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  1. FYI - I was able to resolve the issue by upgrading software- cause was possibly a memory leak with 3.6.0
  2. intel core i3 530 win 7 64 bit 6gb ram gigabit ethernet combination of usb 2.0 and 3.0 pcie cards
  3. 1440 pixels (e1.31)+ 940 dmx + 320 lor channels = a lot... I am getting hanging channels(like i did witin 08) and an approx 5 second lag on the e.131 channels
  4. is any one experiencing a lag/ or slow playing of sequences with large pixel counts?
  5. What is the resistance? will you run it for long distances? You may experience anomalies with wire that is not ~120ohm - more so at longer distances
  6. There are inexpensive DMX pixel controllers out there. As for outputting DMX from a computer, you can always use a lor usb 485 adapter. Depending on the scale that you envision, it might be cheaper to jump to pixels initially and just control them with three channels - then learn the capabilities later.
  7. we have a roach coach at work that has baja style fish tacos on friday - 4@ $5 When you venture towards DMX - I have a wealth of knowledge - a lot is professional practices other is stuff that cannot be discussed on this forum -as it would be a conflict of interest
  8. Mike- Be careful you don't stray too far south - past the 91 - or you might end up in my neck of the woods(domain)
  9. Larry Leonhardt wrote: all depends on your discipline - to someone using light yes, but to a painter it is just the opposite, black is all colors combined
  10. i use 40 for the tree plus a couple for some extras like presents and the topper 15 white, 15 multi, and 10 blue spiral
  11. JD321 wrote: you can use regular flood lights to accomplish this, just a little color mixing is required. as for an inexpensive DMX controlled flood light - you can try a Rainbow Flood, or if you want to build something yourself, I'd suggest the AetherII. For moderately priced units, check out units made from American DJ or Elation. If cost is not a consideration, Then my recommendation is Color Kinetics( some of their products are designed for weather)
  12. whay type of lights are you loking for?
  13. Dr. Jones

    DMX Control

    thanks Jeff spelling was never my strong suit
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