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  1. You are right b) specify second, would cover a) and c) & d) if the knowledge of when to run is completely stored in the sequence. But.... if you were using a shared command which was set to 5 seconds before the end.. it would work for any song. This would mean the knowledge of when to run relative to the start or end would have to be stored with the command in cmdmap.lcm
  2. While the topic of Windows command is going, I would like to submit another request which may be helpful. Currently the windows commands may only be executed the moment the sequence starts playing. In addition to IF the command should be executed, can we specify WHEN to execute it? And if this is considered, could there be more than a single command run? Many of us are using the command to track when songs start playing and to trigger changes on signs, RDS transmitters, Tv monitors, and web pages reporting which song is currently playing. It would be nice to send messages to external devices in the middle of a sequence so it can coordinate other messages. Example: When the audio declares "Its Christmas", having a cmd send a message which can tell a Tv monitor to display the words "Its Christmas" to incorporate it into the show. It would also be useful to run a command some number of seconds before the end of a playing sequence. This trigger can be used to prepare external software to transition to the next sequence.
  3. This one confuses me. Every time miipclient starts, it should check that all the files it needs are present and if not create them. miip should create C:\Users\lor\AppData\Local\MIIPclient\MIIP.CMD instead of manually.
  4. I do something a little like this. Its not real time its delayed by the time it takes to save,pull,create. But it does generate a 5-20 second sequence based on user input and then plays it. It takes 3-10 seconds to create the sequence. This requires its own show computer.
  5. It took several tries of interrupting the boot up sequence three times. But it worked! The integrated keyboard and mouse are repaired and it recognizes the usb keyboard. Thanks guys for saving me from the dreaded "its completely broken" support call where they talk about me afterward.
  6. This is so embarrassing. I have a brand new Velocity laptop which no longer works. The virus scanner and some utilities are installed and that's it. My wife wanted to use a wireless keyboard from one manufacturer and wireless mouse from another. This meant two little receivers. I could only get one to work so I got a keyboard installer from the manufacturer, at least I think i did. Installer said this may not work on your version of windows do you want to proceed? ooops. Now none of the four keyboards or mice I have tried are working. Not even the integrated keyboard or touch pad. I cant sign on because it doesn't know I want to. Its deaf dumb and blind and I am stumped. Do I have to pull the hard drive and boot from another? I will contact Velocity soon, but want to search for ideas first.
  7. @ jfuller8400 I will give them a try and offer my thoughts. Send me the beta link.
  8. Are you going to bump this topic every hour again today?
  9. Autoflip does other stuff besides flip. The Matrix multiplier allows you to repeat in ways LOR does not.
  10. My software page asks people to not bother LOR staff with questions about my software tools. LOR has never asked me to desist from distributing the tools I have written to adjust their files. But I have been blamed for problems a few times. Multiple people were having a problem and reported to LOR they were using MIIP. On that occasion I was asked what miip was doing which I explained and the problem was determined to not be related to my stuff since miip does not change anything used by SE. The other tools do. Kudos to the OP for his tools and reengineering the lms schema. The index numbering requirements are a pain. Dont let the S5 schema scare you.. its not much different.
  11. Final sold out times. Sorry this is late due to weekend trip. Times for the last few sold outs were not captured but I think it was in the last moments of the sale. 00:06:07 16-ribbon-tree-pixcon16-controller 00:06:11 black-16-x-100-pixel-string-package-with-pixcon16-controller 00:11:18 green-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-bullet-pixels 00:11:22 white-16-pixel-string-package-with-pixie16-controller 00:11:25 singing-tree-ralphie 00:11:28 singing-tree-zuzu 00:16:12 white-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-rgb-bulbs 00:16:16 black-16-pixel-string-package-with-pixie16-controller 00:16:19 singing-tree-felix 00:16:22 singing-tree-elden 00:18:40 black-16-x-100-pixel-string-package-with-pixie16-controller 00:29:37 card-assembled-complete-package 00:29:41 ctb16pc-card-assembled 00:29:44 white-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-bullet-pixels 00:33:41 high-power-50w-rgb-flood 00:39:06 green-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-strings-of-100-rgb-bulbs 01:12:41 uv-high-power-50w-uv-flood 01:17:20 pixie8-smart-pixel-controller 02:11:14 white-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-factory-assembled 02:11:24 white-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-customer-assembled 02:15:35 whitecosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-ccr-ii-ribbons ? black-cosmic-color-controller-ii-with-2-ccr-ii-ribbons ? 12-ribbon-tree-pixie16-controller ? black-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-factory-assembled ? black-pixel-tree-kit-16-strips-of-25-pixels-customer-assembled ? easy-light-linker-pair ? pixie16-smart-pixel-controller
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