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  1. ItsMeBobO

    started setting up this weekend

    For me, this is the worst year in the last 10 for set up weather. We had snow which took two days to melt preventing work on the roof and grass. The forecast looks good for tomorrow but thursday 90% rain. I feel better knowing at least you are in setup weather nirvana 🤥.
  2. ItsMeBobO

    started setting up this weekend

    This cold weather has been killing my enthusiasm. Today is another misty cold day where its not getting above freezing until 11am.
  3. ItsMeBobO

    Accidentally mixed Smart Pixel Strips

    Just switch the wires
  4. ItsMeBobO

    Speakers and FM transmitter

    +1 Phil In addition you should be muting anything else which could make a sound on your show computer.
  5. ItsMeBobO

    can you split the cat 5 plug

    You can buy another rs485 to have another starting point. If you have one which is far away you can make that the last one. Or just get additional cat5, it is not expensive.
  6. Can they be set up within 1000 feet of a school?
  7. ItsMeBobO

    Newb in Colorado

    Welcome Marc Starting with one or a few AC controllers will get you used to the concepts. Expanding is natural if you like it. 10 years I think..one controller to forty something.
  8. ItsMeBobO

    Going Dark in 2019

    Awesome spiral trees Earle. I remember seeing videos several years ago and appreciating the work and art and talent that went into them. We and your neighbors are going to miss your beautiful display.
  9. ItsMeBobO

    Network jack repair

    Two different types of these splitters were tried and neither of them worked for me. By far the easier solution. I may order one just to have on hand for the next unexpected jack break.
  10. ItsMeBobO

    Network jack repair

    Last season I broke network jacks on three controllers. Which meant I could not daisy chain them and it was brutal figuring out how to split my controllers across networks with the broken ones on the end. LOR provided replacement jacks to get me started. This completely unprofessional video is my learn as you go repair adventure.
  11. ItsMeBobO

    Chop Chop Chop

    You should be using the high speed RED adaptor and I suggest it be on a network by itself. The old one can continue to be used for the other controllers.
  12. ItsMeBobO

    Burl Ives Grinch

    Which song are you looking for? The original Grinch was sung by Thurl Ravenscroft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuhpkJprfhU
  13. ItsMeBobO


    The little popup showing what others purchased is seen on other websites like this one. https://getkeysmart.io/offer-01/?guu=13224c6d-ab25-450c-95bb-04a01df686f6&gucurrency=usd&gucountry=us&gulanguage=en&lpid=614&utm_source=3658&utm_medium=10012&utm_term=28186&utm_content=1101&utm_campaign=GU&aff_id=3658&camp_id=28186&sub_id=10012&req_id=337536559&contract_id=729&oid=496&guvertical=42
  14. ItsMeBobO

    Please help, baby shark