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  1. I did some more digging and experimenting and discovered of the 2 ccb controllers i had hooked up, port 2 of the second control was actually displaying the correct colors when running a sequence. I did played around with the pixie configs, after changing the id mode to dual normal and changing the channel mode to triples it seemed to make all but 1 work properly. I'm playing around with the rgb order to see of that makes a difference. I couldn't remember if the wrong colors were the same or not so i hooked up the other 2 ccb controllers i ordered and they seem to display multiple colors for most commands. If i have solid red, they are multicolored. Same with solid green. this is all through the sequencer. They respond fine with the hardware utility.
  2. This is kind of a double wammy for me. I've been running an lor show for a couple of years with out any issues, but then we want more! I recently purchased 4 for the clearance ccb controllers and upgraded to S5. I have 1 16pc - g3, 1 pixie 16, and pixie 2 ccr that i have had. this year i added a 8 - 10w flood package with cmd controller and 4 of the ccb100 that are on clearance. I have every controller working and responding in the hardware utility and all but the ccb seem to be functioning as intended in the sequencer. The ccb respond to the programming in the sequencer (on/off, shimmer,etc) but the colors are all over the place. They seem very random and rarely are the colors i'm trying to use. The whole system is on a regular lor network with a usb485 adapter. I have been trying different prop definitions to see if i can yield different results, for example i used one of the ccb controllers as cosmic color ribbon/bulb and another as a ccc- II/ pixie 2 when adding them to the preview but both seem to operate the same in the sequencer. I have read as much as i can find but don't know where else to look. I'm pretty new to the S5 version so i'm thinking my problem is there, but never having used the original ccb's makes me wonder if they are limited in programming potential compared to the newer 12v products. If anyone has any insight or ideas, i'm all ears!!! Thank you in advance!!
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