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  1. 2107 Chistmas Videos Posted

    Where are you hiding the Delorian?
  2. AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    Version 1.0.0 of AutoFlip has been released. The software download page now has both the S4 & S5 versions. http://itsmebob.com/SD.html
  3. Sequencing CCR's in SE with Channels 151-157

    The macro channels can be a great help to create some effects. You are not locked into the way the manual describes them. You can delete them or just never create them and you wont miss them. If needed you can add them later. If you are using them for any kind of matrix you should really consider moving them all together to a group instead of at the end of the 50 pixels they will control. If people are interested I can do a live meeting on this topic.
  4. AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    There have been no bug reports or feature requests from the dozen of you who have downloaded AutoFlip. Please message me or post any comments here. The Beta release of AutoFlip has about another week before it expires. After that I will release version 1.0 and a new video.
  5. AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    Thanks Dan for posting on this thread. We appreciate you letting us know you are listening. For this particular topic of Pasting effects flipped from how they were copied, I hope its ok to presume you all know about it now. The older version of this tool ClipboardFlipper has been around for 6 years and I can estimate the downloads at about 250-300 per year. Very old threads about how it came to be are here and here and they include posts to load up the wishlist with requests. Not to ride you too hard Dan.. but you commented on flipping in spring 2011 and said then that it was on the wishlist.
  6. AutoFlip clipboard tool for S5

    You guys are very nice to say that but I don't desire an offer like that. Flipping is not that complex a task. LOR dev team could implement it in their own way without any help from me if it was seen as valuable and were prioritized. I believe it should be part of sequencer and SE as a paste option. "Paste flipped Horizontal" & "Paste flipped Vertical" could be in the floating context menu.
  7. Introducing AutoFlip clipboard flipping tool for S5. This is a replacement for Clipboard Flipper which is still in use for S3 & S4 clipboard file formats. AutoFlip is still in Beta Release. It has been tested and all reported issues have been fixed. Please PM me or post here if you wish. This program watches in the background for new clipboards which you want to flip and generates the flipped clipboard without leaving the Sequencer and without clicking any buttons. AutoFlip can be downloaded here.
  8. 40 days

    We have missed you Orville ! I watched every episode of your tv show. I agree there are dates like 3 kings to hold the show open for. Maybe it wasn't clear in my original post. This year I was having a little trouble smiling as I did for the entire month of december at all the wacky and funny comments people make. While I did tell them sorry and come in December next year, I really was silently thinking something else. My darker thoughts did not break through to them but they did here.
  9. 16 x 75 pixel tree in SE visualizer?

    Doug This question is one I would want to verify using S4. I am not wanting to install S5 because I cant use both at the same time.
  10. The same ol, same ol GFCI tripping issue

    Thats a lot of determination to keep the show powered. Cant say i agree with where the fix effort was focused. I am happy to report that this year i had zero incans and zero gfci issues.
  11. Neighbors

    Are you sure the seal is intact?
  12. 40 days

    Today I was tearing down the props after a 40 day run. I was still working at sunset and over the next hour three cars came by. I spoke with two of them and both said they had seen the lights in prior years but not this year. Too busy, blah blah, wanted to see before I turned them off. I am having a little trouble caring about these post season guests. For the last few years I have stated pretty clearly on all the places I post about the show that it is open every day in December. No promises for November or January. How do you handle disappointed guests for whom its not important enough to come in December and act short changed when the show is not running in January?
  13. audio distortion only in a show

    It is a habit for me to have the volume mixer up at all times. You must mute other sounds or they will be heard. My transmitter is very garbled at anything above 50%. Some songs worse than others. This year all was working great 20%. Every third day the LOR monitor would jump back up to 100% and sound quality would crash. Keeping volume mixer open gives me visual confirmation. I believe this is caused by the 'show player memory restarts' option which I have turned on.
  14. Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    The finished sequence. I videoed this around 1am from the middle of the street. A police officer drove by so I was forced to change position.
  15. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Thank you for sharing. This is what I arranged from your pixel work. A great addition to the show.