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  1. wait... are you doing the mouth movements? Everyone already has this TSO song sequenced.
  2. I will do the faces but... cant be on a deadline as the display tear down is higher on the list.
  3. Sent. I had not worked with that file since 2013! I had the PGO but the LMS was MIA. I had to rebuild it for you so its rough. There is are no lead in / trail out fades and some spots may need a rest mouth to look better. But I as say.. I dont want to hear this song ever again! Ditto JR. Please specify clearly if you want the mouth movements. I dont even say 'face' since I dont do the eye movements or face outlines. My display has RGB faces so I can only supply the mouth.
  4. The 1500 pixels on the roof will need a new home in the yard if I am able to angle a nice long P20 panel for the roof! I think I am ready to replace the 32 three color trees. They are spread over 55 feet and 1 foot high. Doing some fuzzy math... The roof sign is 16 by 150 pixels and apx 32 inches by 24 feet. Cutting that in half, I could make an 8 by 300 which would cover almost the same area as the trees, 16 inches high by 48 feet.
  5. My 10 year old was there to sing God Bless America with her choir. I HAD to go hear her at $10 each an $10 to park. So I was at least going to enjoy the lights. I am a paying member of Vimeo so that limit was not the issue. I was uploading from my phone away from wi-fi. Yeah that would have been better with a few more seconds.
  6. A few years ago? The kids still love this song! I have a request show which allows guests to pick. The Fox comes up WAY WAY more than I want it to. I have put a throttle on it keep it from playing so much. This one and Let it go just WONT DIE!
  7. Tonight I was at the St Louis Ambush soccer game. The marquee was the most interesting part for an hour. Closest I could get was 15 feet away. What is the size of each panel and pixel density? Seems to me to be about 7/8 of inch so P20? My roof would love to have some of these. It got interesting when the mascot (bushwacker) came running out with announcer saying he had free Pizza! After a long tour around and a fight with a kid, he ran over to us and handed the pizza to my daughter! Our family was on the jumbo tron! Then I had to go back to wondering if these panels are waterproof?
  8. Thanks for confirming Stephan. I think the DIO option will give you the required control. My relays were used for many momentary switches and after 5-6 years I noticed they occasionally would stick. At a flip a day they should last you.
  9. I think OP mentioned this is a static display. So yes, you just may be self confessed confused. He wants to switch his statics on at show start and off at the end. No music syncing. Seems to me he needs each channel to support 8-12 at the same time so all the static lights can be on for the duration of the evening. If using a DIO + RLY, it would be located near the panel, have 10 cords going in and 10 out, then continue as they have in the past to the non-blinking lights.
  10. Love the Nailed it plate!
  11. "Nailed it" is a baking challenge TV show which had this little riff in the opening. My wife and kids loved it and asked me to do it. It was a little hard to hard to find the mp3 as it is apparently not a widely distributed song. I did find a it on a band site for free download. I was unable to tell if it was a cover by another group but this is definitely the version used by the Nailed it show. The mp3 in the sequence was edited to make the song longer. It was short and irregular to me.
  12. Never knew... another side to JR!
  13. I purchased my DIO32 and relay boards in 2010. At the time, I was worried about sending less than 100% power to props with power packs, strobes, lasers. Now a regular AC controller can be set to supply only 0% or 100% I dont feel like I need the DIO anymore for AC. I am still using two relays to switch DC for the drip tubes.
  14. I am out of likes for today so a quote will have to do! Are boulders returnable if they are in the same condition as when purchased? 😵
  15. Love hearing about all these upgrades! Where are the pictures?
  16. Do you think 16 strands would fit inside of this 8 inch pipe? I am not so sure. My math. pow(4,2)*pi= 50 sqin / 16 = 1.77 sqin each.. which is a square 1 3/4 each side or a 2 inch diam circle for each strand. https://www.menards.com/main/plumbing/rough-plumbing/pipe-tubing-hoses-fittings-accessories/pvc-pipe/solid-core-pvc-belled-end-pipe-schedule-40/pvc09800b0600/p-1444426397432.htm
  17. The ribbons need a lot of TLC. I have 8 poles, 4 arches, and 4 in a matrix made of ribbons. They are all held to poles or Coro and have never been unmounted. It would be a lot of work to cut all those cable ties! The 4 in the coro matrix are from the very first CCR year and have never been replaced. The arches and poles I have had to replace three or four over 7 years. But... this thread is about the SQUARE pixels mounted in the black pixel strips. I think LOR sells the Boscoyo black strips which are the ones I have with one inch spaced 12mm mounting holes. I don't anticipate any issues with the pixels. Its the mounting plastic I want to protect in this case. While I consider this plastic to be very tough and strong material. This plastic 'remembers' being compressed or folded. It happened on a few strips which were rolled up and had a kink here and there, and it also happened on the mesh where something was putting stretching pressure on it for a few months. At those points the plastic did not drape the way I wanted hanging from the hook head. I have a long 30ft shed which will allow me to store the black pixel strips holding SQUARE pixels straight and flat all summer. But I have to build a box or shelf which I am thinking will take more than one afternoon just to keep other stuff from being placed on top of it and compressing it, giving it a kink.
  18. Oh man sorry this went haywire. I hope you were able to get things back to working without the new box. Maybe the new one can replace #4. It has happened to me a few times that the contact wires inside the jack get bent and may contact each other. I think this happens if you let your Cat5 touch the ground and it picks up some debris while you are rearranging the boxes. It's possible to push the debris into the jack. If you have a bright light and good eyes you can look inside and 'comb' the wires so they are straight with a tiny screwdriver. I actually use a metal t-pin on which I bend a little hook at the end. I know you said there is no blink at all and it was bypassing before that. It might be worth a try if family Christmas eve activities are not to much to juggle.
  19. Just curious.. This year I have 100 pixel strands for my pixel tree. I pushed them all into the black mounting strips in the summer. Then I rolled the strips up and put them into bins. When I pulled them out in November I was very disappointed that some of them were warped. They did not hang straight as they did when they first came. The gentle folds gave the black plastic a little 'memory' of being twisted for several months in storage. So.. does anyone keep their pixels strips straight all summer?
  20. Applying the color differential curve to the dichotic color chart below. It is intuitively obvious that complementary colors green and blue are present in equal amounts and do not have a position or rank. Therefore, being co-equal parts of the wheel, they do not submit to each other in the fashion delineated here.
  21. This has happened to me also. Twice my wife called me at work saying the show did not start. The LOR bulb was red! There is an elf playing games. I know of no reason the bulb would go red overnight but I dont think I did it.
  22. I am hijacking my own thread here. Last night there were two cars who left trash on the street. I don't know their names, but I remember speaking to both of them. One discarded a cigarette box and the other a large milk shake which ran down the street. I just cant figure people like this out.
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