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  1. Finally got around to editing this video on the 5mm strobes. I really liked the white which I mounted along the roofline. The blue seem dimmer and I am not so positive about them.
  2. Mine present for 19 minutes after a posting.
  3. I go thru a lot of ties. Mounting my LED strobes took over 2000! There was one for each bulb plus some extras on each of the 40 strands https://vimeo.com/280309439 I will be sticking with the old fashioned ties.
  4. Bhays post counts by year from history 2012-0 2013-2 2014-0 2015-1 2016-0 2017-0 2018-0 Did not reply to posts in 2009 or for the files in 2013. Chances are not so good.
  5. RW has a few options 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5 36" spacing 6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6 36" spacing 3-4-5-3-4-5-3-4-5-3-4-5-3-4-5 8" spacing I think the number of pixels should be higher. The peace family stake designs go up to 10 which I am thinking higher and therefore custom. Also I was thinking about connectors between each run.
  6. Jim I sent one of your drawings I doctored to RW for a quote on custom strands. I dont have the patience for all that soldering and sealing. (removed the comment as its not allowed)
  7. Denny If you need help with the slower not as good way (not!) let me know.
  8. I picked up some of these as a test from Boscoyo and they are very impressive. The 10mm coro is very strong and I like the pattern and way they are cut. I got the E option which is 10 bullet 1.5" apart. Today I noticed they have a new website and it looks very good and easier to navigate.
  9. Can someone post pictures of how this looks in practice? I too have been thinking about longer runs but I dont really like the idea of running two sets of wires and splicing to inject power. Where is the integrated five wire solution? For roof line mounting. If I need to inject at pixel 65... why is there no pre-fabricated strand which extends power (skipping over the pixels) to inject at the right spot?
  10. Clipboard flipper is now retired. The new guy, AutoFlip has taken the stage for all types of S4 and S5 Clipboard manipulation. Some people are wishing the old guy could work forever and have let me know. But it is time to let him rest and go on a vacation. If any of you have question on how to accomplish with AutoFlip the jobs which used to be done by Clipboard Flipper, please let me know. Bob-O
  11. Most of us have our own transmitters which reach just to the street in front of the house. We dont have the ability to blink lights to licensed radio stations with huge playlists. For a limited number of songs, the audio and lighting commands are sync'd ahead of time. When transmitting the audio, we send commands to the lights at the same time.
  12. Is my posting about taking down lights now off topic on this thread? Orv.. you and I are the same age and I am not an old geezer! Are you seriously complaining about florida 65 degrees while it's below freezing for a lot of us? Where was I? Oh yeah. Today I finally took down my mega tree, the last 400 pixels around the house, and my sign board. They have been playing every night. My wife and I love to see the lights on the house when its cold outside. For you Orv that means water is hard and slippery. The yard lights were put away weekend after new years. The temp made it up to 38 today so I felt I could go up on the ladder and roof safely. Yesterday was my younger daughters birthday so I scrolled HBD and her name on the sign for her and she really loved it. Problem is the next daughters birthday is in three weeks and she wants HER name to scroll on the sign.. NOT ! Too bad kid. You can get everything you want.
  13. All my shows are from a show PC. I have never used the director or the calendar. I am not too familiar with S5 options already available there. All of this is from an S4 perspective. The schedule editor is the tool which I find hard to use along with playing options. Situations which come up. Already mentioned by others... Someone is visiting before or after hours who wants to see 'the show' or possibly a particular song. Test the show or a song within the show before or after hours My options are.. 1) Turn off the schedule and start SOD of the planned show.. Now I have to remember to turn off SOD or the show runs all night and reenable the schedule 2) Turn off the schedule and turn on SOD for one song.. Oh right... I have not built a show file for each song and SOD requires a show. 3) Turn off the schedule and open SE to play the one song they want to see with control lights doh forgot to set loop at end so when I get back outside I have missed a minute and its not looping. More flexibility would be great Be able to run a SOD when schedule is enabled but is not active. Add end option to play until schedule starts. Be able to run SOD for a song or multiple songs without a show. Maybe a songless 'shell show' where the selected songs are added on the fly to the musical or animation section. Extend a running show by some amount of time without changing the schedule. (next week not impacted) Start a scheduled show early without changing the schedule. (next week not impacted) Schedule UI Save/Load schedules to pick which is being edited and which is active when enabled. Visible list of available shows with click or hover over content summary Drag a show from list and drop into the Schedule boxes Grab and slide start and end hours up or down Click to split a box into two or consolidate two adjacent into one copy paste a day into another day Extend or shorten a running scheduled show and player detects the change.
  14. How did you whip this out so fast? I have been thinking about this also but I want to repurpose LOR bullets which have four wires. Can you whip that out too?
  15. I have a very long storage area under the deck with a rain guard over head to keep it mostly dry. I have the tubes now. But I still have not taken down the pixel tree because it has been snowy/rainy and cold. But.. I have been lighting it every night.
  16. Thanks guys I already placed the order for two twelve foot 8 inch diam sonotubes from Menards. $20 each which is not much more than the four foot ones. Much cheaper and lighter than the pipe. The PVC pipe was extremely heavy and would have been hard to position and store with the pixels in it.
  17. Right, no need for the holes...what I am looking for is pipe larger than 4 inch diameter. I have found some > $1k water pipe which is WAY too expensive. The white/black with holes, largest largest around here is 4inch. Same for OH.
  18. I think Randy has the winning idea! A product which can be found on a website and available locally. Much cheaper than the stiff water pipes of smaller diameter. Lowes does not appear to list the 12 foot length but menards does which is my preferred anyway.
  19. Thank you Jim for being the first to say your strips dont all hang straight. Maybe your attribution to position is what I should be looking at as a bigger contributor to the twisting I see on mine. I can see minor 'fold lines' which I have assigned to blame to so far.
  20. Its not available anywhere! If you think it is.. post the link for EIGHT INCH DIAMETER pipe. The four inch diameter which is eight feet long is available everywhere. I would not need help with that. Please give me some credit for being smart enough to shop.
  21. Around here I have only seen that in 4 inch diam.. checking internet for it.
  22. Everything is down but the pixel tree and I am still trying to figure this out. Lowes did not have large diam pipe. The plumbing supply stores are not open weekends. doh
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