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  1. So Matt export/import of Channel Config in S5 only handles grid view info, motion effect properties, and RGB aggregates. NOT channel assignments such as network, unit, and circuit ID, etc like it did in S4. Am I understanding this correctly?
  2. I resaved the JPG again and it works fine. Something must have gone wrong with the JPG file. Disregard!
  3. What are the requirements or max specs for the background image in Preview? I have an 1197x508 96ppi 24-bit JPG that won't display in Playback window no matter how much I try to maximize or play with re-sizing it. It does show up fine in Preview where I create and draw Props, etc. however. ----Michael
  4. Matt, here's a thread where customers are wanting such features back! It'd be nice to have this added to Features List for future versions. ----Michael
  5. Great idea Doug. I think you can do a custom format cell and ad that zero as well. Ill need that too if I find the right customization I’ll post it. —Michael
  6. How does one print the channel config in S5? (Or have I missed something!) I see there's some copy/paste clipboard options - but it's not formatted very friendly like the old printable channel config. ---Michael
  7. Thanks Matt! I haven't even gotten to Pic and Movie Effects yet..... but good to know. ---Michael
  8. Does S5 support the playback window being full screen/maximized on a 2nd monitor? Will playback in S5 ever have functionality of S4 Visualizer, sending lights data to second computer running Viz on different IP port? ---Michael
  9. I may have answered this myself now. Is all that's needed is to share the .loredit file for the sequence, the preview background image file, and the .mp3 audio file? Seems the .loredit file contains the "Preview" data has if not found it imports it from the .loredit file. Matt, is this correct? ---Michael
  10. In S4 if I wanted to share a sequence and its associated parts, I would copy the *.lms.* files associated with the Sequence name, the .lee & background .jpg file for Visualizer, the .lcc file as Channel Config (optional), and its .mp3 audio file. How does one in S5 share an S5 sequence and its associated "preview" configuration? I see all preview data all being saved in a single xml file for my install. ---Michael
  11. A channel is a channel. I think the "beat channel" is being archived here since its basically a null channel (no hardware associated with it). Haven't tried this yet, only been creating new seq's in S5 haven't even looked at migrating S4 to S5 yet LOL. Maybe we can get a confirmation from Matt on this?
  12. Has anyone figured out how to reset the window locations for editor timeline, playback, and motion effects back to the "default" locations? ---Michael
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