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  1. Hello I have TSO with Showtime Central. I created show, saved to SD card. But when it plays it only lights up a pixel tree, 1 singing face and Ac controllers. I have Pixie 16 (using 8 channels), other singing face and 4 RGB ribbons. All of those dont light up. I saved in basic. I then saved in advance. I then also clicked the button in networks which says auto configure as if running of this PC. All didnt work. I have updated firmware. Does not make any difference. Yet when I plug into laptop, show plays. I should add I have pro level licence and able to modify sequences card. But I copied those sequences and created new show which overwrote the existing one. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  2. Yes they have already sent me a list of channels which should be assigned. That is fine. I have also purchased the modified version. So what I have done is create a Preview with my house and the props according to the correct channel no provided by LOR. But having copies the files from the SD to my PC, I can't see how to play the sequence so it shows up on my house? I have the files, I have the preview that comes with the LOR pre-provided sequences, but I can't change it to my house and my props?
  3. Yes I have been upgraded to Pro now! I am using the TSO pre-sequences songs. LOR have provided me with the pre-assigned channels. But I have no way of knowing if the pre-programmed sequence matches up with the lights on the house......!
  4. Newbie here. I have LOR pixie 16 which I know can support 100 lights per channel. I have a window which is 200 lights. The strands come in 50's so I have 2 x 50 x 2 outputs, 4 strands in all. So 2 channels. In preview. I draw the window and put 60 pixels wide and 40 sides. I have selected unit ID to 20. It assigns the circuits. But HOW does it know that I am using 2 outputs? Do I need to be having 1 output per side of window, or as the unit is 200 lights in total, just use the 2 outputs? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all Just had delivery of showtime central with 64 channels (for later use), can be modified, singing trees, 2 cosmic ribbons (for arches), pixel mega tree and 500 bullet LED pixels. Also had 16 ch pixie and 8 ch pixie Now I am ok with the main controller, I understand that. But what I dont understand is: 1) In the LOR software, can you upload a pic of house, put sequences on so you can see what they look like? 2) The LOR main controller are set to 1-4, thats fine. 3) The pixel tree and its controller, is that its own controller, so say number 5? Or is that coming off one of the channels of the LOR main controller (say controller number 1, channel number 4) 4) The same with bullet pixels. I have a 16 ch pixie, but is that its own controller in its own right? 5) Finally, the LED ribbons have a small controller. I assume that would come off the LOR main controller? If you could reply in simple english I would appreciate it! Baby steps to understanding. Thanks Nick
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