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  1. I'd love to see some other replies to this topic, as I also purchased a Pixie 2 set this year, but haven't added them to my existing LOR universe of two LOR units, and two CCRs, all several years old. I run a separate DMX universe with a separate dongle, and am pretty much out of USB ports! Cheers, Don
  2. don731

    DMX Color Macros?

    There are many intensities reserved for the macro channel, but I don’t think they are pre-programmed. Maybe just need to purchase one of these and experiment. ?
  3. don731

    DMX Color Macros?

    So would these color macros be created within the light fixture itself, rather than in SE? Or is the fixture shipped with pre-programmed macros?
  4. don731

    DMX Color Macros?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Chauvet Par series LED light fixture which can run on DMX. I currently have a DMX universe in my LOR program for a three light laser, and it works very well. My question is, the Chauvet fixture has a channel reserved for "color macros". I assume this allows you to mix all three of the RGB colors to create custom colors within a single channel. How would you do this in LOR? I also assume that if the light was connected to a standard DMX control board, you would create the custom color macros on that board. Here is the manual. SlimPAR_56_UM_Rev7_WO..pdf
  5. don731

    Pixie 2D DMX questions

    The controller that came with the ribbons. I use a separate DMX output from the laptop to a DMX laser. Works great, and easy to program in the sequence editor. Not looking for anything fancy from these 2 new ribbons, just solid color with no movement changing to other solid colors during the song.
  6. don731

    Pixie 2D DMX questions

    Just using the ribbons as background wall washers...nothing fancy. Change color on the entire ribbon a few times during the songs.
  7. don731

    Pixie 2D DMX questions

    Jim, What I am looking for is a method to set the entire ribbon to a particular color, then change to another color during the song. Can the Pixel editor be used in a DMX mode? I haven’t used the Pixel editor at all, just the sequence editor and superstar editor. Or can the superstar editor just be used with these Pixies? Thanks!
  8. don731

    Pixie 2D DMX questions

    Purchased my first Pixie 2D V3 this year. If I want to run these two ribbons in DMX, how do I set the colors and effects? I see in the manual the starting DMX address (based on unit number), but I am clueless as to how to set the other DMX numbers, for say, the entire ribbon as steady blue, red, etc.. I couldn't find any tutorials. I am licensed at the full advanced level. Thanks! Don in Barrington IL.
  9. don731

    2016 Holiday Show

    The layout is mostly O scale. About 12 feet long and 8 feet deep. Video projection on the castle by a pico projector. Cheers!
  10. don731

    2016 Holiday Show

    Enjoy! Using two 16 channel controllers, two CCRs, DMX 3 light laser, pico video projector, fog machine (not seen in the video), and Disney Glow with the Show IR earhats, all controlled by LOR. 2016 Show
  11. Export from SS to SE as a musical sequence or animation sequence?
  12. The LOR network has 2 LOR controllers and 2 CCRs on it. CCR1 has address 3. I did check the config in SS, and it is correct, no change in the last few years. I did add one DMX universe this year, through a separate USB dongle, and it's working fine. As noted, CCR1 seems to be working fine also.
  13. Thanks! Got it working fine now. See another topic I just posted here for my latest problem! Cheers, Don
  14. So stuck again! For several years, I've used a series of morphs on one of my two CCRs. I used the SuperStar morph tool, with a mp3 version of the song (main sequence is a .wmv video file). All has worked well. At the same time, I run my first CCR in a second subsequence with a SuperStar instant sequence for the entire song Trying to program the same thing this year. Create the morphs in SS, export to SE, add a subsequence for my CCR number 2, turn on that channel, and nothing! When I play the file in SuperStar, I see the CCR2 image go through the proper morph. My other CCR is running a second subsequence with several instant sequences on it (also used the wmv file in SS), and it is working fine. When I call up an old sequence from last year that contains essentially the same two subsequences (CCR2 running morphs, CCR1 just displaying a basic instant sequence from SS), it plays fine, so I know that CCR2 doesn't have a hardware problem. The only difference I can see is that this year I am using the base wmv video file in SuperStar, instead of a mp3 audio only version (I recall that in the past SuperStar would not accept a wmv video file). FYI I am licensed at the advanced level, and all software is up to date. Any thoughts?