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  1. all my boards are sold thankyou to all that wanted them
  2. sorry i didn't get back so soon trying to start a new job the one is blue used one timt the other is green never used
  3. one was never used got them 2 years ago read to ship out have only a few days to sell need money
  4. http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum76/19689-1.html i have 2 more for sale as i didn't sell 2 of them no box just the boards best offer or 200 it will be you send money i send the boards as it took 2 months last time i went cod dont have paypal dont ask that is for shipping also it took 30 to ship the last ones
  5. I tryed that one ctb16dv5 used one year 1 ctb 16dv3 tryed one pic bet it doesnt work cant figure it out
  6. if you want to post the pic i would sent them to you
  7. have 2 left as never got the money orders will sell them for 120 cod
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