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  1. What does the fox say

    Sending the .pgo file.
  2. detecting notes and generating a sequence

    SpEx has a new version 2.2.8 which has been uploaded along with all the other programs. Expiration dates one year in the future or more. This an S4 tool only.
  3. Introducing Tor

    Welcome Tor ! Does the T stand for something? Guessing your middle name is O and last name Rama. Is DevMike going to let you have your own forum account? Nevermind found it Tor wow you have been around a long time. I see problem tickets from 2007.
  4. Please don't forget clipboards!!!

    No blame Mike. Thanks for the details. The file formats have been stable for a long time. Its about time you changed them! It would be nice to retire clipboard flipper if that tool was part of S5 ? I presume i will be able to figure out the file structure. I will need to prioritize the six cb programs. Cf will be the hardest because its the oldest and will need other updates or a rewrite. Creates clipboards Clipboard Flipper Papagayo to LOR SpEx Marquee Macro Maestro interSEction Vegomatic. .lcc & .lpf SharpIn .lee Scroller .las ImportOmation none MIIP show file
  5. Please don't forget clipboards!!!

    ? Whaaaaat? Wow thanks for getting me to notice this. I do see a single clipboard. The removed feature is not just multiple clipboards. Its the ability to store them in accessible files.
  6. A bulb shape for Tubes ! New way to draw props. Lines-Unconnected. This is helpful for props separated while on the same regular channel.
  7. Another occurrence here. I suspect the error was caused by the ampersand in the name. channel correct Preview did not pickup the channel. .lee file source
  8. Testers please Guest input to show

    Build agent is up again.
  9. Sequence Program

    If you are thinking of SpEx. Try Here.
  10. No word on S5 yet??

    I am on Orange for three more days. Its hard to be away from my computer right now! ?
  11. Importing Channel Config - Confusion

    zeighty How many channels do you have? If I understand correctly, you have songs which have different arrangement of channels. You have not been using a common configuration because that prevents the sequence from playing correctly. The thing to remember about importing is the EFFECTS stay the same while the channel assignments will be replaced. If for instance you have trees at the top of a sequence and another where the same trees are down further in the sequence. Exporting and importing is this case would cause the tree effects to play on the wrong prop. It seems like you have selected the common config you want to use for all sequences. Now before you import, you need to slide your rows up and down to match the config you want to import. This has nothing to do with the names or unit/channel. Get your order firm in your head.. IE trees 1st, then windows on right, candy canes, windows on left etc. For each song then slide them up and down to the EXACT same position. It cant be off by one. Then you will be ready to import without the side effect of playing the effects on the wrong prop. This may seem tedious but I think you will be happy you put this time into it. I have another suggestion and that is to Name and Date your config with the change. What I mean is before you export, rename track one.. to for example. "fixed name of trees 07/08 ". Then export then import to the others. Using this method it will be very clear in each sequence at the top which config that song has. You wont have to notice later that the prop name is different on this one or another.
  12. Testers please Guest input to show

    The build agent will be turned off for a while.
  13. Testers please Guest input to show

    Thanks Mike I will take a look at it. I was reading last night about clbuttic which presented many arguments about how futile it is to try and stop profanity. I dont want to challenge guests to defeat the filter by being too restrictive. Maybe a simple word replacement is all.
  14. Testers please Guest input to show

    There are some shared components with MIIP but it is a separate program. While anyone with 6 or more songs could use miip, the scroller requires special equipment. My implementation will include two show computers. I hope to have two instances of LOR running. One playing the regular show. It will send messages to the second show computer which will have just one matrix in its config for its exclusive use. When a song starts it will trigger the scroller to play the animation message (LAS no sound) for the name of the song. Much like RDS would work. Then it will play a message saying the code H2Z or whatever it is at that time which is required for someone present to see it to submit a message. Then it will play any guest submitted message. Depending on how busy the queue is, the song name could repeat or a guest message could repeat. The messages will vary from 10 to 30 seconds so its hard to guess how many can play during one song but my goal is to have every moment scrolling something relevant to the playing song or present guests. I wont play a guest message more than 10 minutes old because they could be gone. Right now I think it would not work to use the background sequence options LOR provides to share the channels. LMS playing the regular sequence and LAS playing a message. The backgrounds can not be changed while a LMS is playing. All that blather to say that I dont expect many people to be able to use this. And I dont expect the software will be out of beta until I have it running on my own show.
  15. Testers please Guest input to show

    The most it should take is 15 seconds. I have it set right now to wake up every 10 seconds. Thanks everyone for testing. I see I have several things to adjust.