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  1. This lengthy explanation does not say it requires a lot of memory. The max redos for pixel sequences should a very low 2 - 4 and turned off completely if you hit the stall and close without warning of SE. Important: SE does not remember you turned off undo between sessions. You must check it every time you open SE.
  2. Hey JR I didnt see where you mentioned that you looked at your undo settings. Dell created or not. I think checking them will reduce your pain.
  3. Turn off your undo when pasting entire sections into a large sequence. Use task manager to monitor memory use. When LORSequenceEditor is using 2000MB, I suggest a save which should reduce to under 600. When it hits 3200 it will lock up.
  4. So sorry to hear that happened to you. I learned this lesson long ago. So now I protect my sequencing efforts by never going to California! There are many free download sites to be found. If you are looking for a gem that is hard to find you could say the type and number of controllers.
  5. You are being a little snarky today Orv. Just like like the day of month Thanksgiving is on moves, the show schedule moves with it. Since I don't set out any Christmas props until after Halloween, the set up start moves. The number of show days moves also as I take mine down the first Saturday or Sunday after New years eve. (First day not at work) This year there are 6 more setup days and 6 fewer show days than last year.
  6. Are Frozen II songs already released? The published release date is Nov 22nd.
  7. Pixel packing like this is not supported very well. I will create it for you. hold tight, it will take a couple hours.
  8. Use the features of SS if you are able. I thought you were trying to rotate an SE S4 sequence without having the source SS program. interSEction requires you to create quick configs in vegomatic. Takes 30 seconds to define two with controllers on different sides. Then select those two as the ones to intersect. The output of intersect is a sequence config which is used to paste into one track and clip from the other and then paste that into your target sequence rotated.
  9. There are no Pixels known to me which have the same size as mini lights. I guess you could drill the holes larger if they are not too close together. Bullet style pixels need a 12mm hole.
  10. For text, it is hard to form legible letters with just a few rows. I would say the minimum is 8 rows if you find a font without descenders like on lowercase p j y q . If you are ok with using all uppercase letters PJYQ will look better. I have made matrix out of every pixel type and still use my first tiny ribbon matrix which is made of four ribbons, 10 x 20 pixels about 4 feet by 5 feet. It was cool before LOR offered bullet pixels. Now I really like the 12v square pixel, 800 to 1600 spaced 2 inches apart in both directions. Some people have great success with p10 or p5 panels for signs. My sign here.
  11. Awesome! Yes you can. Use AutoFlip with the r option which means 'regular multiply' using 2 in the box. This will duplicate each pixel making it two channels. You can then paste that into the new 100 pixel circles.
  12. To fix up .lee files you may want to try SharpIn Or if you want to send me the .lee I will adjust it for you.
  13. It was hard to get to the end of this one. I got bored at about 6 minutes of the 9. The first two numbers were pretty good. Too long for my show.
  14. A big production like this doesnt even know that the song says what Frosty looks like? Frosty the snowman Was a jolly happy soul With a corn-cob pipe And a button nose And two eyes made out of coal
  15. You can search members locations here http://forums.lightorama.com/search/ Select the members tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. This presumes members have entered their city or metro area. If you enter yours DJ Itchy then others can find you.
  16. Thanks for the heads up Phil. I cant say I have tried S5 since last fall so I am not able to follow the changes being made that well just skimming this.. I am thinking that miip versions will be able to keep up if we are just talking about changes to file extensions and folder locations. Miip is already LOR version aware so it should be able to create the correct show file for the version installed. When the format of the .lss changes or is replaced altogether, miip may need time to recover for people on newer versions of S5.
  17. You can get a momentary switch with NO/NC like this. So the moment of release would trigger the sequence. And it would continue until you pressed and held it. You may want a panel with multiple labeled buttons so the actor can trigger the appropriate sequence at the moment it is needed?
  18. I will be doing Laura Branigan Gloria for the St Louis Blues fans. Its from 1982 I think not a hot new hit.
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