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  1. Thank you LOR John for posting this.    Trying to clarify.   The CCR II ribbon also has the slow component?   And the pixie (all port count) does not do the intensity mixing to support smoother fades. 

    Last year I purchased a CCR II (two ribbons)  for testing.   I used it in my office display,  not my main show.    When attempting slow smooth color transitions it did seem like the colors did not rotate as smoothly as my memory of the old CCR,  but I didnt have them side by side.   

  2. What are you guys talking about?  If someone is mad and doesn't want me around, they can go somewhere else.     My wife likes discovering I spent money so she can then spend money on her stuff,  its only fair.   


  3. 3 minutes ago, dgrant said:

    Related question, The red RS485 high speed to USB adapters...will they work with the older professional controllers, metal enclosures?

    Yes  they will.      But that does not mean older controllers will run at the higher speeds.     If you want to use a higher speed..all the controllers connected to the red RS485 must support that speed.    

  4. I have not seen any of the errors mentioned here.  My links stay with me no matter where I am logged in from.      

    The search results are not related to any formatting issues on the site.    Try   lightorama forum  instead of light o rama fourm

  5. 36 minutes ago, Orville said:

    "Please keep your radio to a low volume level, this is so not to disturb our neighbors, not doing so will get you a visit from our local Security Officer who will tell you to turn it down, if you do not comply, he will ask you to leave the property.  If you do not comply with that request, he will get local law enforcement involved, and no one wants that.  Thank you for complying.  On with the show." 

    When I can hear the music inside my house I think neighbors can too.   I just dial down the volume at show computer to off until they drive away.   A few times years ago, when there was a loud car, I played a recorded message but the words weren't as threatening as yours. 

    But back to the OP.   Buy a transmitter if you are worried about complaints.

  6. I am moving forward with a custom design which has 10 pixels in a group.  This will allow me to have a variable number of pixels in a set.   If any set of 10 fails, I can replace those in the middle.   

    Please PM me if you are interested in this custom design. 

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