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  1. Great job!! If you are still sharing, I would appreciate a copy rharbs@gmail.com
  2. If possible, I would like to look at this sequence. Thanks for your hard work! rharbs@gmail.com
  3. Kzziboy! If you don.t mind I would like to see your file for this song. Thanks Harbs
  4. Harbs

    RGB Mixing Issue

    This a DMX board usng the RGB format. It is not a fade issue but a mixing issue. I am fairly new to this DMX and I have read the manual. Still not sure how or why this issue is happening.
  5. Harbs

    RGB Mixing Issue

    Using a CMB-24D Deluxe DC Card to test some of my lights. It works ok as long as I stay with full intensity. If I vary off the 255 in any channel, they will not light. I can mix the RGB using 255 intensity but if I try using a lower intensity the lights stay off. Such as trying to use orange or pink settings. The card was fine last year. Any Ideas.
  6. Check out this website if you are looking for clear PVC tubing and pipe They have about everything you would want in PVC. http://www.usplastic.com/ Harbs
  7. Was wondering about what size circle do you need to mount a single CCR ribbon on? What size PVC did you use? Thanks Harbs
  8. This question may have already been addessed but will your S2 sequence files be useable in the S3 or will you have to start over. If they are useable what if any changes might have to be made to them when they are opened in the S3 Harbs
  9. What a nice gesture!! Thanks Rick Harbour rharbour@woh.rr.com
  10. Bob: I noticed on your demo, you were using version 2.9.5 Advanced I can only find 2.9.4 on the LOR website Is the 2.9.5 version available to the LOR community??
  11. I got it fixed !! I think the show file was the problem. Working OK now. Thanks for the reply back. Harbs
  12. Trying to test my show and I keep getting an error "can not read show file" This keeps coming up when I use the Simple Show Builder and the Show Editor. The sequences will work in the sequence editor. Using lates S@ version with XP Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance Harbs
  13. Harbs


    Nice looking arch!! I used to think the same thing "pain in the butt" when it comes to installing the lights on an arch. Then I came up with an easier method. I called it the sleeve concept. You can find some information on it in Planet Christmas. Just do a search for "arch sleeves" or check the forum for DIY " Arches". You simply wrap the lights on a small sleeve and put the sleeves on the longer section of PVC. Much easier to wrap and maintain the smaller sections than messing around wqith a 14 ft. piece of PVC. Harbs
  14. I think I am the guy that some are referring to. I used the sleeved concept on my arches. I released the info on PC last Nov. You can check it out on Planet Christmas at this url. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/36584-Easy-way-to-make-arches!!! This concept sure makes the wrapping and storage much easier and most repairs can be made easier by just replacing the sections as needed. I used 100 ct. strings and the spacing worked fine. I used the 1" poly pipe for the sleeeves. It will bend and conform the arch shape. I too looked into a more flexible conduit but I found it was too flimsey when I tried to wrap it. Granted there is a little spacing between the sections but not very noticable from the street and I just fan the bulbs with my hand to may them look tighter. I also am using a different method of fastening the lights to the sleeve. I can now get them to fit closer the ends of the sleeves and the gap is reduced. I do not want to tie up this thread. If you have any questions, let me know. The thread listed above does also have some pictures showing this concept. Harbs
  15. Harbs


    7 sections @18" is what I used on my 10 ft. arches. Worked great and the sequence timing was fine. I used the sleeve method to make them. Much easier than spinning a 10 ft. section of PVC. Also much easier to store and repair them. Harbs
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