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  1. I did it a number of years ago but I don't remember which donlge I used. I know it will do it though. I now use a mix of LOR and xLights. There is a conversion process and that can be a pain also with high channel counts. Plenty of others out there smarter that I am. I would check out the DIY light sights.
  2. I converted all my controllers to DMX over the past three years. This year I added 4K channels of RGB to the existing 600+AC channels and ran on the Pi. I still have the LOR PC loaded and ready to go as I know it was rock solid and ready. The Pi was rock solid the whole time and I didn't have to give up anything that I had before. It wasn't near as easy as LOR that is for sure but it performs well.
  3. Having everything in DMX first makes it easier but it will do it almost any way you want it. Check out Andy's videos as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYB-7WfED5pBcLneRLYErWA
  4. Buy a Meanwell and a copy and take them apart. Compare the internals and you will see why they cost more. Not that the copy is going to fail but the Meanwell is just made so much better.
  5. I replace a triac somewhere in my display almost every year. But when you have 600+ I guess this isn't all that bad. I just keep some on hand and plan for it.
  6. I buy all my incan rope light from Action Lighting but the same has been true no matter the vendor. I always inspect the cut mark and the wires inside to make sure they match. I always go by what I see in the wiring as the cut marks can be slightly off. 1/4 inch can make a big difference.
  7. I don't have anything to offer but to keep the thread active. I'd like to see LOR post a video one how to use it. Even if it's just to promote the possibilities to come beings it's still in Beta. I have tried it twice and both times ended in frustration.
  8. I'm just hoping some videos appear on how you use the Pixel Editor and Sequence editor for those of us that are adding RGB into our AC displays. I have a subscription on Andy's YouTube channel just in case!
  9. I have used red LED from Val at Christmas-LED.com and it has been great. I have also used cheap LED rope light of eBay and it made it two years. The LED's failed as well as the jacket turned yellow. What a waste of money and recycling. The rope light that has been the workhorse of my display has been this. It's incandescent but it looks good and weathers good. Also as other have stated is has small cut lengths so it works well for props. I like 3/8 but it comes in 1/2 as well. http://www.actionlighting.com/150-roll-2-wire-3-8-crown-rope-light-206m/?page_context=category&faceted_search=0
  10. I have a corner lot. Unfortunately the best viewing angle is on the corner. I have tried often to slim it down to just the front yard but the wife won't hear of it. http://www.christmasinbrandon.com/
  11. I'm hoping for a video on the visualizer and the pixel editor soon. I downloaded the beta but I'm more puzzled than anything as to how it works with what I currently have.
  12. Official info from Dan. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/35322-s4-software-suite-beta-information/?hl=beta
  13. I do 4 strings of 5 in a 12'. The reason for 4 strings is so that I can tie them to the PVC cross brace of the ring. I lose 2 each year of 100 and add 10. More is better if you can afford it.
  14. Hope your neighbors don't get sick of seeing this come the fourth of July.
  15. At the top I have strings zip tied in pairs of 3 to 4 strings. On the base I have every string zip tied to a PVC ring that is in equal chunks of 2-3 sections. My plan this year is to be able to leave the lights attached to the PVC and just roll them up. I'm not sure how it will work but I'm going to give it a shot. I'm with you in that trying to keep 108 string separated makes me furious. I love them when they are done, and don't mind the tear down, but I hate the setup of them with a passion.
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