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  1. I have been using hose clamps for a few years with no problems. Rain and snow weather conditions!
  2. I noticed the only way to import your props is from the Sequence Editor but only if you have the props in the preview file which means putting together another prop file. That is time consuming and a real pain. To many different files to work with for something that is supposed to be a complete software suite. Why can we not have a standard Channel configuration file so we can use in all the programs. Every time I upgrade we get the warning when if you save the new file will not be backwards compatible but the only reason for change is to make people upgrade. I have been upgrading for years and I do not mind paying for my upgrades but it is supposed to make things easy for us instead we have to keep rebuilding prop files from scratch and we cannot even import files properly within the same software suite. We were told to be patient and we have been but it appears we are getting what was supposed to be avoided a bunch of programs patched to look like a software suite instead a complete integrated editing solution as promised. Sorry for the rant but as I went to ask this question my frustration took over. lol Because this is supposed to be fun!
  3. My understanding is firmware 4.40 is only compatible with Ver.2 boards can someone please confirm this? Thanks!
  4. Thanks I forgot to redo the 4g patch!
  5. I installed the new 3.12 and when trying to copy and past a large amount of data it crashes with a memory access error. I had to uninstall and reinstall 3.11.2 and it works fine using the same sequence file.
  6. Just was wondering when we are going to see any update? The holiday season is approaching and it would be nice to get a chance to get use to any changes even a beta. Also looking forward to a new streamlined rgb pixel handling as it is painfully slow when adding a new dmx universe and creating a rgb group even on a i7 with 16gig of ram. There has not been any resent posts as to the status. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Sorry this is a little late but I agree with Tim and I use a unicast setup as well but I still wanted to have my lightshow on its own network and I have been using 2 network cards. I left one card on the router DHCP and I have assigned the LOR Network a static ip subnet and you can set the e682 to static ip it will select subnet automatically. You can connect the computer directly to a switch or to the e682 no router needed. I use Joshua P12S but should make no difference.This way I have no lag and I can watch Netflix and Vudu without any problems and MIIP works perfect this way also.
  8. Denis Chaput wrote: Hi I am in the South west end of Barrie. A block away from Bear Creek High School you can not miss the house. lol I see you are in the Sudbury area I have a brother that lives in Sudbury. Small world. Drop by anytime!
  9. I have a pair of Easy Light Linkers I noticed there is an option for 115200 but it is greyed out. Is there a new firmware upgrade coming out to support this speed?
  10. friskybri wrote: I received mine in about 2 weeks in Canada. My understanding is that it goes through the US so you will probably get it quicker. I couldn't wait myself! Enjoy!
  11. Paul Roberson wrote: I also went ahead and ordered it. Should be here in another week or so. So you have checked out the RDS function? It displays correctly on a RDS capable receiver? Yes RDS function works great PS and Radio text show up with no errors on my radio. I also used a text file for the source of my radio text with no problems. You will need a serial port to communicate to the transmitter. If you do not have one on your computer a USB to RS232 converter that supports bidirectional communication does work as I am using one myself.
  12. I have the EDM LCD with RDS and I must say it works great! I have not noticed any ill effects from the RDS function. The range is more than enough and I have it set to 10 milliwatts but I am using an external antenna. The sound quality is great, I must say I am very surprised. I have used software RDS in the past with some noticeable noise but EDM seems to have done a good job implementing the hardware RDS and I do not hear any noise even in between tracks. I recommend get it worth every penny!
  13. Congrats to the winners! What a coincidence your advertisement happens to look like a Light Stream. Example: Attached files
  14. RGB Light Stream or SlipStream Since it is so flexible!
  15. Dinosang

    FM Transmitters

    garyfunk wrote: Yes that is weird It was to late to edit the post so I resent it. Have you tried a battery hook up the audio will impress you I am sure.
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