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  1. 32x50 180 pixel tree

    Hi Eric, Yes, on my youtube page. Years 2017, 2016, 2015 are with 30 strands, 2014, 2013 with 24 strands. https://www.youtube.com/user/jerryb721/videos Perhaps beauty and the beast or let it go show the animations best
  2. 32x50 180 pixel tree

    The one I have isn't 180° but not flat either. Currently I have it 30x50 so it's similar to what you want to make. Mine is 10ft tall, spacing about 2.5" a part. The video below are 24x50 but as you can see there was room to add the other 6 strands (and more) I have a couple videos of the one I made on youtube. Sorry I'm not sure how to have it just show the link and not the video and take up so much forum space and
  3. No they are whole house sequences but a folder in that folder has the ones from 2013 that had a 24 strand tree (the current being 30 strands) This folder "LOR channels and 24 strand pixel tree only"
  4. Thunderstruck

    sent in pm