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  1. I changed laptops this year to Windows 8.1 with LOR 3.10.6 advanced so I had to re-associate all the media with all the sequences. When I wen to associate Believe in Holiday Magic it looks like it works but no sound ever plays when I click the play option. This sequence is over 10 minutes long so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Thank for your assistance. The mp3 file is 128kbps.
  2. Also make sure to disable any antivirus program and take the computer running the show off of any network or wireless network by disabling the netowrk card/connections.
  3. Also make sure you take the PC running the show off any network or wireless network by disabling the network card/connections. Disable any antivirus program. All of these things add interupts which cause LOR to behave inconsistantly such as not communicating with ELL's.
  4. Nevermind. I resolved the issue by doing a cleanup uninstall and then reinstalling 2.6.
  5. I just reinstalled v 2.3.6 and it now says to download a new devices file from the support page. Can you direct me to where this might be? Thank you. btw I am making the conection via ELL. I tried to install 2.6 and had too many issues. Thank you.
  6. It appears that I do not have the booster model! I will purchase it and see if it resolves the problem. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. I purchased a set of these this summer rather than climbing the ladder all the time to change the songs on the mp3 director. I hooked one up to my showtime box and the other to my pc via the usb connector. When I go the the hardware utility/ lor rf tab and do a get current configuration it can't find any device. In looking at the device connected to the computer I see none of the leds lit. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. I have 15 songs in my first year but for me it's not necessarily the number of songs but the playing time. Those fifteen songs run around 55 minutes, I then have about 5 minutes of lights on before the show starts again the next hour.
  9. Wow a new way to control LOR!:shock: Our internal lights flicker at particular points in the show when LOR gets really busy and causes a heavier load on the circuit.
  10. First time LOR newby this year with 16 channels. Good advice about not letting anyone know. I didn't and had my entire show sequenced before laying out the stuff. However with that said I am still waiting on 6' palm trees and flamingos, both are coming on Tuesday thanks goodness. Even without the center pieces of the show people are already stopping by and commenting. My neighbor asked if I wanted to hook his lights up to it! Then proceeded to say I coould use his side yard if I needed balance. The next day he told me that him and his wife sat in their house with their radio on and watched the show. Comments like that make it all worth it.
  11. First year, LOR and transmitter are on my covered front porch about 9 feet up. Walk outside, reach up, and push button on transmitter before show starts. Who needs all this fancy technical stuff anyhow?
  12. tpooler

    FM Transmitter

    A warning worth it's weight in gold. Never touch the antenna while the Ramsey is powered on as it wil blow the Gal5 part.
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