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  1. I tried a few ways to share. But have been unable. You must declare you live with me to be on my family account.
  2. I have listened on and off to a few tracks. The one I with potential is Into the unknown - Panic at the Disco
  3. The soundtrack to Frozen 2 is out. Discuss on above thread
  4. This morning there was still ice on the roof. Spraying with the hose helped get that ice ready to be melted by the sun. Turned out to be a nice afternoon and I even took off my hat. I got all my roof work done on the mega tree.
  5. Sorry Dcroc I glanced right over where you said you were not inclined to do a repair yourself. Jr maybe you could snap in the new one using old solder. But didnt think that would work because I thought it would get stuck one pin before others and not be seated evenly. It did take some time with the improvised solder wick. But that made all the pin holes open for a good insert. LOR will certainly send you several jacks at no charge.
  6. These can be repaired at home. I did several in a few hours. Not too hard. https://vimeo.com/301412627
  7. I am not sure if this link will work for everyone. https://open.spotify.com/go?uri=spotify%3Atrack%3A61HVbcNeRACZpyvHrc3AnD%3Fcontext%3Dspotify%3Aalbum%3A4M07HWIlZr7zoXoxDHR5mz%26play%3Dtrue&redirect=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.spotify.com%2Fsignup%2F%3Fcreation_flow%3Dembed%26utm_source%3Dembed_v2%26utm_medium%3D%26utm_campaign%3D%26forward_url%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fopen.spotify.com%2Falbum%2F4M07HWIlZr7zoXoxDHR5mz
  8. This year I replaced the grey PVC arch with square aluminum tubing.
  9. We have had several days now with highs below freezing. It looks like the weekend will be 40s so I can get some work done, but the work day will be much shorter. I do still have several hours of work on the roof which is not safe when its wet or cold.
  10. I am looking into this now. I see you are on 5.3.10 which has different file extensions and is failing the verifier. It appears you are wanting to use mixed files, some old and some new. At the moment I am thinking MIIP will not support that but I will see what I can do for you. FYI I am not using S5 so I need to rely on testers to make adjustments.
  11. You dont need a group for this. Try AutoFlip matrix multiplier feature. Starting with one pixel for each feature, enter the number of pixels in each group. 4,5,62,1, Then save your clipboard using face-io If your starting point is not a pixel.. then you need to use a break out sequence to make it into pixels first.
  12. I suggest you consider a 'want to buy' request for used LOR pixels with controllers. There are many original CCR CCP CCB (100 pixels) out there which are being replaced by pixies. I have been very pleased with the used equipment I have purchased on the forum. PM me if you need some price history. Strip lights look great. But I want to caution a newbie they are very fragile. I suggest a fixed mounting where you can store the lights mounted and do not have to retie them.
  13. This year I put up a cemetery fence up to delineate the area which was safe. I noticed more kids than ever in the area with cords on the ground which is now inside the fence. Either the fence was an invitation to go around it so I might as well not use one. Or, I need an even bigger fence.
  14. SpEx will do it https://vimeo.com/307201135/f77e815314
  15. To echo my friends above. Adding networks is easy once you have a hub you can add more red adapters. At least three networks and four if able. I would put each pixie 16 on its own, then all other pixies, and finally the ac and cmb controllers. If you want to do three, put one pixie 16 with a pixie 8 instead of 3200 on one network.
  16. Great ! Please confirm its all good before importing to other sequences. If by chance you had CCR macro channels defined, your effects could be off by 7 channels for each controller.
  17. I know its too late for this year. But.. I had the same issue with matrix panel being made with holes for 24 or 48 but LOR has 50 or 100 pixels. I asked Boscoyo for a special cut with 50 holes and they miraculously said they already had these in stock but were not listed on the website. I did this two years in a row and they had the right spacing for immediate shipping both times. https://vimeo.com/244556392
  18. hey you quoted me Do I have to read all this now? Not sure I want to. Are you keeping the CCR ribbons? And adding 16 more ribbons? OR Dumping existing 16 CCR ribbons and want to use those effects from prior years sequences on the new DMX ribbons? IF your old sequences have 16 consecutive CCRs... what you do is add a pixcon 16 ABOVE the old CCRs. Then copy the effects from the 16 CCRs up to the new Ribbons. Then delete the 16 CCRS. Then export the config . Then import the config you just saved into your sequences
  19. I haven't been reading this one.. there are so many replies ! The busy season must be here.
  20. MichRX7 MIIP has all kinds of governors or throttles to prevent frequent repeats. You can limit how often a person can vote (set time between votes) limit how often a person can vote for the same song (set time between votes for a song) limit the hours a song can play limit how frequently a song can play (set min time between plays) I should say the entire point of MIIP is to allow the guests who are present to hear what they want. With miip you need to chill a little about the songs you want people to like. Personally I am SICK of Let it go which always gets a lot of votes. But the parents who bring little kids vote for it for them. So I use a kids show with Let it go available for the early hours and take that song out for the later hours.
  21. Thanksgiving and the Friday after are holidays off from work allowing me to setup. No matter how early or late thanksgiving is, I am not ready until the Sunday after thanksgiving. Maybe after I retire it will be different. When people ask about show dates I say 'Every day of December' which is easy to remember. But the show actually runs several days on both sides of December with varying levels of completeness. Many people request me to run on Saturday after TG so out of town visitors can see it. But I dont want the pressure of having a firm date which is a challenge to meet.
  22. This lengthy explanation does not say it requires a lot of memory. The max redos for pixel sequences should a very low 2 - 4 and turned off completely if you hit the stall and close without warning of SE. Important: SE does not remember you turned off undo between sessions. You must check it every time you open SE.
  23. Hey JR I didnt see where you mentioned that you looked at your undo settings. Dell created or not. I think checking them will reduce your pain.
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