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  1. Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    sent to all.
  2. Not able to have display

    Sorry for your troubles Doug. I am a landlord too. My wife, the landlady, has a lot of say about how to manage the property. They should have allowed you to take your possessions.
  3. Now Sharing ~ Oh Yeah ~ singing faces

    May I take a look please? itsmebobo @yahoo.com Is anyone sharing a version of Yellow Oh Yeah for 80 plus channels? I am looking for some cool effects for this very complex song to go along with the mouth movements.
  4. Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    sent to all via pm
  5. Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    Sent to both.
  6. This is my original work which has the mouth movements, bass beats, the horn, and the claps.
  7. Command Line for running a sequence?

    Hey Carsten There is no direct way which has been discovered and LOR aint telling. But we have figured out some tricks. Create a test show file.lss with no songs in it and you will see it looks something like this. "((0,1,2,0,,,T,F,F),(0,1,2,0,,,T,F,F),(1,0,1,0,,(^),T,F,F),(0,1,2,0,,,T,F,F),,(2,0,1,0,,,T,F,F),, 0,,F)" Use it as your template to insert sequences. Replace the "^" with the sequence file name. The show player detects when the playing show file has changed. It will do a graceful shutdown and restart with the newly changed file having the next song in it., Miip does this for you and creates a skinable website for you which shows your playlist and which is playing now.
  8. Command Line for running a sequence?

    Miip install is back up. This is a registration application. You must send me email and ask for the four letter/number site code you want. Latest version http://miip.mobi/install/index.html currently MUST use IE to install. After that you can use any browser. This year I added the ability to have an opening and closing song for a scheduled show. You can also add background .las files to play. There are new secret passwords which allow you to bump a song or announcement up or down without voting for it.
  9. Sequencing faces.

    Hey Carl The papagayo converter program does work to create a good clipboard. Sometimes the parameters are hard because everyone has a different arrangement of lights. There are three videos linked on my down load page in case you missed them. Please post or message me a screen snap of your parameters and I can get you rolling. Bob-O
  10. Hallelujah Christmas - Cloverton

    My audio is still intact on Vimeo. But I dropped the last four of the ten verses. This piano piece has a very obvious left hand and right hand which are captured in the front light array.
  11. Hallelujah Christmas - Cloverton

    This was hot a few years ago before Pentatonix released their version with the original words. The original Cloverton video (without the word parody) was taken down from youtube I presume over copyright. The problem with this one is the music can not be purchased anywhere.
  12. channel "reconfiguering"

    Those who are using S4 and wish to change matrix sizes can use the program interSEction. https://vimeo.com/178278908
  13. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    This is the camera model. Not me!
  14. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    The Eclipse has been keeping me busy for many weeks while I planned a huge family gathering. The moons shadow passed right over my house and the family farm. I have posted two videos which are both the same content but rendered using different codecs. The first one shows the 360 degrees all at once. The second you must use your mouse to slide around and see the part you want. If you were wearing a Virtual Reality headset this would be like turning your head to see the action. Hopefully there are no more big distractions for the rest of the year. Now back to light business.
  15. Advertising In The Show?

    googling this did result in many articles. The prominent ones were about unhappy neighbors, GCLF and the city going after them for being a carnival like nuisance due to crowds. After considerable expense to both sides, the city lost its case allowing the show to go on. No one would want to go through what they did. I also would advise against the advertising sign. But it seems from my quick read the Hyatt display lawsuit was about size more than affiliation with business or signs or commercial music.