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  1. 2016 Holiday Show

    The layout is mostly O scale. About 12 feet long and 8 feet deep. Video projection on the castle by a pico projector. Cheers!
  2. 2016 Holiday Show

    Enjoy! Using two 16 channel controllers, two CCRs, DMX 3 light laser, pico video projector, fog machine (not seen in the video), and Disney Glow with the Show IR earhats, all controlled by LOR. 2016 Show
  3. Morphs problem in subsequence

    I am on 4.3.14.
  4. Morphs problem in subsequence

    Export from SS to SE as a musical sequence or animation sequence?
  5. Morphs problem in subsequence

    The LOR network has 2 LOR controllers and 2 CCRs on it. CCR1 has address 3. I did check the config in SS, and it is correct, no change in the last few years. I did add one DMX universe this year, through a separate USB dongle, and it's working fine. As noted, CCR1 seems to be working fine also.
  6. Thanks! Got it working fine now. See another topic I just posted here for my latest problem! Cheers, Don
  7. So stuck again! For several years, I've used a series of morphs on one of my two CCRs. I used the SuperStar morph tool, with a mp3 version of the song (main sequence is a .wmv video file). All has worked well. At the same time, I run my first CCR in a second subsequence with a SuperStar instant sequence for the entire song Trying to program the same thing this year. Create the morphs in SS, export to SE, add a subsequence for my CCR number 2, turn on that channel, and nothing! When I play the file in SuperStar, I see the CCR2 image go through the proper morph. My other CCR is running a second subsequence with several instant sequences on it (also used the wmv file in SS), and it is working fine. When I call up an old sequence from last year that contains essentially the same two subsequences (CCR2 running morphs, CCR1 just displaying a basic instant sequence from SS), it plays fine, so I know that CCR2 doesn't have a hardware problem. The only difference I can see is that this year I am using the base wmv video file in SuperStar, instead of a mp3 audio only version (I recall that in the past SuperStar would not accept a wmv video file). FYI I am licensed at the advanced level, and all software is up to date. Any thoughts?
  8. I've used SuperStar to add one instant sequence per audio file to one CCR in the past. I''d like to add several different instant sequences to one CCR at different points in the audio file. Is this possible, or do you get only one instant sequence per song, regardless of whether it plays for the full length of the audio file or not? Could you build several subsequences for the same CCR, each with a different instant sequence, and just turn each sub on or off in the SE? Or would the CCR just get confused? Thanks, Don in Chicagoland
  9. Laser DMX control...best practices

    Thanks Alan. I am able to fill a row by doing a copy and paste multiple. But the right click>select row> then click in the row with the DMX tool does nothing but fill the single box with the intensity value. No big deal, just interesting. Otherwise, I am ecstatic that I have actually gotten the Scorpion to work! Cheers, Don
  10. Laser DMX control...best practices

    Default, I am making progress with DMX programming. One followup newly question: The normal select row, column, fill, etc. does not seem to work for DMX editing. For example, if I want to set the intensity to DMX 151 for the entire sequence in a particular DMX channel (row) it seems you have to just drag the DMX value through the entire musical selection, rather than just filling it in. Am I missing something here? I also noticed that the cross hatch graphic in each block is completely filled in, rather than being filled in relationship to the DMX value, as shown in your graphic. I am using SE 4.3.14. Thanks for all your help! Don in Chicagoland
  11. Laser DMX control...best practices

    SCORPIONSTORMFXRGB I downloaded the manual but am away from my computer today. Don
  12. Laser DMX control...best practices

    Thanks Mark! I guess my question is: how do you turn off a channel once you have turned it on? Just discontinue putting the intensity number in the channel column at some point in the sequence, or do you have to enter an "off" intensity value for that channel? Thanks!
  13. Laser DMX control...best practices

    Default, one more question! Somewhere I read that once you assign the base DMX channel, the unit will "self assign" the other channels (my Scorpion has 7 channels). How would you know what the other channel numbers are? I think I understand the concept of intensities, which in my case, represent turning functions on or off (which of the three lasers, motors, etc.). In LOR, I assume that you have to proactively turn each function on, keep it on through the sequence, until there is a place in the sequence where you want to turn it off, then turn off each channel separately? So if the "blackout" channel is for example 002, you would need to change each of the channels to 002 to stop that channel from doing it's thing, keep the blackout number going until you want to turn that function back on, then change the number back to what you want for that channel.
  14. Laser DMX control...best practices

    Thank you! This is exactly the info I need! Don
  15. Using the latest LOR software with advanced license. My Lenovo laptop that runs the show uses Win 7 Pro. The laptop has both HDMI and VGA outputs. I run a small pico projector off the VGA port right now (you can see this in the video below). I am thinking of adding a second pico projector that uses HDMI, and would like to run the same video (via LOR WMV files) to both projectors over both ports. Any guidance on how to set this up? I'm normally a Mac guy! Thanks in advance! Don in Chicagoland Video from 2014 show: