of your hands.
  11. ME TOO ! Click the picture to be taken to iBuyPower and enter the contest to win a AMD Ryzen 2700X Game PC
  12. Sometimes the audio levels get reset to 100% after a reboot. Check your volume mixer to be sure you are not over driving the transmitter.
  13. This is the finished sequence with pixel mouth movements. For this one I made the eyes move right and left and the brows move up and down.
  14. oh no! I need more lights now!
  15. You say it broke before standing it up? Were you lifting it from the ground with the lights on it? I dont use a hole in the ground. Just a stake pounded into the ground which the pipe goes over. There is a board with a hole to spread the weight and a face plate.
  16. I am using 1" black steel pipe also. This is my second year for this pipe. Are you tightening the pipes with a coupler all the way in? Using two pipe wrenches?
  17. 20 ft is a nice tree. it can really get hit by wind. What diameter pipe? +1 jamills. Did you re-buy the same diameter as last year? Do you have guy wires in the middle or top? What is holding it at the base? I know someone who was able to transport a 20ft pipe so it had no coupling.
  18. Please if anyone has a bigger sign let me know so I can make a bigger one. 😁 16 x 150 3ft by 24ft The tune to is seen at about 40 seconds. This sign is on its own show computer. It displays the song name, tune to, parking, courtesy messages and guest created messages.
  19. Alan The filenames may be found in the registry like this.
  20. This video is from S4.. Sorry I see you are using S5 I dont know about that one.
  21. ah.. well. SE does not need any timings at .04 or .05. Just use paste by time and the clipboard will go in perfectly.
  22. This seems kinda mean to the OP. I suggest a new thread with a descriptive title would be better.
  23. Hi Denny There are two posts with the same question plus you asked me privately. I have now replied to all three. PapagayoToLOR does expire intentionally so everyone will be using the current version which you can obtain at my website. The problems you are having with a short duration .dat file are problems with using Papagayo itself which is not software written by me. Its old and buggy. Sounds to me like the .pgo is not set to 25FPS. This is CRITICAL and repeating CRITICAL. Your time sliding all the words around will be wasted if you dont confirm 25FPS before you start. Open your .pgo file with notepad (NOT WORD or other editor) The top three lines will look like this. Change the third line to be 25 if it is not and save. If you have to change it then all of your words will have to adjusted to match up. lipsync version 1 canon rock.wav 25 Hey ... I see this was my 3000th post in a little over 10 years.
  24. MiipClient support for additional commands has been released Craig. I sent you email with the details. My personal display does this kind of thing too. It uses the miip files to trigger other things to happen.
  25. https://www.gofundme.com/hhbfe2-save-the-lights
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