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  1. The 16 Tree and matrix for Catchy song has been fixed with the new MP3. Here is the link in Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Catchy-Song-feat-T-Pain-That/dp/B07Q2BSD5S/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3K6DA7CFA98DF&dchild=1&keywords=catchy+song+lego+movie+2&qid=1595822644&s=dmusic&sprefix=catchy%2Cdigital-music%2C207&sr=1-1
  2. I am going to switch the MP3 here shortly but have to watch the whole sequence to see if their are any corrections that I need to make will post when done Thank You
  3. When I do Xlight sequences if not mistaken you can create a LMS from Xlights... But if the sequence is created in a bunch of group props it is a little harder to export into a LMS file usually if the prop is done as a single prop you can export it into a LMS fairly easy.
  4. The AVI used can be up scaled to the size of tree you have. I have converted all my files into a AVI file to work in S5.. Customers I have shown how to use the AVI's love how quick it is to load up in S5. I also do this in Xlights where customers get the AVI files just so you know the AVI created in Xlights will not work in Light O Rama. In 2020 I will be including the AVI files for S5 users. Madmarlon I gotcha send me a email and I will take care of it. Thanks
  5. In S5 which you stated you are using..... an AVI can be used which I have as well. I can send you the AVI to use and can show you how to load it in S5 it is very simple. Let me know Thank You
  6. Just to clarify Gil did not reverse engineer it to put xmodels into S5 sorry
  7. I believe Gil did make it possible to load a Xmodel prop into S5
  8. We are still here just been really busy Thank You
  9. We at Holidaysequences.com would like to inform everyone of the new sequence coming out,it is done for the 24 x 50 matrix right now and will be done for 12 and 16 ribbon tree as well. As you all know Cancer is very serious, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago and she was fortunate enough to survive cancer, but there are people who have lost loved ones to Cancer. So Holidaysequences created a sequence to show support for family's,friends and loved ones that have cancer. For this particular sequence every sequence sold 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a cancer
  10. Singing tree sequence for Can't Stop The Feeling http://www.holidaysequences.com/Singing-Justin-Timberlake-Can-t-Stop-The-Feeling-p/sing-cstf.htm
  11. Well we put together a sequence for the 12 and 16 Ribbon tree to bring in the New Year: Mariah Carey: Auld Lang Syne: https://holidaysequences.wistia.com/medias/g0dzml7bn7 12 and 16 Ribbon Available House Sequence Available Singing Trees coming this weekend
  12. Well I Know you asked for We are the World but we put together this one to bring in the New Year Mariah Carey-Auld Lang Syne: https://holidaysequences.wistia.com/medias/g0dzml7bn7
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