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  1. This show owner is seriously committed or needs to be. There are holes drilled in the walls for the phone line, the cable tv and internet. And also holes drilled for light show Cat5 which is an important utility like the others.
  2. Welcome fellow Missouri resident. If you live near St Louis please feel free to buzz me and I can show you my gear. I may be able to loan you spares to do a proof of concept. Bob-O
  3. The tiny images have been missing for a few days. I have not seen anyone mention it.
  4. Miip has an actual installer and notifies the user when a new version is available! The others are just executables. What are you needing miip to do which it doesn't already? ;-P Last year and this year there are many upgrades to the MIIP companion software I call Scroller. It generates non-musical sequences from scratch to display on pixel signs.
  5. Today I have advanced the expire dates on five S4 pixel tools to October 2022. AutoFlip SpEX Marquee SharpIn PapagayoToLOR As always, message me if you are running into problems with any of them.
  6. Two kids doing school from home. Both parents working from home. The every fourth year news cycle keeps pinging me over and over. Gotta shut this all out and get stuff done!
  7. Welcome AZ Grizwolds! I am never the first responder but somehow it worked out that way this time. That is one awesome static display! You have what it takes to animate, no question about that. There are many ways to do everything you mention. But it does take planning time and a budget. Yes you will need a PC but two would be better! A smaller one dedicated to running your show and a better one for sequencing. Many people use a single one. But you cant correct a sequence or check it while the show is running. The larger your show the more need there is for a se
  8. What kind of strobes are you looking at? I have purchased various kinds. Some are terrible. But for all of them you dont need to do any rapid power flipping in the sequence, just on for duration of the strobe effect then off.
  9. Would be nice to have one of these right now.
  10. This thread got zero attention. It seems I am alone in embracing the pixel macro's. Honestly I loved them and they were used in every song. Even tho no one cares, I wanted to close out this chapter and report that I spent the last six months removing the macros from my sequence collection. All of them are macro free now except for two I decided to drop from the show. This involved a LOT of copying and replicating to simulate the auto replicate the macros did on the fly. My sequences are now much bigger. But my config is smaller/simpler since 10 of my 22 tracks were dedicated ma
  11. The 10 watt wont blind anyone so I have my 16 directed at the guests. The 50 I use as an up light pointed up into the tree branches. Wasn't enough so this year I bought three more 50s. In this video the 50 is mounted on the left tree at curb and directed at the right tree in yard to light the branches.
  12. You have my interest. But I would have to see more about the capabilities for this exact model and its current new cost.
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