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  1. ItsMeBobO

    Inverse Function Button

    Please post some pictures. I think this manipulation could be done as a mode of AutoFlip . Are you doing this exclusively on regular channels?
  2. ItsMeBobO

    Pixel tools Stacked letters

    Today I have released a change to the Marquee tool which will now stack the letters of your message vertically to fit in a tall matrix. There are many options for you to find just the right font and size to look good on your matrix. I forgot to mention in the video that you can adjust the line spacing of the stacked letters to suit your need.
  3. My guess would be there are only a few people named John Robertson on this forum. If you are short on funds, I suggest eBay to get some money for the plaque and hire someone with that cash to sequence. Getting a hit on someone who wants the plaque and has time to sequence right now is low probability. Esp if there is less than 100% chance of getting paid.
  4. ItsMeBobO

    CCR Tree Down

    Sorry about your tree. This kind of thing is so difficult to deal with. I hope you recover quickly. Last year my center pole was only 14 ft of 1 inch threaded black pipe with a threaded coupling in the middle of 10ft and 4ft pipes. Mine is a 180 tree which leans against and is attached to the house at about the 9 ft height. I think its pretty securely attached to the house but this is just for horizontal movement. Just the weight of it holds it down with no guy wires. I drive a metal stake into the ground and slip it over. This year I bought longer 100 pixel strings (which will be closer together) so I have to make the pole 6ft taller at 20ft. I plan only two guy wires at the top which will also be attached to the house. No hole digging or weight is planned. I admit some day-mares of wind pulling the front of the house off! My wife would not be happy with that.
  5. ItsMeBobO

    The Greatest Showman

    This site doesn't have a LMGTFY button so I went with a reaction.
  6. This is two voices, Hugh and Zac. The background is all generated. You will need to add in your own props to complete this sequence. You know the other stuff, buy your own music and dont sell others work. I will send to those asking but please be patient if it takes a day or two.
  7. Way back in 2006 or around there I was up in a ladder hanging a ghost which had a motor and moved back and forth. Two houses down was a lady who seemed semi interested in my display but I am not sure if it was admiration or pumping me for reasons to make fun of me to her friends. Anyway I hear her shout loudly "ANOTHER ONE" with some exasperation in her voice as she comes walking over. Just then the lady in the house between ours comes to the sidewalk with her newborn baby and proudly begins talking about her. But I am sure the shouter was talking about another prop in a yard full of them and not a new kid on the street.
  8. ItsMeBobO

    Worst customer service ever!

    My Wifes sun visor on her mazda would no longer hold its position and was flopping down. July 2018 range. It had a built in mirror and light and the local dealer wanted $300 installed. Internet search on! I found the part varied in price from 120 something to 180 I think.. I picked a dealer who had a very nice website for $128 Plus $12 shipping. Turns out they had to order the part from somewhere. 10 days later I got an email saying the part had arrived at their warehouse in Texas and I could pick it up which is weird since they charged me for shipping. I tried to contact via email... Bounce! The response said I had to use the web form. No word for the next week. Then I went to the fancy website and got a phone number which it turns out was no longer is service ! Panic and check paypal. Already paid and no part. Dispute! This part is unbelievable. The response said it had already been shipped to me and gave a tracking number. I am certain the scammer just pasted in a random tracker since this I tracked it down to an address in Texas while I am in Missouri. Interestingly the paypal dispute contact numbers were the email which didnt accept emails and the phone number which didnt accept calls! This dropped my opinion of PayPal substantially. There were a series of back and forth and on each I refered to my order number which had the address and gave my street address and phone. After several not my fault dodges the guy says he will send another one if I provide my address. Just another way to dodge so he can say he didnt know where to send it later on. Finally he says he will send another 'Tomorrow' which is weird since I know they dont stock the item and have to order it from a Mazda warehouse. Finally SIX WEEKS after I paid for the item it arrived and to my surprise it was the correct item and fit perfectly. I was forced to drop my dispute but I was unable to get a peep out of paypal who allowed a vendor to accept money with invalid contact information. This is an example of bad customer service.
  9. ItsMeBobO

    2018 "Hot" songs, anyone have ideas ??

    Anything else "HOT" ? BS DooDoo DooDoo doesn't rise to that status. I have almost all of my planned sequencing done and have upgraded all of last years songs to include a new 1600 pixel tree.
  10. Do you have the visualization for the drummer incorporated in your main one?
  11. This is my original work which has the mouth movements, bass beats, the horn, and the claps.
  12. ItsMeBobO

    BE 01 Network Preferences

    http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.2/LORRegistryWipe.exe http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.34/LORRegistryWipe.exe
  13. ItsMeBobO

    Forum Jargon

    Your expert descriptions of the undesirable remind me of the first 20 seconds of this famous clip. In other words, your expertise is not necessarily something to boast about.
  14. ItsMeBobO

    Forum Jargon

    This may need some content editing to better convey the meaning for beginners.
  15. ItsMeBobO

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    Interesting I so want to try this but. My street light is in the middle of our cul-du-sac with buried wires. There is no accessible electric out there and running it would cross traffic. That is why I was thinking about a switch to cut power. A battery LED maybe but it would be on all the time.
  16. ItsMeBobO

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    You got me. I have been wanting to do this for years but have taken no action. This year I have the email saying subdivision is raising assessment due to higher cost of street lights. I just want to help them with one less light to pay for. I just found this article which mentions several cites around me using the same electric company. I now feel it would be impossible to get a switch or timer installed. https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/cities-take-on-ameren-missouri-over-streetlight-policy/article_1eea77b1-dcb7-55e7-8bf4-20c63a7f331a.html
  17. ItsMeBobO

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    My sub-division had the lights and was paying for them before we were annexed by vote into the city. The city did not however want to pay for the lights since we were already paying for them. I dont understand government because we dont get a lights break on our taxes. We got to be on the city trash service however. Please someone send me some nerve to ask my HOA about a switch to shut this power hog light off in front of my house.
  18. ItsMeBobO

    NOOOOOOOO, not street lights!!!!!

    Agree! There is a bright light in the center of my cul-du-sac viewing area which shines on my house casting shadows of trees and washing out the colors. Another right in front of my next door neighbors house. My HOA has been whining about the cost of electricity for these and is raising the fees saying electricity is their biggest expense. I have been thinking about asking the HOA if a switch could be installed in addition to the dusk to dawn sensor. This will save electricity costs if I or someone could shut it off when the area is illuminated by my show. Maybe you could ask for yours to be staggered but none directly in front of your house. This was your 2500th post Mr P
  19. ItsMeBobO

    Load Clipboard File in S5

    Did you save the clipboard file.lcb into the clipboards folder? <your path> Light-O-Rama\Clipboards If you see the file there you just click on it to make it the active clipboard.
  20. How did this look in your visualiser or Preview?
  21. ItsMeBobO

    LOR Forums *Member Down*

    You can see profile for Jerry72 here and recent posts to remind you.
  22. Never heard of SkyCraft. We dont have them around here.
  23. If you want fast and cheap...it won't be that good. If you want fast and good... it won't be that cheap If you want good and cheap... it won't be that fast If you want fast, cheap and good... it will be hard to find...meaning it won't be fast or easy.
  24. ItsMeBobO

    need to wipe the old 4.3.34 out of computer

    http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.34/LORRegistyWipe.exe MISSING R Does not DL the file http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.34/LORRegistryWipe.exe This one does. Also you will notice the file exists for all versions. Sub in /4.3.26/ or /4.3.24/ and the file is there also.
  25. ItsMeBobO

    Adding Text

    Linking to post about tools to create text effects \