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  1. Hi, cutting the strings and adding wire to extend them should not be a problem, so long as you don't cross the wires over. Adding the extra 50 bulbs should work so long as they the total current (amps) are within the range of the controller.
  2. Disconnect your controller from the power supply. Turn on the power supply and measure the out put voltage across the positive and negative wires, make sure it is in the 12v dc range. If in range, connect back up to controller, turn back on and measure output V at the string connector between positive and negative, again should be in the 12V dc range.
  3. Hi all I am new to using CCR pixel strips. I have one that has 300 individual pixels (w2811) (or 3 pixels per little section, making it 100 pixel) on it (5 meters) and I have cut it in half, (on the cut marks) for 2x 150 individual pixels.( 50 pixel or 2.5 meters) Before I cut it, all pixels lit up, now only one length works when connected to my pixie16 controller, no matter what port I plug them into, either both connected or just 1 at a time, only 1 works (same one where ever it is connected). Controller is configured to 50 pixels per port, using s4 (4.4.4). This is the only pixel strip I am working with at the moment, until I work it out. Can anyone tell me what I may of done wrong please? The 1 that does not work, flashes on for a second when I connect it straight up to 12Vdc (obviously because no data to keep them on I think?). Any help very much appreciated, thank you.
  4. Hi, Can you send me a copy of any sequences using pixel strips for arches please, and thank you. I am using S4 (4.4.4) advanced (sequence editor). If you need my email, it is rjturner65@hotmail.com Regards Robert
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