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  1. A couple weeks in for the scrolling sign. Many messages have been sent to the sign board via my miip website. Maybe 15 had to be suppressed for vulgar language.
  2. The version of Papagayo are you using could be confusing things. The "Papagayo to LOR" program has to look around the folders to find where Papagayo puts the files. If you have installed and used more than one version of papagayo there could be more than one place to find the file but it stops looking at the first one. I think all the versions of papagayo will allow you to navigate to your desired folder to save the exported file. And Papa2LOR will allow you to navigate to the same folder to open the file. Just the default locations are not the same.
  3. PIXIE 16 UNIT id

    Consider using an entire hex set. 10 to 1F. Gaps are ok. While you dont need 02-0A now, you may later.
  4. Papagayo issues. BobO help

    Never seen that behavior. It would be bad to erase/delete a phrase because there is no way to insert a new replacement phrase. Unless you have also discovered that.
  5. Will S5 be backward compatible with S4 sequences?

    I dont understand what this means Matt. The S4 editor is gone. If one string is added or one channel moved the sequence must be revised and converted.
  6. Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    Poll closed with 43% saying Its firm just because that's the date I want to start.
  7. DOH I must be tired. Cat6 BREAKS Jacks. Maybe Don will have mercy on me and fix that.
  8. Tonight I am in a bad mood. I just broke a jack on another controller. But the good news is I finally know why this has happened on three controllers. I was sure I was not trip pulling the jacks out. The Cat6 cable is reinforced and very stiff. As shown in the pic it sticks straight out. Everything was working with the doors open. Closing up for the night and the door would not close so I forced it. And the lights went out. The Cat6 would not bend and pulled the jack away from the board instead of bending the cable. I am cussing that I have to reconfigure controllers due to the daisy chain dying in one snap. Don't do what I did. No Cat6 on PC model, No door forcing.
  9. What are you adding to your show this year?

    Dug up this old thread I recall posting in. Today I have decided to retire my last incan prop and its two AC controllers. Some how I feel kinda sad about it because it was still working and just would not go quietly in the night to incan heaven. Now my show is finally all led. Still 12 ac controllers with LED strands and the rest pixels.
  10. CCB (Original) Replacement O-Rings?

    I stopped worrying about water infiltration for the CCB/P green boxes a long time ago. (Don't tell Mike ) Formerly I would tighten EIGHT $%# screws and use the proper one hole or two hole gasket which are both very hard to get in. STILL changes in temperature sucked in moist air and I would find them working and full of water at teardown. Now I hang them all upright with the cat5 hole at the bottom and use 2 screws and they don't draw in water and can drain. I am not advising you to be careless with them or leave them open. Just saying from my experience these controllers are very durable and tight seals are a pain and for me dont add benefit.
  11. Miip will work with three songs but it you wont see much voting. Its hard to find your account without a name, email, or site code! Found it and reset your account and sent email to your last known.
  12. MIIP has new 2017 options to play an opening song and closing song for a show. In some setups the closing song is playing first. After my setup I may be able to fix that. In the mean time if you desire a closing song you can schedule a hidden show with one song after your main show.
  13. Horizontal or Vertical

    Gravity is your ally. I like to hang eve lights hanging down so guests see a profile view. Every bulb has a mount but if its not held well it will not droop far from the position I am trying for.
  14. Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    anyone else?
  15. Change schedule from command line

    I do something like this changing the show (.lss) file instead. The player always detects it immediately.