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  1. My old computer that I used to run LOR starting freezing up for no reason, it was running Win7. I had to borrow an OLD Gateway from my MIL that she was not using anymore, It was still runing XP and its running LOR now with no problems. On another note, I have a laser engraving businsess and that computer just flat died. I had to have one ASAP so I went to Best Buy, everything was running 8, bummer. I finally did score a Alenware with Win7 and grabbed it. Sales lady showed me you could take Win8 and change the desktop to look in Win7, but I did not want to deal with the printer problems that others have had with Win8 and the Epilog laser.
  2. Change color, delete color from arch, add color to arch, just about anything. I am sending a video by email.
  3. Happens very quickly, usually only get to do one or two commands before it starts
  4. I sent you the files, meantime I will try your suggestion. Thanks Brian
  5. Well so much for that, click on to use "white" in Morphs and now it stated doing it again
  6. Works fine as long as I am doing Morphs, problem comes up with Scenes
  7. Using SS 3.8.0 on Win 7 64 bit. Trying to program 2 CCR's set up as 4 arches. Works fine for few minutes, then starts the "please enter integer between 0 and 100, asks this every time I do anything and have to answer 3 times, then command goes through. Shut it off, start it back up, works couple of times and then here it comes again. GRRRRR making it very long task to get anything done, as it does it on EVERY single command.
  8. Started getting this error message every time I try to enter a command. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I found this box at Offixe Depot, it holds both of my CCR controllers and power supplies. I cut some slot at the top for the cables to exit. Had little over 1/2" rain last night and all is dry. Attached files
  10. My controllers are mounted on custom built 2X4 stands. The main set of controllers sit behind my NOEL sign. NOEL sign is made from old CD's and C9 lights strings, controlled with 4 channels The other controllers are mounted on the back side of my Tune To sign, also made from 2X4's.
  11. Started a couple of weeks ago building my new Mini trees, converted them from tomato cages to Coro Trees, they are up and have been tested. Put the icicle lights on the house couple of weekends ago, last weekend, put up the coro trees, all the controller stands and my new CCR arches. All of this has been tested and runs fine. All I like this weekend is the mega tree. Last several yrs. the mega tree was two colors and 8 channels each color, this year, 4 colors and 12 channels per color. All my songs are sequence, but will go back through them one more more time to tweak on them some. I fire up Thanksgiving night. James 112 LOR Channels and 2 CCR's
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