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  1. Could I get a copy please. Thanks John Orion5656@hotmail.com
  2. Orion

    Video from Drone

    I recognize your house it was on Today Show today .... Congrats!
  3. Orion

    Power Supply for LOR Servo Dog

    I am running a 12 volt to run the servo dog. And (2) 6 volts to run the servos. I have found it better to leave he servo dog on but disable power to the servos when not in use.
  4. I have been "backstage" numerous times. Disney used animated lighting for their Osborne Lights. And also for Cinderella’s Castle. Disney however is using their own software to control them.
  5. Interested in stackable. Can you post link to "HC"
  6. Orion

    A Frozen Christmas Fantasy

    My wife and I had to pleasure to see the display in person. The detail to all the different parts of the display is mind blowing. It was FANTASTMIC! Don and Susan thanks showing the display. John
  7. Orion

    How toi tell if your .mp3 is 128kbbps

    Is there a free program that will change them to 128?