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  1. Are you trying the firmware update one at a time? I would guess not since you would have stopped at the first firmware failure. Plug the cat5 from the PC directly into the first failed ccr controller and the other jack empty. Try the firmware update again. If you give up.. don't throw them away I will take them!
  2. I dont upload to youtube. All my videos are on vimeo and all are marked private so they are not found by searches. They are only seen by people who see a posted link.
  3. That product faded away in 1994!
  4. Are you saying you this happens with all file saves? I thought you were talking about within SE. If you cant save any file at all that is a different thing. Maybe try saving to a usb stick.
  5. You can upload to dropbox or some other host and send me the link. or you can zip it and send me the zipped file via email.
  6. Please send me a broken file you are unable to save. Itsmebobo@ yahoo.com
  7. Of course I was inviting discussion about using the chewed cord. The covers however are not upside down. They are the only mountable position which is usable. Unless you are 6 inches tall, when the outlet is close to the ground you cant see under them to plug cords in or see the indicator lights.
  8. Many types of strobes has been part of my display. I do like the white in this video but I dont like the blue which are much dimmer. These 5mm are wrapped to make them very close together with halogens below. I dont like the LED globe strobes. Not nearly bright enough by 10. Dont believe it when you are told they are just as bright. Some blink once a second and other 3-4 blinks a second. More blinks better.
  9. Right side near bottom. That is a lot of chewing. I only find damage on the ground wire so will continue to use this one.
  10. No not related to file size. If you are hearing a crackle on headphones I would think its the audio output jack.
  11. try turning down the volume to your FM transmitter. Mute everything else.
  12. Autoflip works the same for S4 and S5. https://vimeo.com/254073093 1) Have Autoflip open ( its waiting for you to save a clipboard) 2) Save a clipboard with an instruction in the name. (end in -ho for a horizontal flip) 3) Open clipboard selector to see new clipboard (new one end -hf) 4) Select the clipboard to paste with it (usually by time, both both)
  13. Verify all the adapters in your network preferences are connected. I have noticed in the past everything would seem to freeze up when any were not present.
  14. The old CCR macro channels work like this. Resolution means "how many pixels control 50?" 50 controlling 50 is normal which means you are not multiplying at all. The macros were never upgraded to work for strings longer than 50. And S5 does not preview macros. I have used them extensively in S4 so this is a barrier for me to move to S5. If you set the resolution to 1 that means the first pixel in your sequence will control all 50 pixels on the lights. This is a short cut: when your want your entire string to be white.. you set pixel 1 white and resolution to 1. Setting resolution to 2 means first 2 pixels of the sequence control first 25 and second 25. My friend JR refers to resolution in HWU. In your sequence you do not need to specify 50 in resolution all the time to control 50 pixels of string with 50 pixels in your sequence. You just leave it blank/zero. The HWU value is used when the sequence does not have a value which is a good multiplier. Blank/Zero is not a good multiplier so 50 takes its place. The only possible values which work in sequence and in HWU are Resolution 1 controls 1 group of 50 using pixel 1 in the sequence Resolution 2 controls 2 groups of 25 using pixels 1-2 in the sequence Resolution 5 controls 5 groups of 10 using pixels 1-5 in the sequence Resolution 10 controls 10 groups of 5 using pixels 1-10 in the sequence Resolution 16 controls 16 groups of 3 using pixels 1-16 in the sequence (end groups are one long) Resolution 17 controls 17 groups of 3 using pixels 1-17 in the sequence (center group is one short) Resolution 25 controls 25 groups of 2 using pixels 1-25 in the sequence Resolution 50 controls 50 pixels using pixels 1-50 in the sequence This S4 sequence, still in use, is about 7 years old. It has resolution 1 and moving blocks of pixels. How this macro looks is here in a really old video https://vimeo.com/96427319
  15. I agree with my friends on using a schedule with planned dark time. Even people who are aware of the schedule and plan well will either arrive early and wait around or arrive a few minutes late missing the beginning. At my job we would call this customer friction. It seems to me this would cause traffic to bunch up and discourage people from coming.
  16. Oh yeah Those sharp edges on zip tie tails can really hurt you. This year I planted some props further apart than before and now several of the wire bundles are a few inches short.. I hate that
  17. Bundles of wire from SPT and vampire plugs is the way to go. I used to have the various sizes of extension cords 3 6 9 12 15 foot and organize and inventory them so I could find a 9 foot when I needed one. The bundles are much better. Be sure to label them. A year in the shed makes it easy to forget which is for what. Since going to pixels the need for these is going down.
  18. Firmware upgrades will not fix this problem. Sorry you are frustrated. So you will only have ONE network and need to fix your config to be all on Regular network. The CMB24D gets just one controller number. Since you have a single network, you are using the HWU correctly by daisy chaining them all together. You should see all of the controllers. Make sure the max controllers in the upper right is over your highest. Did you open up Device manager as I suggested earlier? You need to confirm you are selecting the correct com port. If HWU does not find all of the controllers you need to eliminate sources of error one by one. You could have a bad cable or bad jack. Rearrange the controllers to put different ones in the first position. Take careful note of which are found and see if they are the first ones in the chain. Maybe you could try each one, one at a time. If its, found switch to the other jack and make sure it is found on both jacks. Then test your cables by moving each one to the first position until you find which cable or jack is breaking the chain.
  19. When you plan to use multiple networks, that means you have an adapter (like RS485) for each network. The hardware utility can only identify controllers for one network at a time. If you have all of them (01-0d) daisy chained together, the hardware utility should find them all. But it sounds like you want to split out the CCRs to their own network. To test that in the hardware utility, select the COM port associated with the RS485 you will be using for them. I like the way you are doing your numbers with each controller having a unique number but still on two networks. I feel that if you do in the future want to move controllers between networks, you dont have to renumber the controllers. You could if you want resuse controller numbers but I dont think you should since so many are available. Tips always check Device Manager to see your connected com ports. MARK your RS485 with the assigned com port. (If you changed computers it will cause a new number to be assigned) Finally be sure to add comments to your network settings to remind you what you have on a network. As to the question of why you dont see them all in HWU,. That seems to me to be a problem with the cable or jack after the last found device.
  20. Before going over the sequencing steps, have you performed any tests to verify the strips are working end to end? Are you using a new sequence on them?
  21. I have to break it to you the tracks are gone from the sequences. The process you explain will make it very easy to lose your work. Changing the config (adding a track) to a song which is intended just for that song will mean you can then never import a config for that song. If last year, you added a controller and imported a common config it would wipe the tracks to look like the sequence the config was made from. Hopefully you have some backups you can refer to which may have the tracks. Here is what I do.. I have a particular song I always make config changes to. Every time a change is made I also change the name of Track 1. Like "V7 moved tree to controller 06" and export the config. When working a sequence I can see on the top line its on V6. I will import it and see at the very top it is now on V7.
  22. So you customize the config for EACH song. You dont use import config at all? I am a big track user having around 20. But every single song has the same arrangement of tracks because I make changes to a track on a sequence then export it. Then import that exported config into every song so each has the same config. Import config will replace the tracks but you wont lose any of the effects. if you did an import config in 2018 and played the song, you would not notice any visualization or on the actual lights to be missing. It would play just fine without the tracks you used to create an effect. As you know, a track is just rearrangement of the channels in track one so deleting the track would not lose any blinks.
  23. I am getting confused. How can they all have 2 or 3 and all be the same config? Have you done an import config on any of them lately?
  24. There must be at least one. Are you using version 4.4.4 ? I dont see how they could be removed. Do you have older versions or backups you can compare to?
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