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  1. My first try at opening a sequence in 5.0.14 sequencer (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit). I chose to import an existing visualization file which displays the following exception:
  2. We have 5 networks for the grid (4 ribbons per network). We tried 6 ribbons on a network last year and it seemed like there was some lag on the heavy animated sequences. The ribbon spacing is 4 inches center to center. Nice job on your sequencing also! It looks like we have a lot of the same ideas in hot chocolate. I like the use of your masks with the text sequences - I'll have to look into that feature more as I haven't used it at all.
  3. Thanks! The display is about 100' wide and the 3Ds are 24' tall. The grid is 16' wide.
  4. They are mounted to an aluminum structure that fell (heavy snow and high winds). This tore the wires from a lot of the ribbons or put enough pressure on the ribbons where it broked internal paths, usually in the first segment of ribbon. I found out I could cut out the first segment and then solder the wires onto the 2nd segment. This fixed quite a few of the ribbons although being a couple pixels short on the right side.
  5. I posted some videos of our Lakeside Lightshow in Fond du Lac, WI. The last three songs (Queen of the Winter Nights, Jingle Bells and Wizards) makes good use of our 19 ribbon grid - it was a 20 ribbon until a blizzard damaged our grid and multiple CCRs right before Christmas. SuperStar was used in all the grid sequences and worked very well! We have a piano player in the TSO songs and a galloping horse in the Jingle Bells song. Wizards has a grand finale with fireworks! (We still need a decent video camera to capture better colors of the grid.) Hope you enjoy! http://www.fdllights.com/videos.htm Dan
  6. Finally posted some videos of our display is in Fond du Lac, WI at Lakeside Park. There are 341 channels plus a CCR grid. A blizzard played badly with our CCR grid destroying quite a few CCR ribbons 3 days before Christmas They were cut and soldered and a couple replaced (but, we are still missing a some pixels on the left side of the grid). Hope you enjoy! http://www.fdllights.com/videos.htm (The grid has the most use in Queen of the Winter Nights, Jingle Bells and Wizards).
  7. Wow! Excellent! Now I need to learn how some of the effects are done
  8. For a horizontal grid, we used 4 inch spacing. Dan
  9. BrianBruderer wrote: Thanks Brian! The last effect was done with a series of morphs with a 4 second tail. We were kind of experimenting to see what kind of effects we could get using large values and this was the result. I kept a list of additional tools/ease of use ideas for SS I will send in after the season is done. But, again, thanks for the great software. Attached files
  10. Thanks! The person I work with on the Christmas display owns a metal fabrication shop, so he designed the frame. You can see pictures of it on http://www.fdllights.com/assembly.htm. (Click on a picture to see a close up.)
  11. Thanks! The grid is 20 CCRs spaced 4" apart. A little over 16' wide (the length of the CCR) and about 6.5 ft tall. They are mounted to an aluminum frame to withstand some pretty windy weather at the top of a hill by a lake (we'll see).
  12. I took a short video of our CCR grid that we had setup indoors for testing. It shows some of the effects we could do with the SuperStar software - thanks Brian! (The camera seemed to have a hard time adjusting to the bright LEDs and some sections may look out of place without seeing the rest of the lights.) http://www.fdllights.com/video/2011/Fdllights-GridSample.mp4 Dan
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