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  1. This is so exciting to hear. Thanks Matt for adding this feature to S5! AutoFlip will remain available for S4 users. AutoFlip also provides pixel multiplier functions for those who might need them.
  2. AutoFlip will read/modify/create clipboards. Other pixel tools, SpEx, PagagayoToLOR and Marquee create clipboards too. The others create file types, config.lcs visualizer.lee. Message me if anyone needs support on any of these.
  3. If you find there is a problem with autoFlip please notify me. I will research the problem and correct if needed.
  4. Can you post pictures here? What case and what power supply? Is there a heat sink? Did you assemble yourself?
  5. This year my show was my personal best. Two props needed mid-season repairs but overall everything worked great from the guest point of view all season long. But I had a lot of problems with S4 sequence saving slowness. Major issues with previewing 100 pixel strings in S4. And also network slowness, a big part of that is the Cosmic macro channels. The macros have prevented me on S4 from using an enhanced network as they are not seen on the lights. No hope that will be fixed. They do however always work on the S4 visualizer. I have been giving more consideration to switching away from S4 to something else, maybe S5 but I am plagued by heavy use of macro channels which are not even previewed in S5. It seems very few people embraced the macros in the early days so I am in a small minority with this problem I wrote a sequence scanner which summarized how may effects exist on a macro channel on my sequences and found nearly all of them use a macro in some way. Today I modified 5 sequences to remove minor/moderate macro use. But others are going to be a really big task. All the sequences I changed were using just LR logical Resolution of 1,5,16. So I was able to multiply the controlling pixels to get the effect on the entire string. I there anyone else who is a macro user?
  6. Hate to hear stuff like this. Did you place the order to get your arch going again? When possible I order spares to allow quick replacement in a running show.
  7. Marisabel Figueroa Lopez says the lights and music on her neighbor’s elaborate holiday display helped her non-verbal daughter with autism start to speak out for the first time. https://www.kron4.com/news/christmas-display-inspires-nonverbal-girl-with-autism-to-speak/
  8. The pixie 16 controller has dip switches for address. Set all off to change using hwu. Even if on a different network, you can number controllers as if on the same network. This allows you to move them between networks easier in the future.
  9. There is no easy way to combine sequence parts like that. In S4 you add the new channels to the bottom of track one of an existing sequence. After you are confident the new channels are setup properly in that one sequence, you export the channel configuration to a file. Then you import that configuration into your other sequences. You didnt say are what kind of arches these are? Regular channels or pixel arches?
  10. Where have you added them working in your show if not to a sequence?
  11. Are you trying the firmware update one at a time? I would guess not since you would have stopped at the first firmware failure. Plug the cat5 from the PC directly into the first failed ccr controller and the other jack empty. Try the firmware update again. If you give up.. don't throw them away I will take them!
  12. I dont upload to youtube. All my videos are on vimeo and all are marked private so they are not found by searches. They are only seen by people who see a posted link.
  13. That product faded away in 1994!
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