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  1. I actually tried that as well. I switched ports left and right and in between. It turned out to be the network speed.
  2. That was it! I forgot I had changed the network to the enhanced speed. I changed it back to the "Recommended" and all controllers are working great now! Man... thank you! I was pulling my hair out over that one.
  3. May I have a copy of this as well please? Thank you in advance! weston2day@gmail.com
  4. I have 8 controllers and all of them work fine in hardware utility (use to). However, 5 of them only work in the shows and 3 just flash. For the life of me I can't figure out why. They are all on the same network, and I've checked the settings in the sequences (and yes, control lights is checked, but even "shows" don't work). I've used them all in the past and they worked fine. I did notice though, that the 3 that don't work are the 3 that were kits and not purchased pre-made. So this brings other questions. I've tried doing a firmware update on 1 of them, but now it won't even work in Hardware utility. The controllers that do work are running on CTB16PCG3 boards, and the controllers that don't work are using CTB16PC V1 boards. I'm thinking this is a driver / firmware issue, but where I had one fail, I'm not sure what to do. ( I had it connected by itself without problems during the upgrade).
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