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  1. I noticed a couple days ago that the 12-2 romex at HD had dropped by nearly $30 for the 250 foot roll since summer!
  2. Tim, thanks again fo rthe info. I have the DVD so I'll figure out how to record the short clip of what I want and them send it off. It's only about a 3-5 second clip.
  3. Tim, Thanks for the clip, but the problem I'm having is stripping off the audio with Audacity. I've since found on the Audacity forums that the integrated sound card I have hear at work doesn't play with Audacity so I'm going to have to try the line out to line in patchcord trick.
  4. I took a look at that one, but was hoping to get a fix for Audacity. If I can't, I'll have to break down and get it
  5. I need the part in "The Santa Clause" where Tim Allen is trying to get his son out of the sleigh and says "Let's go!" so I can mix it with some other clips to make an intro for next year's show.
  6. I've done the searches, read/watched the tutorials, reinstalled drivers and still can't figure this out. I have a Dell Optiplex 745 at work. The device manager says I have a Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio HD "card". I've installed Audacity and PowerDVD and for the life of me can't get Audacity to record anything from the DVD. :X The only inputs I get are microphone and line in. Anyone have any ideas? BTW, I do have full admin rights on the machine.
  7. Assuming the 8 plugs are seperate circuits (160 amps total that you mentioned), the short answer is yes. The circuit is where you need to be concerned, though, not the plug. If you are not exceeding the 80% rule (16 amps for a 20 amp circuit), you should be fine regardless of what you plug into the circuit.
  8. I'm with toymakr000. Squirrel stew is awesome! And, yes, animals are here for a reason... to be food. Squirrels here are a nightmare. I've had them eat through the facia, make nests in the attic, and ruin the ceiling with the messes they make. I used a crossman pellet gun to take care of the problem. Just make sure you know what is behind where you are aiming.
  9. I had mine spaced at 8-10 feet horizontally just so the wire for the minis had something to catch. For my C7's, I used a clip on each bulb.
  10. I use the shingle clips too. They work just fine. If you can't get the clip to go under the shingle by itself, use a narrow putty knife to get under the shingle then slide the clip under. Target has big 100 packs of clips for just a few bucks.
  11. OOPS!!! See, I've been so excited about getting it I forgot just when I ordered it! Still, it hasn't even been a month yet.
  12. Woo hoo!!! Batch #9 Got mine yesterday! Thanks Scott!
  13. Have the batch 9 transmitters shipped yet? Thx.
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