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  1. Thanks TheDucks, I am purchasing them in 16ft increments so probably 9 strings total, i have a lot to think about and little time, thank you for the feedback I appreciate it.
  2. th thank you very much. I still have to buy the adressable led lights which will need to cover at least 70ft, so I got the wife to approve lol...but it still going t cost me close to 180 dollars for just the led strips. So I was thinking of selling one to help with the cost, not to embarrassed to talk about it. But if i am on track that is a good thing. Thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated
  3. So I have 2 ctb16pc both gen 3, I'm thinking of selling 1, buying the pixii controller and the red adapter. Am I on the right track? Most of the house will be led strips with other lawn led lights
  4. Hello, Can the CTB16PC 16 control adressable LED strips (Cosmic Color Ribbons) or do I need to purchase a pixie controller?
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